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Page: Sir, will ya master Fent son Slender. - Fenton..


Enter Page, and mistress Page.
Page. Now, master Slender : love him, daughter

-Why, how now? what does master Fenton here?
You wrong me, Sir, thus still to haunt my house :
I told you, Sir, my daughter is dispos'd of.

Fent. Nay, master Page, be not impatient.

Mrs. Page. Good Malter Fenton, come not to my child.

Page. She is no match for you.
Fent. Sir, will you hear me?

Page. No, good master Fenton.
Come, master Shallow; come, fon Slender, in.
Knowing my mind, you wrong me, master Fenton.

[Exeunt Page, Shallow, and Slender.
Quic. Speak to mistress Page,
Fent. Good mistress Page, for that I love your

In such a righteous fashion as I do,
Perforce, against all checks, rebukes and manners,
I must advance the colours of my love,
And not retire. Let me have your good will.

Anne. Good mother, do not marry me to yon fool. Mrs. Page. I mean it not, I seek you a better husband.

Quic. That's my master, master Doctor. 7 Anne. Alas, I had rather be set quick i'th' earth. Quic. And bowld to death with turnips.

7 Anne. Alas, I had rather be fet quick i'rb' earth,

And bowl'd to death with turnips: Can we think the speaker would thus ridicule her own imprecation ? We may be sure the last line should be given to the pro. caress, Quickly, who would mock the young woman's averfion for her master the Doctor,

Mrs. Page,

Mrs Page. Come, trouble not your self; good master

Fenton, I will not be your friend nor enemy : My daughter will I question how she loves you, And as I find her, so am I affected. 'Till then, farewel, Sir ; she must needs go in. Her father will be angry. Exeunt Mrs Page and Anne,

Fent. Farewel, gentle mistress ; farewel, Nan.

Quic. This is my doing now. Nay, said I, will you cast away your child on a fool, and a physician? look on master Fenton: this is my doing.

Fent. I thank thee ; and I pray thee, once to night Give my sweet Non this ring: there's for thy pains.

[Exit. Quic. Now heav'n send thee good fortune! A kind heart he hath, a woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart. But yet, I would my master had mistress Anne, or I would Mr. Slender had her; or, in footh, I would Mr. Fenton had her. I will do what I can for them all three, for fo I have promis'd; and I'll be as good as my word, but speciousy for Mr. Fenton. Well, I must of another er. rand to Sir John Falstaff from my two mistresses ; what a beast am I to nack it?

(Exit. S. C E N E XV.

Changes to the Garter-Inn.

Enter' Falstaff and. Bardolph. Fal. P Ardolph, I say....

B Bard. Here, Sir. Fal. Go fetch me a quart of fack, put a toast in't. [Exit Bard.] Have I liv'd to be carry'd, in a basket, like a barrow of butchers' offal, and to be thrown into the Thames ? well, if I be serv'd such another trick, I'll have my brains ta'en out and butter'd, and give


them to a dog for a new-year's gift. The rogues Nighted me into the river with as little remorse as they would have drown?d a bitch's blind puppies, Afteen i'th' litter ; and you may know, by my size, that I have a kind of alacrity in sinking: if the bottom were as deep as hell, I should down. I had been drown'd, but that the shore was shelvy and shallow; a death that I abhor; for the water swells a man: and what a thing should I have been, when I had been swellid ? I should have been a mountain of mummy.

Enter Bardolph. Now, is the Sack brew'd ?

Bard. Here's Mrs. Quickly, Sir, to speak with you.

Fal. Come, let me pour in some fack to the Thameswater ; for my belly's as cold as if I had swallow'd snow-balls, for pills to cool the reins. Call her in. Bard. Come in, woman. S CE N E XVI.

Enter Mrs. Quickly. Quic. By your leave: I cry you mercy. Give your worship good morrow.

Fal. Take away these challices; go brew me a pottle of fack finely.

Bard. With eggs, Sir ?

Fal. Simple of it self: I'll no pullet-sperin in my brewage. How now?

Quic. Marry, Sir, I come to your worship from mistress Ford.

Fal. Mistress Ford? I have had Ford enough ; I was thrown into the Ford; I have my belly full of Ford.

Quic. Alas che day! good heart, that was not her fault: she does so take on with her men ; they mistook their erection

Fal. So did I mine, to build on a foolish woman's promise.

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ise IO-ribe; ti bez i3, ai ka

5:22 12u:ia bercadantra, and a sci II. 32. Innte. Far. Dok. B een ride and ten, ar chou? 926. Ez25de, Sir. Tas Weg be gore; I not :s ber. St. Peace be with you, Sir.

(Exit. Fel I marte', I hear not of master Brock; he fear Te votc to stay within : I like his mony well. On, bere he conCS. S C E VE XVII.

Enter Ford.
Ford. Bless you, Sir.

Fal. Now, master Brook, you come to know what hath pass'd between me and Ford's wife.

Ford. That, indeed, Sir John, is my business.

Fal. Master Brook, I will not lie to you; I was at her house the hour she appointed me.

Ford. And you sped, Sir ?
Fal. Very ill-favour'dly, master Brook.
Ford. How, Sir, did she change her determination?

Fal. No, master Brook; but the peaking cornuto her husband, master Brook, dwelling in a continul larum of jealousie, comes me in the instant of our encounter ; after we had embrac'd, kiss’d, protested, and as it were, spoke the prologue of our comedy; and at his heels a rabble of his companions, thither provok'd and instigated by bis distemper, and, forsooth, to search his house for his wife's love.


herfal. Maltet, indeed, sind Ford's wie to know the

Ford. What, while you was there?
Fal. While I was there,

Ford. And did he search for you, and could not find you?

Fal. You shall hear. As good luck would have it, comes in one mistress Page, gives intelligence of Ford's approach, and by her invention, and Ford's wife's direction, they convey'd me into a buck-basket.

Ford. A buck-basket ?

Fal. Yea, a buck-basket; ramm'd me in with foul shirts and smocks, socks, foul stockings, and greafie napkins; that, master Brook, there was the rankelt compound of villainous smell, that ever offended nostril.

Ford. And how long lay you there?

Fal. Nay, you shall hear, master Brook, what I have suffer'd to bring this woman to evil for your good. Being thus cramm'd in the basket, a couple of Ford's knaves, his hinds, were callid forth by their mistress, to carry me in the name of foul cloaths to Datchet-lane ; they took me on their shoulders, met the jealous knave their master in the door, who ask'd them once or twice what they had in their basket ; I quak'd for fear, left the lunatick knave would have search'd it; but fate, ordaining he should be a cuckold, held his hand. Well, on went he for a search, and away went I for foul cloaths; but mark the sequel, master Brook ; I suffer'd the pangs of three egregious deaths: first, an intolerable fright, to be detected by a jealous rotten bell-weather ; next to be compass'd like a good bilbo, in the circumference of a peck, hilt to point, heel to head ; and then to be stopt in, like a strong distillation, with stinking cloaths that freted in their own grease : think of that, a man of my kidney ; think of

8 by her invention, and Ford's wife's DISTRACTION). We must read DIRECTION. For tho' the speaker might think Ford's wife much frighted at the approach of her husband, yet he is here speaking of the part which the bore in an artful contrivance to deceive him.


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