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am chis day.setting out upon my may be summoned to attend to journey thither, of which I desire give their evidence before the you

will inform their Lordships.-- court. Others that occur to me, And likewise that you will ac that I may have occasion to call quaint them, I beg to be inform- for, I will transmit to you their ed whether the flag officers of the names in time, as I may judge fleet who were commanding at the their evidence material or necesNore, in the Downs, and at Ply- fary.--You will observe in the list mouth, at the time their Lord- of witnesses the names of the Hoships received the charge against nourable Captain Windsor and me, have all of them been chosen Lieutenant Bertie, late of his Maby their Lordships to be at Portf- jesty's ship the Fox.-Mr. Secremouth, in a situation to sit at my tary Stephens has acquainted me, trial.

in consequence of my application I am, Sir,

to the Lords Commissioners of the Four very humble servant, Admirally, that they have desired

A. KEPPEL. Lord Weymouth, one of his MaPh. Stephens, Ela

jesty's Principal Secretaries of State,

to take such measures as should Portfmouth, 4th Jan. 1779. procuring their appearance at my appear to him to be



trial. --'Though the evidence of I made an early application to those gentlemen may be material, the Lords Commissioners of the I have informed their Lordships, Admiralty, after being acquainted through Mr. Stephens, that should by Mr. Secretary Stephens, that they not arrive by the day fixed their Lord thips intended that a for the assembling the court marcourt martial fhould be held fortial, I do not delire it may

be put trying me on a charge of misconi- off on that account; however, I duet and neglect of duty on the shall be glad to know from you, 27th and 28th of July laft, exhi- Sir, the result of the meafures bited against me by Vice-admiral taken for their return to England, Sir Hugh Palliser, that the cap- and if they are likely to be here tains of the King's ships serving in by the 7th inftant.--I beg likethe fleet under my command on wise to be informed if there is any the 27th of July, might be fum- objection to the captains fitting as moned, and likewise other oíficers : members of the court martial to and fince having notice given me, be held for my trial, who have that the court martial is ordered been summoned as witnesses either to be assembled for my trial on by me or Sir Hugh Palliser. Thursday the seventh inftant, and

I am, Sir, that you are to act in your

office as Judge Advocate at the faid

Your very humble servant, trial; I therefore think it proper

A KEPPEID to acquaint you, that I defire the George Jackson, Esq. witnesses whose names are inserted Judge Advocates in the lif that accompanies this,


66 it;

PH. STEPHEN3, Esq; in answer to Extract of a letter from Sir Hugh mine of the 2d.

Palliser to Admiral Keppel, dated Admiralty-office, 41h Jan. 1779.

Pallmall, 3d Nov. 1778.

I think myself much intitled I have communicated to my

to have my conduct on the day Lords Commissioners of the Admi.

we engaged the French fleet salty your letter of the ad instant,

“ justified by you, Sir, as comacquainting them, that you have

“ mander in chief, from those given your word of honour to the

“ foul afperfions, that I confess I Provoit Marshal to be at Portf

“ have been expecting your offer mouth on the 7th instant, at the

to do it; I have waited for court martial to be held for your

your coming to town to ask trial ; you was about to set out for

being now informed of that place, and defiring to be in

your arrival, I lose no time formed, whether the fag officers

“ in defiring you will contradict who were commanding at the “ those scandalous reports that Nore, in the Downs, and at Ply

«have been propagated as aforemouth, at the same time their lord

“ mentioned, by publishing in your ships received the charge against

own name the inclosed paper, you, have all of them been chosen

" which I have the honour to inby their lord ships to be at Portf

« close herewith, or something to mouth in a situation to fit at your " that effect that may be more trial; and I am in return to ac

agreeable to you, and as may quaint you, that their lord ships

“ be agreed on, if you will perhave ordered the flag officers who

“ mit me the honour to wait on were commanding at the above

you to-morrow morning. thentioned places, at the time they

is I must beg the favour of your received the charge against you,

speedy answer, that my honour to repair immediately to Portr

" and reputation may not be farmouth, and hoist their fiags. I

" ther wounded by delays. have the honour to be, Sir,

“ I am very respectfully, Your most obedient,

Sir, humble servant,

" Your very obedient, PH. STEPHENS.

" humble servant, Hon. Admiral Keppel, Portsmouth.

" Hugh PALLISER." Extract of a letter from Sir Hugh To the Honourable

Palliser to Admiral Keppel, Admiral Keppel, &c.
dated Formidable, at sea, gth
of October, 1778.

“ Having seen a paragraph in “ These prizes coming in our " the Morning Intelligencer of

way are not unacceptable, but " the 5th of last month, highly I know you would rather meet “ reflecting on the conduct of " the French fleet.

“ vice-admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, " I am, with the greatest re on the 27th of July laft, when

gard and respect, dear " the feet under my command “ Sir, your molt obedient “ engaged the French fleet; and « humble servant,

" the vice-admiral having inform“ Hugh PALLISER." ed me, that reports to the same

[7] 3

“ purpose

" purpose have been propagated its trade, and maintaining the ho. " by some of the officers of the nour of the British Aag, expressed “ Victory; I think it necessary, in the fullest and highest sense of “ in justice to Sir Hugh Palliser, applause. to publish to the world, that No private voice can add to so “ his conduct on that day was in splendid an encomium :- permit every respect proper, and be- me, however, to congratulate you “ coming a good officer; and I on this distinguishing mark of ap“ further declare, that when I probation, which a grateful coun“ made the signal in the evening try confers on your zeal and merit “ for the ships to windward to in the service of the public. “ bear down into my wake, and I have the honour to be, “ afterwards for particular ships

Sir, " of Sir Hugh's division to do so;

Your moft obedient, “ he repeated those signals pro

humble servant, “perly, and that the calling his

THURLOW. « and vice - admiral Sir Robert Ormond-Areet, 16 Feb. “ Harland's division into my wake

1779. “ in the evening, was not for the To the Hon. Adm. Keppel. " purpose of renewing the battle " at that time, but to be in readi

Die Martis, 16 Februarii, 1779. “ ness for it in the morning; that, “ in obedience to the said fignals, Ordered, nemine Diffentiente, by $ such of the ships of Sir Hugh the Lords Spiritual and Temporal · Palliser's division as were in in Parliament assembled, That the condition for it, did immediate- thanks of this House be given to

ly bear down, as did the rest so the Hon. Admiral Agustus Keppel, • soon as they were able ; so that for his distinguished courage, con“ Sir Hugh Palliser and his whole duct and ability in defending this “ division were all in my wake kingdom in the course of the last

accordingly the next morning summer, effectually protecting its before day-light, ready for en- trade, as far as his command exgaging."

tended, and more particularly for his having gloriously upheld the

honour of the British flag on the Vores of Thanks of the trvo Houses of 27th and 28th of July last; and Parliament, and of the Ciry of

that the Lord Chancellor do cause London, to the Hon. Admiral the same to be transmitted to the Augustus Keppel.

faid admiral.


Cler. Parliamentor, SIR, I of have the satisfaction to have My Lord,

The very distinguished notice House of Lords, nemine Diljentienta, which the House of Lords has been to transmit to you the thanks of pleased to take of my services in their lord ships for your conduct in the course of the lait summer, defending this kingdom, protecting confers on me the highest honour;


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Feb. 17, 1779

the advantages which their lord- their thanks to be given to you ; Thips have thought worthy of their an honour never conferred but thanks, are due to God's blessing, upon extraordinary merit; which to the gallant behaviour of many thanks it is my duty to communi- . great and able officers who have

cate to you


your place. served in the fleet, and to the bra After having fat lo long in this very of the seamen. I can only chair, I hope it is unnecessary to say, that the warmest gratitude for declare that I have been always this great honour and favour will happy to obey the orders of the make me ever desirous of meriting House; and I have now a partiit by the moft ftrenuous endeavours cular satisfaction in that obedience. to serve my country.

-Indeed, every generous mind I beg leave to return your lord. must feel satisfaction, when the Thip ny best thanks for the flatter, day of honourable acquittal fuc. ing and polite manner in which you ceeds to the day of severe trial: have been pleased to communicate and this pleasure was, I believe, to me the resolution of the House. never more general, nor more finI have the honour to be,

cere, than upon the present occawith much respect,

fion, Your lordhip’s most obedient, You, Sir, was called by your and very humble servant, Sovereign, with the approbation

A. Keppel. of all descriptions of men, partiAudley-Square,

cularly those of your own profession,

to a station of the utmost difficulty, To the Rt. Hon. Lord Thurlow, and of the highest importance. Lard Chancellor.

The safety of this country, and

the honour of the British flag, were (COPY)

trusted in your hands, when the Jovis 18° Die Februarii, 1779.

enemy was expected upon our

coaft; and, notwithstanding the Admiral Keppel being come to the House; Mr. Speaker acquaint- and momentous trust, you was ac

most able discharge of this great ed him, that the House had, on

cused of misconduct and neglect of the 12th inftant, ordered that the thanks of this House be given to

duty. But, after a very long and him, for his distinguished courage, refpe&t the best qualified to judge,

full investigation, by men in every conduct, and ability, in defending that charge appeared to be illthis kingdom in the course of the last summer, effectually protecting judges have unanimously and ho

grounded and malicious; and your its trade, and more particularly for his having gloriously upheld the nourably acquitted you, and have

further added, that your conduct honour of the Britith flag on the 27th and 28th of July laft; and laft, was that of a judicious, brave,

on the 27th and 28th days of July Mr. Speaker gave him the thanks of the House accordingly, as fol. then it cannot be matter of surprize

and experienced officer. Surely loweth, viz.

that extraordinary marks of respect Admiral Keppel,

and esteem are Thewn to such a This House have done you the character. We now know with diftinguished honour of ordering certainty that our confidence in

[7] 4


you was not misplaced ; and we present, I neglected to inform this entertain a well-grounded hope House, that my efforts for the pub. that there still remain amongst the lic service, in the instances in naval officers talents and abilities which the House has been pleased fully equal to this dangerous crisis. to distinguish them, were most

Amidst this general joy, I can- zealously seconded by many as gal, not help repeating the fingular lant and able officers as the navy pleasure which I feel in giving you of England ever produced ; to the thanks of this House, which I whose attention and spirit, next to now do, for your distinguished the divine providence, the success courage, conduct, and ability, in of these efforts ought to be in a defending this kingdom in the great measure ascribed. course of the last summer, effec I cannot sit down without return. tually protecting its trade, and more ing to you, Sir, personally, my particularly for your having glo- particular thanks, for the

very fiously upheld the honour of the obliging terms in which you have British flag on the 27th and 28th executed the commands of the of July last.

House. Upon which Admiral Keppel said,

On Saturday the 20th of Feb. Mr. Speaker,

the committee appointed to present It is impossible, by any expressions of the city, having waited on him

Admiral Keppel with the freedom I can use, to do justice to my feelings of gratitude to the House, for nior alderman, addreffed him in

at his house ; Mr. Crosby, the sethe honour they have done me by the following manner : their approbation of my conduct.

'The good opinion of my fellow • Admiral Keppel, citizens, expressed by the repre « The citizens of London, a. sentatives of the nation, cannot midst the acclamations of a gratebut be received by me as a most ful people, beg leave to express acceptable addition to the satis- their joy on your honourable act faction I felt in the recent sentence, quittal from a very heavy and seto which you have been pleased to vere charge of neglect and miscon, allude, 'of a court martial; the re duct on the 27th and 28th of July sult of a full and deliberate inqui- last; a charge which appeared on ry, expreffive of their sentiments your trial to be ill-founded and of the subject referred to their ex malicious. amination, in terms equally ho • The committee, Sir, who now nourable to themselves and to me, have the honour to wait on you by

The pleasure I feel at this mo order of the lord mayor, aldermen, ment is not a little heightened by and commons of the city of Lonthe unavoidable recollection of the don, in common council alleinvery different emotions I felt when bled, are happy in this opporI was last in this House, and in tunity to tefify their approbathis place.

tion of your conduct in the many I ftould be guilty of great in- fignal services done to your counjulice, if, on an occasion like the try.

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