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years the electrical engineer of the Godfrey time in the employ of the West End Street Electric Construction Company, 38 Bedford Railway Company, of Boston, has for the past Street, Boston.

year held the position of electrician at the '88. Hon. Cortland K. Bolles is a prominent

Union Station, Boston. member of the Pennsylvania House of Repre- '91. H. Austin Tuttle, who has been sentatives. During a temporary absence of the instructor in Greek and Latin at Goddard speaker Mr. Bolles has been presiding over Seminary, Barre, Vermont, for the last four that body, and the Harrisburg Patriot of May years, has resigned to accept a position as 24 contains the following comment on his instructor in Greek at the Brooklyn Polytechmethods :

nic Institute. “Representative Bolles is presiding in the House during the absence of Speaker. Walton. '91.

Charles E. Davis has for two years Mr. Bolles makes a most admirable presiding been assistant superintendent and boss wireman officer, and was warmly congratulated at the of the electrical department at the Union Station, close of the session of yesterday morning, by his

Boston. colleagues, for his fair and impartial rulings dur

'94. The Rev. Ira D. Morrison has ing the discussion on the resolution fixing the resigned his pastorate of the First and Third time of the final adjournment."

Universalist Churches at Weymouth, Massa'91. Charles O. Bourne, who was for some chusetts.

Local News.


drum corps.

Ryder, '97, will enter upon the course in By the will of the late Maturin M. Ballou, liberal arts the next collegiate year.

of Boston, a bequest of $2,000 was given to

the college library. This legacy is payable at At a recent meeting of the class of '96, G. A.

the death of his wife. Brothers was elected marshal for Class Day.

The young ladies gave a “hurdy-gurdy The Glee Club sang at the reunion of the

party in Metcalf Hall, Monday evening, May B. Y. M. C. U., Wednesday evening, May 29. 27, which a number of the men attended. The

The Rev. Dr. John Coleman Adams, of company was edified (?) by a visit from the Brooklyn, New York, was at the Hill a few days last week.

On Class Day the non-fraternity men will The Freshman ball team visited Braintree give a spread in Ballou Hall. This is a new the 29th of May and was defeated by Thayer frats ” appear to have united to a greater extent

feature in the spread ” line. The “nonAcademy 18 to 7.


than ever before. The Rev. Dr. Henry Blanchard, of Portland,

As a result of the drawing for rooms for Maine, occupied the pulpit in Goddard Chapel, Class Day spreads, Zeta Psi will have the GymSunday, May 26.

nasium; Delta Tau Delta, rooms in Ballou Hall; The Seniors had a group picture taken May and Alpha Tau Omega, the Chapel. Theta 23, at the Chapel cloisters, by Hearn of Boston. Delta Chi and Delta Upsilon will entertain at The proofs seem satisfactory.

their chapter houses. At a special meeting of the Faculty, May 20,

The second game in the Fraternity baseball

series took place on the old campus, Thursday, Orren H. Smith was elected editor-in-chief of the TUFTONIAN for the coming year.

May 16, between Delta Tau Delta and Theta

Delta Chi. Delta Tau won, with a score of 27 The tennis committee has decided that, owing to 13. Thursday, one week later, the third to lack of funds and absence of enthusiasm, it game was played, Zeta Psi beating Delta Tau will not be advisable to hold a tournament.

Delta 17 to 13

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9 A.M.



Klein, the Harvard strong man, has withdrawn Brown, '97, Sanford, '97, Miss Cross, '97, and from the agreement to enter a strength test Gale, '97; in the second, Marvin, '96, Cheever, with Nash, '97, and desires to wait until another '96, Miss Goddard, '96, and Start, '97; in the year. Nash will probably take an examination third, Dunham, '95, Clark, '95, Barney, '95, and establish a record. He has already exceeded Craig, '95, and Eaton, '95. The awards were Klein’s in practice by about 300 pounds. as follows: first division, Sanford,—“Extract

from Birmingham Speech,” Louis Kossuth, At a mass meeting held in the Chapel, Friday first; Miss Cross, --- Main Hazir Hun (Here

, “ noon, May 31, Stevens, ’96, and Ransom, '98,

am I),” M. E. Winslow, — second. In the were appointed delegates to represent Tufts at

second division first was awarded to Start,a meeting of delegates from the New England - Extract from Richelieu,” Bulwer-Lytton ;

“ colleges to be held in Boston, June 1, to con- second prize to Marvin,- A Tale,” Brown

“A sider the formation of an intercollegiate league. ing. In the third division, first prize went to The tickets for “ Ralph Roister Doister,"

Dunham, “The Spanish Duel,” Waller ; Thursday evening, June 6, are selling rapidly. the second to Clark,

— “ Extract from Rienzi,” , The audience will apparently be an educated

Bulwer-Lytton. The judges were Dr. S. S. and critical one. The price of reserved seats

Curry, Rev. Peter MacQueen, Mr. George L. has been fixed at one dollar, but admission

Baxter, Mr. William Fuller, and Mrs. Emma

P. Hadley. tickets can be purchased at the door for fifty cents. The tickets are on sale at the College The annual Class-Day circular of information Library and the Old Corner Bookstore, Boston. has been issued by the Senior Class-Day Com

mittee. The exercises are as follows: The Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Tau Delta

Seniors' Last Chapel. gave its annual farewell banquet to the Seniors

Chapel Exercises, consisting of on Monday evening, May 27, at Young's Hotel, in conjunction with Beta Nu of Tech.

President's Address, Eugene Averill; Poem, and the newly formed Boston Alumni Associa

C.H. Wells; Oration, Channing Craig; Selection. Mr. Max Ehrman, of Harvard, was

tions by Germania Orchestra. Seats will be toastmaster.

reserved for ticket-holders until 10.55 A.M. From Beta Mu, C. H. Wells responded to the toast, “The World's Drama,"

I P.M. Spread in Goddard Gymnasium ; and R. E. Healey to “ Athletics in the tickets, $1.

tickets, $1. The intention is to serve a sub

stantial table d'hôte dinner. Weber will cater. Fraternity.”

2 to 3 P.M. The Germania Band will give The annual meeting of the Reading-Room a promenade concert in the college yard. Association was held on May 23, in Ballou

Tree exercises. Seats will be Hall. Officers were elected as follows: Presi- reserved for ticket-holders until

2.55 P.M. dent, Benton, '97, D. S.; vice-president, Parks, Classes will form in front of Barnum Museum '97; secretary, Thompson, '97, D. S.; treas

and march to the tree. Exercises : Tree urer, Barney, '98; directors, Eaton, '95, Oration, C. N. Barney; Class History, A. A. Blackford, '96, Parks, '97, Andrews, '98 ;

Blair ; Class Prophecy, W. R. Dunham; auditors, Sabine, '96, Titus, '98, and Wells, Presentation of gifts by Chief Marshal J. F. ’98. It was voted to separate the offices of Sheldon ; Singing of Class Ode by '95, A. A. secretary and treasurer, and to pay the secretary Smith, Odist; Cheering, under the direction of $15 and one-half the proceeds from the sale of the marshals, Brothers, '96, Green, '97, Daniels, the papers, and the treasurer a commission of '98. ten per cent.

From 5.30 until 7.30 P.M. the time is

reserved for society and private spreads. The annual readings for the Goddard prizes In the evening, from 7:30 until 10.30, the took place in the Chapel at three o'clock, Tues- Germania Band will give a promenade concert day, May 28. The contestants were divided

in the yard. into three divisions, according to the number of At 9 P.M. the Glee Club will sing on the years' work in the subject. In the first division Museum steps, and from 8 to 11 there will be the speakers were, Miss Dyer, '97, Miss dancing in the Gymnasium for holders of tickets.

3 P.M.

Mile run

The fifth annual field day of the Tufts Col- Standing high jump -- Healey, '97, first, 4 feet, 5 1-2 lege Athletic Association was held Friday, May inches; Clark, '98, second, 4 feet, 2 inches; Pierce, 25. The field events took place in the morn

'96, third.
Running high jump — Pierce, '96, first, 5 feet, i

, ing on the new campus, and the track events

inch ; Cousens, '98, second, 5 feet; Clark, '98, third. were run off at Mystic Park in the afternoon. Running broad jump – Clark, '98, first, 19 feet, 5 The lack of interest shown by the students was inches; Davis, '97, second, 17 feet, 9 inches; Cousens, deplorable. There were but seven entries out

'98, third. side of the class of '97, owing perhaps to the

TRACK EVENTS. fact that '97 had secured such a lead in the Fifty-yard dash Clark, '98, first, 5 3-5 seconds; number of points at the winter meeting that Davis, '97, second; Rowbotham, '97, third. the class cup was practically secured. This

Parker, '97, first, 5 minutes, 20 seconds;

Wells, '98, second; Crowley, '97, third. one-sidedness of the contest had its effect on the

Hundred-yard dash — Clark, '98, first, 10 4-5 secaudience. The number was small both in the

onds; Rowbotham, '97, second; Healey, '97, third. morning and afternoon; not a cheer was heard Two-mile bicycle race White, '97, first, 6 minfrom start to finish. Following is the list of utes, 16 2-5 seconds; Chessmore, '95, second; Russell, events, with the winners :

Quarter-mile run Thompson, '97, first, 55 secFIELD EVENTS.

onds; Rowbotham, '97, second; Garcelon, '97, third.

One-half-mile run Pole vault - Rowbotham, '97, first, 8 feet, 5 inches;

- Parker, '97, first, 2 minutes, 50 Crowley, '97, second, 7 feet, 3 inches; Parker, '97,

seconds; Crowley, '97, second ; Davis, '97, third. third.

Mile bicycle race White, '97, first, 3 minutes, Putting shot - Healey, '97, first, 31 feet, 6 inches;

7 2-5 seconds; Sabine, '96, second; Russell, '97, third. Stover, '96, second, 30 feet, 6 1-2 inches; Russell,

Two-hundred-and-twenty-yard dash — Rowbotham, '97, third.

'97, first, 25 seconds; Thompson, '97, second; GarceStanding broad jump – Healey, '97, first, 9 feet,

lon, '97, third. 4 3-4 inches; Davis, '97, second, 9 feet, 4 1-2 inches; One record was broken; Thompson in the Crowley, '97, third.

quarter mile covered the distance in 55 seconds, Throwing hammer – Healey, '97, first, 87 feet, 6

1-2 second better than the College record. In inches; Russell, '97, second, 77 feet, 5 1-2 inches; Cousens, '98, third.

the contest for the class cup '97 scored ninetyHop, step, and jump – Clark, '98, first, 39 feet, 8 1-2 six points ; '98, thirty-two; '96, twelve; and inches; Davis, '97, second, 38 feet, 7 inches; Thomp- '95, two. son, '97, third.

'97, third.




Tufts scored two more runs in the fourth on
Tuesday, May 21.

a base on balls, an unaccepted chance, and hits

by Richardson and Holbrook, and added its last The game with Dartmouth, Tuesday, May in the eighth on a single by Maguire and a 21, was one of the prettiest Tufts has played three-base hit by Richardson. Dartmouth this year, and but for hard luck would have been

scored one each in the last four innings, winning ours. Neither side scored in the first two innings, good fielding by Dartmouth and steady Folsom. The Tufts infield played a magnifi

the game by the daring and lucky steals of pitching by Johnston keeping men from the plate. In the third both teams made two runs.

cent game, and the battery work was excellent.

Richardson and Maguire excelled at the bat for For Tufts, after Holbrook had flied out, Ray Tufts, and Patey and Tabor for Dartmouth. got first on an error and came home on Corridan's home run over the centre fielder's head. Ray's errors were excusable and only one of

them costly. The next two men were easy outs. Patey started in the third for Dartmouth with a hit,

Innings and scored on Folsom's home run to centre


Tufts . field. The next two men were out on ground

Earned runs: Tufts, 4 ; Dartmouth, 3. Two-base ers to the infield, and after two men had reached

hit: Smith. Three-base hits: Richardson, Tabor. first and second on Ray's errors the side was Home runs: Corridan, Folsom. Stolen bases: Dartout, Pierce to Maguire.

mouth, 3; Tufts, Double play: By Davis,




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unassisted. Bases on balls: By Patey, Clark, John- 4. Both teams put up a sharp fielding game, ston, Adams, Perkins. Struck out: By Johnston, 4; Tufts's in field work being especially fine. . by Patey, 2; by Tabor, 3. Time of game: 1 hour, 45 minutes. Umpire: Mr. HAGGERTY.

Maguire led at the bat, with five hits out of six

times up, and Smith followed him closely. JohnDARTMOUTH, 12. TUFTS, 11.

ston pitched a good game, not allowing the The second game with Dartmouth was very Institute team an earned run. similar to the first, the home team winning again

Innings by one run. Richardson, '98, was put in the

Tufts. box for Tufts and pitched a very good game. Institute His support at times was rather poor, or the

BOSTON COLLEGE, 7. score would have been different. Dartmouth

TUFTS, 4. started in scoring immediately, making one in The game Monday with Boston College was each of the first two innings and five in the the poorest fielding game of the season. For fourth. Tufts could not score until the fifth, two innings the Tufts men played with their when, after a man had reached first on balls, eyes shut, and when they did wake up to do three hits and two unaccepted chances brought some pretty fielding they could not hit as well in four runs. Three more came in in the sixth, as high-school boys. Johnston did not receive two bases on balls and singles by Corridan and any kind of support and had a very unequal Smith ; one in the seventh, on three singles; and fight to win. Game called at end of sixth, on three in the eighth, on a base on balls, two account of rain. singles, and a combination of errors by Dart- Innings. mouth. Dartmouth made one

more in the

Boston College seventh, two in the eighth, and two in the ninth,

Tufts making final score of 12 to 11. The infield


TUFTS, 12. work of Tufts was excellent, three pretty double

BRUNSWICK, MAY 29. plays being to their credit, besides many difficult


game with Bowdoin was rather loose stops and lightning throws. Smith, Patey, but very close and exciting, and was anybody's and Richardson, '97, led at the bat.

game until the last man was out.

Space will Innings


not permit of a detailed score. Dartmouth

Innings .

5 Tufts


3-13 Earned runs: Dartmouth, 4; Tufts, 3. Two-base Tufts

3 hits: Adams, Watson. Three-base hits: Patey, FolHome run: Adams. Stolen bases: Dartmouth,

TUFTS, 12. BATES, 8. 7; Tufts,

Double plays: Corridan, Pierce, Tufts played with Bates May 30, and won Maguire (2), Richardson, '97, Pierce, Maguire. Bases on balls: By Tabor, 6; by Richardson, 7.

by a score of 12 to 8. Again was Tufts outpitched ball: Carleton. Passed ball: Smith. Struck batted, but Tufts’s hits came at very opportune out: By Richardson, 3; by Tabor, 5. Wild pitch: times, and, aided by errors and good base-runTabor. Time of game: 2 hours. Umpire : Mr.

ning, brought her out ahead. HAGGERTY.

Innings .

9 TUFTS, 14.

WEYMOUTH INSTITUTE, 4. Tufts Tufts defeated the Institutes at Weymouth,

Bates Saturday, in a good game, by a score of 14 to


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5. Baseball, Exeter, at Tufts.
6. Production of “Ralph Roister Doister,"

in Gymnasium
8. Baseball, Massachusetts Agricultural Col-

lege, at Tufts.
13. Baseball, Holy Cross, at Tufts.

Class Day. 15. Baseball, Holy Cross, at Worcester.

June 16.

Baccalaureate Sermon, Sunday, at 3 P.M. 17.

Ordination of Seniors in Divinity School.
Alumni Day. Meeting Phi Beta Kappa in

Miner Hall at 4 P M. Annual Dinner
of Alumni Association at The Thorndike

at 6.30. 19. Thirty-ninth Annual Commencement. 20, 21, 22, Entrance Examinations.

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Resolutions .
Baccalaureate Sermon
Commencement Day.
Phi Beta Kappa .
Alumni Association
Ralph Roister Doister
The Willows of the Assabet .
Our Alumni
Divinity School
Local News



S. B. JOHNSON, '96,
R. K. Marvin, '96,
E. D. JOHNSON, '98,

Associate Editors.
W. A. MOORE, '98,
W. R. Ransom, '98,
A. B. START, '97,

Exchange Editor.
W. H. BELCHER, '96,

Local Editors.
J. A. Cousins, '98,
E. R. SAMPSON, '96,

Alumni Editor.
G. L. THOMPSON, '97, Divinity School Editor.
A. A. HODGMAN, '97,

Business Manager. W. S. Parks, '97,

Treasurer. R. E. HEALEY, '97,

Mailing Clerk.

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227 229

Entered at Tufts College Post-Office as second-class matter.

Volume XXI.

June 20, 1895.

No. 16.

Editorials. The Thirty-ninth Annual Commencement season was in every sense a

most pleasant one. From the dawn of a glorious Class-day to the falling of darkness upon the close of the Commencement festivities was one unbroken chain of successful occasions. To the enterprise of the graduating class is due great praise for the successful management of Class-day. While we do not believe that the innovation of not inviting members of the Faculty and the college corporation to the festivities of the day, as inaugurated by its Class-day committee, is one to be commended or emulated, in other features their example may well be followed by succeeding classes. Although there were not so many material surprises on Commencement Day, the loyalty of the alumni, which is their best gift, was everywhere shown. Probably at no time has there been so much praise bestowed upon the college and its policy by prominent outside men as during the past week, and never before has there been such universal recognition of the rapid progress Tufts has made and of the position it now holds in the college world. It is indeed a source of pleasure to the members of a graduating class to go forth from their college amid such prosperity, yet there is also regret that they cannot remain to take part in the greater development' and usefulness that is to follow. They go, however, into the active duties of the world, which offers a broader and higher field than the college can, and to them the TUFTONIAN bids a reluctant farewell, and wishes them a heartfelt Godspeed.


We are pleased to be able to give our readers a reasonable assurance of two papers during the next collegiate year. Since the last issue of the TUFTONIAN, the plans therein set forth have matured rapidly, and by vote of the directors of the Publishing Association the editorial board has been given the power to make the proposed change. As the plan now exists it provides for an eight-page weekly news-sheet and a monthly magazine, devoted largely to literary matter and affairs of interest to alumni. It is the earnest desire of the editors to keep this open to grad

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