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Condition implied.
So judging we should judge amiss. p. 201.

Second Clause wanting.
She smiles as if a martyr's crown were won.

p. 202.


Conditional Sentence.

No. 3.

If the pensive gloom
Of fond regret be still thy choice,
Exalt thy spirit. p. 203.


Dependent Sentence.

That his flock
Through good and evil help might have. p. 205.


Dependent Sentence. Him thought his sorrowful heart would break. p. 206.

Conditional Sentence.

First Clause wanting. Since I may no better, would I kiss Thy cold doors. p. 207.

Dependent Sentence.
That every wight might on his sorrow rue.

p. 208.

[blocks in formation]

First Clause wanting. Men thence a book might make. p. 209.

Dependent Sentence.
That Cressida again thou send me soon.

p. 209.

Conditional Sentences.

First Clause wanting.
Then know I well that she would not sojourn. p. 210.

Second Clause wanting.
Whence Cresid rode, as if in haste she was.

p. 210.

Dependent Sentence.
O would the blissful God now for his joy,
I might her see again coming to Troy. p. 210.

Conditional Sentences.

No. 3.

Upon the tenth night, if thou fail
My ship and me Charybdis will devour.
I shall be glad if all the world be true. p. 212.

Dependent Sentence.
To the end that he the Grecian host might see.

p. 213.


Conditional Sentence.

Condition implied.
I. In fear that else

Scorn should write his epitaph. p. 215.

Dependent Sentence.
Shall we

wish the Lord of day his slow decline Would hasten, that such pomp may float on high. p. 216.


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Relative Sentence.


Pure delight, come whencesoe’er it may. p. 216.

Conditional Sentence.


Second Clause wanting.

As if the wren
Taught him concealment. p. 217.


Dependent Sentence.
That so a Church, unforced
Her Lord might worship and his word obey. P. 218.

Conditional Sentences.


No. 1. Mixed.
Remotest lands and unborn times shall turn,
Whether they would restore or buildto Thee. p. 220.

Second Clause wanting.

As if the All-ruling Mind
Dealt in like sort with feeble human kind. p. 223.



Dependent Sentence. 10. Lest alien frenzy seize thee. p. 224.

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If such warning be held dear,
Then shall a veteran's heart be thrilled with joy. p. 224.

First Clause wanting,
One who would gather from eternal truth,
For time and season, rules that work to cheer. p. 224.

Second Clause wanting. Рокм 12. As if she needed rest. P. 226.

Dependent Sentences.
Would she were now as when she hoped to pass.
Well pleased, her foot should print earth's common grass.

p. 226.

Conditional Sentence.

No. 1.

13. Couldst thou go back into far distant years

Then, and then only, Painter! could thy art
The visual powers of Nature satisfy. p. 227.


Conditional Sentences.

No. 1. Mixed.

And at my casement sing,
Though it should prove a farewell lay. p. 229.

ne'er enjoy

No. 3.
Though I, alas!

The promise in thy song;
A charm

doth to thy strain belong. P. 229.


First Clause wanting.
Methinks that in my dying hour

Thy song would still be dear. p. 229.


Relative Sentence.

Wherever he may run.


p. 234.

Conditional Sentence.

Second Clause wanting.

As if, the nearer
Thou com'st to man's abode, the spot grew dearer. p. 236.

Dependent Sentence. 20. Yes, I will forth, bold Bird! and front the blast,

That we may sing together, if thou wilt. p. 237.

Conditional Sentence.

No. 3.
23. Law (is) but a servile dupe of false pretence,

If. she, to works that came
From mind and spirit, grudge a short-lived fence. p. 240.

Dependent Sentences.
No public harm that Genius from her course

Be turned. p. 240.
24. That, so placed, my nurslings may requite

Studious regard with opportune delight,
Nor be unthanked, unless I fondly err. p. 241.

Conditional Sentence.

No. 3.
If in this book Fancy and Truth agree;
If simple Nature trained by careful Art
Through it have won a passage to thy heart;
Grant me thy love. p. 241.

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