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Página 9 - ... tis not to have you gone ; For why, the fools are mad if left alone. Take no repulse, whatever she doth say ; For, get you gone, she doth not mean, away : Flatter, and praise, commend, extol their graces ; Though ne'er so black, say, they have angels
Página 249 - Means her provision only to the good, That live according to her sober laws, And holy dictate of spare temperance...
Página 169 - I just now mentioned, but with my dear Cato, that best of sons and most valuable of men! It was my sad fate to lay his body on the funeral pile, when by the course of nature I had reason to hope he would have performed the same last office to mine.
Página 48 - Nicetius fenced in the precincts of his castle with thirty towers, that its walls stretched from the top of the hill to the banks of the river...
Página 169 - I had rcafon to hope he would have " performed the fame fad office to mine. His foul, " however, did not defert me, but ftill looked " back upon me in its flight to thofe happy man" fions, to which he allured me I fhould one day
Página 113 - And yours the love that kings delight to know. ' Yet think not thefe, all beauteous as they are, * The beft kind bleffings Heav'n can grant the fair ! ' Who truft alone in beauty's feeble ray, * Boaft but the worth Balfora's * pearls difplay : ' Drawn from the deep, we own the furface bright ; ' But, dark within, they drink no luftrous light. ' Such are the maids, and fuch the charms they boaft ; ' By fenfe unaided, or to virtu
Página 5 - Zephyrs fan'd and murrh'ring fountain! fed, In June's gay morn that fcents the ambient air, Was not more fweet, more innocent, or fair, Oh ! when fuch Pairs their kindred Spirit find, When Senfe and Virtue deck each fpotlefs Mind, Hard is the doom that fhall the union break, And Fate's dark pinion hovers o'er the wreck. Now Prudence in her cold and thrifty care...
Página 255 - Hate, virtue may beoppreft, vice may triumph, it "matters not to him ; his eloquence has attained its purpofed point, — the mitre is on his head. When you hear the parliamentary orator...
Página 255 - Purfue this illufive femblance of virtue, which dazzles with unreal fplendor, trace it through every department of life, and you will find, it equally empty and vifionary in all.
Página 15 - ... perceive," faid the Earl, " your whole epiftle is a double entendre, fo, as the Lady will probably interpret it in the fenfe moft foothing to her vanity, I think we muft let it pafs.

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