An Address Delivered Before The Association Of The Alumni Of Harvard College


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Página 6 - A stranger yet to pain ! I feel the gales that from ye blow A momentary bliss bestow, As waving fresh their gladsome wing, My weary soul they seem to soothe, And, redolent of joy and youth, To breathe a second spring.
Página 32 - EXCUDENT alii spirantia mollius aera , Credo equidem ; vivos ducent de marmore vultus ; Orabunt causas melius; cœlique meatus Describent radio, et surgentia sidera dicent : Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento; Hae tibi erunt artes , pacisque imponere morem , Parcere subjectis, et debellare superbos.
Página 17 - How has kind Heaven adorned the happy land; And scattered blessings with a wasteful hand! But what avail her unexhausted stores, Her blooming mountains, and her sunny shores; With all the gifts that Heaven and Earth impart, The smiles of Nature, and the charms of Art; While proud Oppression in her valleys reigns, And Tyranny usurps her happy plains...
Página 17 - The reddening orange, and the swelling grain : Joyless he sees the growing oils and wines, And in the myrtle's fragrant shade repines : Starves in the midst of nature's bounty curst, And in the loaded vineyard dies for thirst.
Página 17 - And scattered blessings with a wasteful hand ! But what avail her unexhausted stores, Her blooming mountains and her sunny shores, With all the gifts that heaven and earth impart, The smiles of nature, and the charms of art, While proud oppression in her valleys reigns, And tyranny...
Página 32 - ... democratic existence, the fire of her creative genius never smouldered. She matured and perfected the art of historical composition, of political and forensic eloquence, of popular legislation, of lyric and dramatic poetry, of music, painting, architecture, and sculpture ; she unfolded the mothema...
Página 35 - Demosthenes breathed deliberate valor into the despairing heurts of his countrymen ; where the dramatists exhibited their matchless tragedy and comedy; where Plato charmed the hearers of the Academy with the divinest teaching of Philosophy, while the Cephissus murmured by under the shadow of immemorial olive groves ; where St.
Página 33 - ... the defeat of the Barbarian host ; but with deeper interest still we remember that the great dramatic poet fought for his country's freedom in that brave muster. As we gaze over the blue waters of Salamis, we think not only of the clash of triremes, the shout of the onset, the paean of...
Página 2 - A., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts-. CAMBRIDGE : METCALP AND COMPANY, PRINTERS TO THE UNIVERSITY.
Página 33 - ... which he had worthily helped to achieve. All these things suggest lessons for us, even now. We have the Roman passion for universal empire, under the names of Manifest Destiny and Annexation. I do not deny the good there is in this, nor the greatness inherent in extended empire, bravely and fairly won. But the empire of science, letters, and art is honorable and enviable, because it is gained by no unjust aggression on neighboring countries; by no subjection of weaker nations to the rights of...

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