Report to the President, Tema 2


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Página 103 - Government has no inclusive and consistent public policy as to what it should or should not do in the field of education. Whatever particular policies it seems to be pursuing are often inconsistent with each other, sometimes in conflict. They suggest a haphazard development, wherein policies of far-reaching effect have been set up as mere incidents of some special attempt to induce an immediate and special efficiency. Without a comprehensive, forward looking, and coherent public policy in regard...
Página 1 - Revolutionary changes are occurring in American education of which even yet we are only dimly aware. This nation has been propelled into a challenging new educational era since World War II by the convergence of powerful forces — an explosion...
Página 20 - Recognizing that community colleges are uniquely equipped to meet the particular needs of the individual community and to be responsive to the diverse interests of its citizens, the Committee recommends that communities anticipating substantial growth in student population consider the 2-year college as a possible solution to some of the problems of providing additional educational opportunities.
Página 6 - States five important policies and urges association chapters to work for their implementation. First policy: That "highest priority in the use of available funds be given to raising faculty salaries, with the goal of doubling the average level within five or ten years, and with particular attention to increasing the spread between the bottom and the top of each institution's salary structure.
Página 106 - The Federal Government should provide broad national leadership, should collect and provide useful data and services, and should provide certain other needed assistance, such as is recommended in this report. But it should do these things only by methods which strengthen State and local effort and responsibility and, in the case of direct financial assistance, only through programs which are periodically reviewed and which are promptly terminated when no longer clearly justifiable. Finally, the Federal...
Página 21 - Committee recommends that communities anticipating substantial growth in student population consider the 2-year college as a possible solution of some of the problems of providing additional educational opportunities. However, the Committee also urges that this possibility be approached with caution. Careful planning Is essential to ensure success for this kind of educational program. There are already many colleges too small to be economical. Community planning must be closely related to State and...
Página 3 - This great expansion of capable young people seeking education beyond high school represents an enormous opportunity and challenge for our society. But our institutions of higher learning, despite their remarkable achievements in the past, are in no shape today to meet the challenge. Their resources are already strained ; their quality standards are even now in jeopardy, and their projected plans fall far short of the indicated need.
Página 56 - Committee recommends that the Federal revenue laws be revised, with appropriate safeguards, in ways which will permit deductions or credits on income tax returns by students, their parents or others who contribute to meeting their expenditures necessarily incurred in obtaining formal education beyond high school; and, further, that provisions be included which will grant proportionately greater tax benefit to those least able to afford those expenditures.
Página 5 - The most critical bottleneck to the expansion and improvement of education in the United States is the mounting shortage of excellent teachers.
Página 4 - If an unwelcome choice were required between preserving quality and expanding enrollments, then quality should be preferred, because it would do neither individuals nor the Nation any good to masquerade mass production of mediocrity under the guise of higher education."1 The restoration of the economic position of teachers is not only necessary — it is urgent.

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