Chambers's Pocket Miscellany, Volumen10

W. and R. Chambers, 1854

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Página 59 - He tried various modes to banish them, but they continued their periodical depredations. Finding that he was perfectly unheeded, he adopted a plan of retribution as effectual as it was ingenious. One morning-* when his tormentors had been particularly troublesome, he appeared as if seriously indisposed ; he closed his eyes, drooped his head, and exhibited various other symptoms of severe suffering. No sooner were his ordinary rations placed at the foot of the bamboo, than the crows, watching their...
Página 175 - Some blamed, others praised him for his courage. The king said he had put off this excursion for more than five years, because he was aware that it would be attended with infinite trouble, and told the prince that he ought to have had but two tables, and not have been at the expense of so many, and declared he would never VOL. XIX. i L suffer him to do so again ; but all this was too late for poor Vatel.
Página 42 - He had now completely established his reputation as an able and scientific seaman ; and it having been determined by Government, at the request of the Royal Society, to send out qualified persons to the South Sea to observe the approaching transit of the planet Venus over the sun's disc — a phenomenon which promised several interesting results to astronomy — Cook was appointed to the command of the Endeavour, the vessel fitted out for that purpose.
Página 173 - They were so dexterous as to be able to serve up a whole pig boiled on one. side, and roasted on the other. The cook who performed this feat defies his guests to detect the place where the knife had separated the animal, or how it was contrived to stuff the belly with an olio, composed of thrushes and other birds, slices of the matrices of a sow, the...
Página 99 - In this time (says the historian) the woods began to rejoice that they were no longer infested with robbers; the oxen began to plough; the pilgrims visited the sanctuaries; the roads and inns were replenished with travellers ; trade, plenty, and good faith were restored in the markets; and a purse of gold might be exposed without danger in the midst of the highway.
Página 17 - ... though what it was I did see, I could not, in the first moments of my amazement and horror, very distinctly comprehend. ' Above a hundred dead bodies lay and sat before my eyes, all of them apparently in the very attitude or posture in which they had died. I looked at them for at least a minute before I knew that they were all corpses.
Página 120 - Never was spur more needed, however, for soon the clatter of horses' hoofs, in full speed, crossing the bridge, came sharp and clear through the stillness of the night. Away we went, with our pursuers close behind; one mile was passed, another nearly completed. The moon now shone forth, and, turning in the saddle, I looked back upon the road we had passed. One trooper had headed the rest, and was within a hundred yards of us. I saw the fellow throw himself from his horse upon the ground. I knew his...
Página 117 - I awaited, in the attitude of deep dejection, the approach of my foe and betrayer. As I had expected, Captain Oliver entered the room where I lay; he was equipped for instant duty, as far as the imperfect twilight would allow me to see ; the long sword clanked upon the floor, as he made his way through the lobbies which led to my place of confinement ; his ample...
Página 174 - Gourville did all he could to comfort and assist him; but the failure of the roast meat (which, however, did not happen at the King's table, but at some of the other twenty-five) was always uppermost with him. Gourville mentioned it to the Prince, who went directly to Vatel's apartment, and said to him, "Everything is extremely well conducted, Vatel; nothing could be more admirable than His Majesty's supper.
Página 112 - As I continued to traffic with these gentlemen, I observed with no small anxiety the eyes of Captain Oliver frequently fixed upon me with a kind of dubious inquiring gaze. 'I think, my honest fellow,' he said at last, 'that I have seen you somewhere before this. Have you often dealt with the military?' 'I have traded, sir,' said I, 'with the soldiery many a time, and always been honourably treated.

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