Memoirs of Christina, Queen of Sweden, Volumen1

Hurst and Blackett, 1863

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Página 273 - ... the inquiry of truth, which is the love-making or wooing of it, the knowledge of truth, which is the presence of it, and the belief of truth, which is the enjoying of it, is the sovereign good of human nature.
Página 173 - ... active and public life, with the attainment of that exact and various learning which is generally the portion only of the recluse student. He was distinguished as an advocate and a magistrate, and he composed the most valuable works on the law of his own country; he was almost equally celebrated as an historian, a scholar, a poet, and a divine; a disinterested statesman, a philosophical lawyer, a patriot who united moderation with firmness, and a theologian who was taught candour by his learning....
Página 173 - The sagacity of his numerous and fierce adversaries could not discover a blot on his character ; and in the midst of all the hard trials and galling provocations of a turbulent political life, he never once deserted his friends when they were unfortunate, nor insulted his enemies when they were weak.
Página 281 - C'est en effet parler de Dieu comme d'un Jupiter ou d'un Saturne , et l'assujettir au styx et aux destinées , que de dire que ces vérités sont indépendantes de lui. Ne craignez point, je vous prie, d'assurer et de publier partout que c'est Dieu qui a établi ces lois en la nature, ainsi qu'un roi établit les lois en son royaume...
Página 191 - Maria. You must take every precaution, for never were people here so much against us as now ; but they shall never get their way, so long as you remain firm. They talk a great deal of the Elector of Brandenburg, but neither he, nor any one in the world, however rich he be, shall ever alienate my heart from you. My love is so strong that it can only be overcome by death, and if, which God forbid, you should die before me, my heart shall remain dead for every other, and my mind and affection shall...
Página 18 - God knows, my son, By what by-paths, and indirect crook'd ways, I met this crown ; and I myself know well How troublesome it sat upon my head : To thee it shall descend with better quiet, Better opinion, better confirmation ; For all the soil of the achievement goes With me into the earth.
Página 191 - My love is so strong that it can only be overcome by death, and if, which God forbid, you should die before me, my heart shall remain dead for every other, and my mind and affection shall follow you to eternity, there to dwell with you. " Perhaps some will advise you to demand my hand openly ; but I beseech you, by all that is holy, to have patience for some time, until you have acquired some reputation in the war, and until I have the crown on my head. I entreat you not to consider this time long,...
Página 184 - ... main m'en a retirée. Vous savez, quoi qu'en puisse dire la médisance, que je suis innocente de toutes les impostures dont elle a voulu noircir ma vie.
Página 180 - Greek writers into favour; the queen soon made herself mistress of the most important authors of antiquity, and even the fathers of the church were not suffered to remain unknown to her. Nicolaus Heinsius boasts of having been born in the same age with this queen as the first felicity of his life; the second, was that he had been known to her; but the third, the most decided happiness, and that which he desires all future ages to know, was, that he had been not altogether displeasing to her. Christina...
Página 280 - ... adopted from a wish to flatter the uncontrolled passions of sovereigns. Not that I am disposed to call in question the originality of Hobbes; for it appears, from the testimony of all his friends, that he had much less pleasure in reading than in thinking. " If I had read," he was accustomed to say, " as much as some others, I should have been as ignorant as they are.

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