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* AGE, TIE," 471.

frightful subterraneous dungeons, ib.
American Dramatists, 466.

secret correspondence with the prison-
America, War in, reviewed, 504.

ers Mariuo Balbi, and Count Asquina,
273_new preparations for escape, 274

- ridiculous superstition of Serodaci,
Black Book, Appendix to the, reviewed,

276-effects his escape, 284.

Confessions of a Theorist, 25.
Brighton, a Visit to, 460—Italian opera, Connoisseur, the Speculations of a, 243.

461-Bond-street, ib.travels in Italy, Continent, Journal of a Traveller on the,
462—departure from London, ib.—arri- No.VII.1- Domo d'Ossola, ib.--Lago
val at Brighton, 463——the Park, ib.

Maggiore, ib.—Borromean islands, ib.
Kemp Town, 464 Tupper's rooms, ib. Isola Bella, ib. Isola Madre, 2-Aus-
- the Pavilion, 465—Marine Parade,

trian collector at Laveno, ib. the city
466-Sumpton, ib.

of Varese, ib. — Como, 3-Latin in.
Butleriana, No. IV. 225—a buffoon, ib.

scriptions in the cathedral, i!.–Villa
a cruel man, ib.-a cutpurse, 226—a d'Este, ib.- Pliny's villa, il. - Villa
fencer, 227—a forger, ib. an Hector, Tanzi, arrives at Milan, 5--the ca-
228-an highwayman, ib.--an host, 229

thedral, ib.--the chapel of St. Charles
-a lampooner, 230-a detractor, ib.

Borromeo, 6—the public walk, ib.
a conjurer, 231-a tennis-player, ib. the theatre Cannobliano, ib.-the gal.
No. V. 396--a self-conceited man, ib.

lery of paintings at the Brera, ib. ---the
-a bawd, ib.—an ambitious man, 397

Ambrosian Library, 7-dnecdote of St.
-a vapourer,
398-a morose man, 399

Charles Borromeo, 8-reliques of the
-a railer, 400-a drunkard, ib.-a mas. dresses of the Blessed Virgin, ib.
ter of arts, 401.

St. Ambrose, ih.--the museum of ana.
tomy, 9—the Certosa, near Pavia, ib.

-image of the Saviour, made by Ag.
Casanova, Extract of the Memoirs of, 254 barus, 10—the works of Bortbius, 11-

-his imprisonment in the lead cham. Voghera, 12-Novi, ib.-reaches Genoa,
bers of the Inquisition of Venice, ib. 13—the arsenal, 15—the poor-bouse,
-conversation with the jailer, 258– ib.—Pisa, 20—the Leaning Tower, ih.
the secretary of the State Inquisitors --the Campo Santo, 21--- Tuscan
sends bim some books, 239-he falls ploughs, 22- Leghorn, ib.--the climate
ill, and is visited by a physician, 250– of Pisa, 23-Lucca, ih.-Pistoia, 24-
earthquake, 262 — description of the No. VIII. 147 - Florence, ib. - the
prison, ib.--they give him a companion, bridge of the Holy Trinity, ib. — a
who is in love, 263-he is left alone, fowler, 148 — the celebrated gallery,
264-a new year's gift from the patri- 149--the Florentine churches, ib.
cian Bragadino, 465—preparations for the Pitti Palace, 150-anatomical mo.
his escape, 266--Count Abbé Fanarola, dels in wax at the Spegola, ib.-Perugia,
268-is removed from his cell, 270 158.

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