History of the Worsted Manufacture in England: From the Earliest Times; with Introductory Notices of the Manufacture Among the Ancient Nations, and During the Middle Ages

Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1857 - 680 páginas

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Página 52 - Here they should feed on fat beef and mutton, till nothing but their fulness should stint their stomachs ; yea, they should feed on the labours of their own hands, enjoying a proportionable profit of their pains to themselves; their beds should be good and their bedfellows better, seeing the richest yeomen in England would not disdain to marry their daughters unto them ; and such the English beauties, that the most envious foreigners could not but commend them.
Página 1 - The Origin of Laws, Arts and Sciences, and their Progress among the Most Ancient Nations, Translated from the French of the President de Goguet.
Página 194 - The more carefully we examine the history of the past, the more reason shall we find to dissent from those who imagine that our age has been fruitful of new social evils. The truth is that the evils are, with scarcely an exception, old. That which is new is the intelligence which discerns and the humanity which remedies them.
Página 107 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Página 191 - ... of which the price was not, in 1685, more than half of what it now is. Beer was undoubtedly much cheaper in that age than at present. Meat was also cheaper, but was still so dear that hundreds of thousands of 4o6 407 families scarcely knew the taste of it.
Página 178 - that the chints and painted calicoes, which before were only made use of for carpets, quilts, &c., and to clothe children and ordinary people, became now the
Página 176 - ... the trade of the nation do chiefly depend: and whereas great quantities of the like manufactures have of late been made, and are daily increasing in the kingdom of Ireland, and in the English plantations in America, and are exported from thence to foreign markets, heretofore supplied from England, which will inevitably sink the value of lands, and tend to the ruin of the trade, and the woollen manufactures of this realm: for the prevention whereof, and for the encouragement of the woollen manufactures...
Página 42 - It is ordained that woollen cloths, wherever they are made, shall be made of the same width, to wit, of two ells within the lists, and of the same goodness in the middle and sides.
Página 6 - The girdles of these people are usually of worsted, very artfully woven into a variety of figures, and made to wrap several times about their bodies; one end of them, by being doubled and sewn along the edges, serves them for a purse, agreeable to the acceptation of the word Zauyj) in the Holy Scriptures...
Página 338 - ... of that Rotation. In some other cases only the first pair of Rowlers, Cillinders, or Cones are used, and then the Bobbyn, spole, or quill upon which the Thread, Yarn, or Worsted is spun, is so contrived as to draw faster than the first Rowlers, Cillinders, or Cones give, and in such proportion as the first Mass, Rope, or Sliver is proposed to be diminished.

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