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6. His cross see your Saviour

Thy lips, depriv'd of color, Compelled to carry,

Spoke heav'nly truth to man ; With patient behaviour,

Thy body, ah! how wasted, Submitting, till weary,

Death's horror did reduce And sore opprest-He sinks at last. Thy strength, and quite exhausted 7 Just ready for slaughter,

Each drop of vital juice. The nail-holes they bored,

5 O Lord, what thee tormented, While exquisite torture He lamb-like endured ;

Was my sin's heavy load!

I had the debt augmented Dumb did he bear-the pain severe.

Which thou didst


in blood: 8 The Lamb yonder nailed

Here am I, blushing sinner, Gain'd for us salvation,

On whom wrath ought to light; Our pardon is sealed

O thou my health's beginner ! By his bitter passion:

Let thy grace cheer my sight. A healing stream-flows down from him.

5 Own me, Lord, my Preserver, 9 O dear bleeding Saviour !

My Shepherd, me receive; I long to embrace thee,

I know thy love's strong fervor While thousand drops cover,

By all thy pain and grief. Hang on thee and grace thee;

Thou richly hast supplied And catch the juice-thy wounds diffuse.

My soul with heav'nly food, 10 For all thy wounds painful,

For which I've often sighed,
Which glad I remember,

Thy holy flesh and blood.
I hourly am thankful,
And praise their whole number;

6 I'll here with thee continue, Me, dearest Lamb!-thou sav'st by them. (Though poor, despise me not)

I'm one of thy retinue:

As were I on the spot,
T. 151.

When, earning my election,

Thy heart-strings broke in death; O Head so full of bruises,

With shame and love's affection So full of pain and scorn,

I'll watch thy latest breath. 'Midst other sore abuses

Mock'd with a crown of thorn! 7 O what a consolation O head ere now surrounded

Doth in my heart take place, With brightest majesty,

When I thy toil and passion
In death now bow'd and wounded! Can in some measure trace;
Saluted be by me.

Ah! should I, while thus musing

Redeemer's cross, 2 Thou countenance transcendent,

Ev'n life itself be losing,
Thou life-creating Sun
To worlds on thee dependent;

Great gain would be that loss. Now bruis’d and spit upon !

8 I give thee thanks unfeigned, How art thou grown so sallow ! How are those gracious eyes,

O Jesus ! Friend'in need ! Whose radiance knew no fellow,

For what thy soul sustained

When thou for me didst bleed : Clouded in cruel wise !

Grant me to lean unshaken 3 Thy cheeks, through heavy dolor, Upon thy faithfulness, Are marred, fall'n, and wan;

Until from hence I'm taken

To see thee face to face."

On my


9 Lord, at my dissolution

16 O boundless love! O love beyond Do not from me depart,

expression, Support, at the conclusion

Constraining thee to choose such bitter Of life, my fainting heart;

passion! And when I pine and languish, I lived in the world's and sins enjoySeiz'd with death's agony,


Thou barest torment. O by thy pain and anguish Set me at liberty.

7 greatest King ! whose power is

unbounded, 10 Lord, grant me thy protection, How can thy mercy be aright expoundRemind me of thy death

ed ? And glorious resurrection,

Mysterious depth! th' incarnate God When I resign my breath :

is sighing, For sinners dying. Ah then, though I be dying,

'Midst sickness, grief and pain, 8. Thy dying love all other love doth I shall (on thee relying)

swallow, Eternal life obtain.

My mind to trace its limits is too shallow;

For such compassion, and for love so 86.* T. 36.

tender, What shall I render? [blamed,

9 One thing I'll gladly do to give thee DEAR Jesus ! wherein art thou to be

pleasure, Why is death's sentence against thee No more to sin I'll yield in any mea

proclaimed? What is thy crime? of what art thou Lest it again seduce my mind and accused, While thus abused?

To old offences. 2 I see thee scourg'd, plung'd in a sea 10 But as my strength is far too weak of sorrows,

and feeble Beat in the face, thy back plough’d To crucify my flesh and innate evil:

with deep furrows, Thy temples crown'd with thorns, in Lord, let thy Spirit graciously direct


From sin protect me. mock'ry hailed, To the cross nailed.

11 Unto thy praise my all I'll gladly 3 Why was thy soul with hellish pain

venture, surrounded ? Alas, my sins have thee, my Saviour, Upon thy shame and cross I'll freely

wounded! I should have waded thro' this sea of

Nor pain, nor death, shall change my anguish, Which made thee languish.

resolution, Nor persecution 4. There is no good at all in my whole 12 Do not despise, I pray, my weak nature,

endeavor Sin hath diffus'd its shame through ev'ry To įpraise and love and serve thee, feature;

dearest Saviour: I had deserv'd eternal consternation,

Take soul and body, Lord, as an obAnd condemnation. lation

For all thy passion. 5 How highly wonderful is this pro- 13 When thou shalt give to me a crown ceeding

of glory, The Shepherd for his wand'ring sheep When all is swallow'd up that's transiis bleeding;

tory, The Master


for servants' misbeha- Then shall my voice be suited to the vior,

That loving Saviour!! matter, And praise thee better.



88. *

T. 79.

T. 152. or 9.

Both the water and the blood
CHRIST, who saves us by his cross,

Wash the guilty creature, Who in nought offended,

7 Joseph, having leave obtain'd, He was in the night for us

And got spices ready, Betray'd, apprehended,

From the cross (by love constrain'd) Led before a wicked race,

Took our Saviour's body: Falsely was accused,

Had it, with all decent grace, Laugh'd at, mock'd, spit in the face, To his own tomb carry'd; Shamefully abused.

Where the keepers for three days 2 In the morn, at the sixth hour,

To secure it tarry’d. He was led with fury,

8 Grant, o Christ, thou Son of God, As a foe of civil pow'r,

Through thy bitter passion, 'Fore a heathen jury,

That we, as thy smart's reward,
Who him try'd, but found him free Joy in thy salvation:
Of th' imputed treason;

That we ever weigh the cause
Herod mocked him, yet he

Of thy death and suff'ring, Found for death no reason.

Yea for this, though poor we are, 3 At nine was the Son of God

Bring thee our thank-off'ring!
By the scourges furrow'd,
And the thorny crown forc'd blood

From his sacred forehead,
With a purple garment mock’d,

O World, see thy Creator On all sides assailed,

Extended, like a traitor, He must bear the cross to which

Upon the cross's tree ! He was to be nailed.

Behold him, while expiring,

And for mankind acquiring 4 He at noon was on the cross

Thereby life, grace and liberty. Rear'd for our transgression, Where he pray'd and bled for us,

2 Draw near: thou wilt discover,

How blood and sweat all over
To procure salvation :
The spectators shook their heads,

His sacred body dyes;
Had him in derision,

Out of his heart most noble, Till the sun his beams withdrew

For inexhausted trouble, From so sad a vision.

Sighs are successive foll'wing sighs. 5 At three Jesus cry'd, "My God,

3 Who hath thee thus abused,

Dear Lord, and so much bruised
Why am I forsaken?"
Having vinegar and gall,

Thy most majestic face?

Thou art no sin's transactor, Which was offer'd, taken,

Thou art no malefactor,
He then yielded up the ghost!

Like others of the human race.
Pause, my soul, and wonder ;-
Then the temple's vail was rent, 4 I, I, and my transgressions,
Rocks were cleft asunder.

Which by my own confessions

Exceed the sea-shore sands; 6 When the Lord of glory dy'd,

These, these have been the reason Not a bone was broken, But a soldier pierc'd his side

Oftby whole bitter season,

Of all thy bruises, stripes and bands.
For a lasting token:
From thence stream'd a double flood 5 I ought to have been pained,
Of a cleansing nature;

And fast for ever chained
E 2

Both hand and foot in hell ;

89. *

The bonds and scourges tearing, How patiently to suffer,
Which thou, my God, wast bearing, When any to me offer

My soul, my soul desery'd to feel. Rude acts of malice and ill-will, 6 I'll be with the beholders,

14 I'll be my flesh denying, And see thee on thy shoulders

And gladly crucyfying, Bear my prodigious load:

With Christ, each sinful lust: Thou tak'st the curse-infliction,

What in thy sight is odious Giv'st for it benediction;

I'll leaye, howe'er commodious, Thy death procures my peace with God. By help and strength which thou be.

stow'st. 7 As Surety thou presentest Thyself, to die consentest

15 Thy sighs and groans unnumber'd, For me in debt all o'er;

And, from thy heart encumber'd,

The countless tears forth prest; A crown of thorns thou wearest,

These shall at my dismission,
All scorn and pain thou bearest,
With patience never known before. To final rest's fruition

Convoy mę to thy arms and breast, 8 Into death's jaws thou leaping Provid'st for my escaping,

T. 165. Lest I its sting should prove;

THOUSAND times by me be greetMy curse and condemnation

Jesus, who hast loved me, [ed, Thou bear’st, for my salvation : And thyself to death submitted O most unheard-of fire of love!

For my treasons against thee. 9 The highest obligations

Ah! how happy do I feel, Bind me through all life's stations,

When 'fore thee I humbly kneel T'express my thanks to thee; At the cross where thou expiredst, Weak as I am and feeble,

And true life for me acquiredst. As far as I am able,

2 Jesus, thee I view in spirit, I'll yield thee service willingly.

Cover'd o'er with blood and wounds; 10 While here on earth I'm living,

Now salvation, through thy merit, I nothing have worth giving

For my sin-sick soul abounds. To thee for all thy pain;

O who can, thou Prince of Peace, Yet shall thy passion ever,

Who didst thirst for our release, Till soul and body sever

Fully fathom all that's treasur'd Deep in my heart engrav'd remain. In thy love's design unmeasur'd! 11 Its fresh representation

3 Heal me, O my soul's Physician,

Wheresoe'er I'm sick or sad; Shall raise


admiration, "Where'er I turn or move ;

All the woes of my condition I'll take it for a mirror

By thy balm be now allay'd:

Heal the hurts which Adam wrought, Ofinnocence, for terror To guilt, but seal of truth and love. Or which on myself I've brought;

If thy blood me only cover, 12 How greatly man incenses My distress will soon be over. The Lord by his offences;

4 On my heart thy wounds for ever God's holiness how stern;

Be inscrib'd indelibly,
How rigʻrous he chastiseth,

That I ne'er forget, dear Saviour,
When he with wrath baptizeth;
This from thy suffrings will I learn. Thou’rt indeed my highest good,

What thou hast endựr'd for me:
13 From thence I'll be taught truly, End of all solicitude;
How to be pure and holy,

Let me, at thy feet abased, Resign’d, compos’d and still; Be to taste thy friendship raised,


T. 168.

5 With the deepest adoration

91.* T, 165 . Humbly at thy feet I lie;

CHRIST, thy wounds&bitter passion, And, with ardent supplication, Unto thee for succor cry;

Bloody sweat, cross, death, and tomb, My petition kindly hear;

Be my daily meditation,

Till I to thy presence come. Say, in answer to my pray'r:

When a sinful thought would start, I will change thy grief and sadness Into comfort, joy and gladness.”

Ready to seduce my heart,

Thy sore pain effectually 6 Jesus, at my dissolution

Me forbid with sin to dally. Take my longing soul to thee; 2 Should my bosom with lewd passion Let thy wounds at the conclusion Be inflam'd, and burn with sin,

Of this life, my refuge be! Let the thoughts of thine oblation When in death I close mine

eyes, Quench that spreading fire within. Let me wake in paradise,

Would the tempter make his way
And in endless bliss and glory To my heart, Lord, grant I may
With the saints in heav'n adore thee. By thy wounds, thy pain and anguish,

All his vile intrusions vanquish.
3 Would the world with gay temptation

Draw me to its own broad way; JESUS, Source of my salvation,

Let me think upon thy passion, Conqu’ror both of death and hell!

And the load which on thee lay : Thou who didst, as my oblation,

Sure the sweat and precious blood
Feel what I desery'd to feel :
Thro' thy suffrings, death and merit, Can arm me, on each occasion,

Of the dying Lamb of God
I eternal life inherit;

To oppose th' infatuation. Thousand, thousand thanks to thee,

4 Lord, in ev'ry sore oppression, Dearest Lord, for ever be !

Let thy wounds be my relief; 2 O how basely wast thou used, When I seek thine intercession, Buffeted and spit upon !

Add new strength to my belief,
Scourg'd and torn, and sorely bruised, Ah, the feeling of thy peace
Thou the heav'nly Father's Son:


troubled heart at ease, Me, poor sinner, to deliver

And affords a demonstration From the devil's pow'r for ever! Of thy love and my salvation. Thousand, &c.

5 All my hope and consolation, 3 Lord, thy deep humiliation

Christ, is in thy bitter death; Paid for my presumptuous pride ;

At the hour of expiration, I need fear no condemnation,

Lord, receive my dying breath. Since for sinners thou hast dy'd :

Most of all, when I go hence, Thou becam'st a curse, dear Saviour,

Let this be my confidence, To restore me to God's favor. That thy deep humiliation Thousand, &c.

Hath procured my salvation, 4 Lord, I'll praise thee now and ever

For thy bitter pain and smart, O Lord, when condemnation For thy agonizing shiver,

And guilt afflict my soul, For thy wounds and pierced heart; Then let thy bitter passion For thy stooping under sentence The rising storm control: of God's wrath and fiery vengeance :

and fiery vengeance : Remind me, that thy sacred blood For thy death and love divine,

Hath cancell’d my transgressions Lord, I'll be for ever thinę.

By paying what I ow'd.

92. *

T. 126.

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