Symbols and Legends of Freemasonry

Book Tree, 2003 - 208 páginas
Freemasonry is a secret mystical brotherhood that dates back many centuries. According to the author it teaches that a Great Architect of the Universe exists, and of the possibility that an inner principle of life is found within us and survives bodily death. These important teachings are laid out clearly in this book -- starting from remote history and up through the ages, revealing the secrets as it goes. It covers such subjects as the all-seeing eye, immortality of the soul, the mystery of death, Solomon's temple, the Greater Mysteries, Sun worship, symbolic architecture, Hiran Abif, and much more.

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INTRODUCTORY Freemasonry Deined The Sun
CHALDEA The land between two waters The Hymn
EGYPT The Obscurity Beyond Knowledge The Book
Judea Biblical Jasonry The Tale of Two Brothers
GREECE The Immortality of the Soul The Eleusinian
ITALY The Roman Colleges The Foreign Influence
ENGLAND The Legacy of the Roman Jasons
MODERN FREEMASONRY The Last Great Link welded
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