Bell's Edition: The Poets of Great Britain Complete from Chaucer to Churchill ...

J. Bell, 1782

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Página 129 - Hath murdred both his children prively: Swich murmur was among hem comunly. No wonder is, for to the peples ere Ther came no word but that they murdred were. For which ther as his peple therbefore 8605 Had loved him wel, the
Página 20 - an untrewe wif In word ne werk, as fer as I have wit; I wol ben his to whom that I am knit: Take this for final anfwer as of me. But after that in play thus
Página 150 - Hadde this knight to ben a wedded man, That day and night he doth all that he can To efpien wher that he might wedded be, Praying our Lord to granten him that he Mighte ones knowen of that blisful lif
Página 217 - That Nature in your principles hath fet But for non hope for to fare the bet, But for to obey unto your herte free, And for to maken other yware by me, As by the whelpe chaftifed is the
Página 234 - This Julius to the Capitolie wente Upon a day, as he was wont to gon, And in the Capitolie anon him hente This falfe Brutus and his other foon, And
Página 68 - and part it with his brother, I graunte, quod the devil, by my fay. And with that word they riden forth hir way, And right at entring of the tounes ende To which this Sompnour fhope him for to
Página 191 - What maken ye fo moche of Salomon .' What though he made a temple, Goddes hous ? What though he were riche and glorious ? So made he eke a temple of
Página 57 - that the world was newe, And but I be to-morwe as faire to feen As any lady, emperice, or quene, That is betwix the eft and eke the weft, Doth with my lif and deth right as you left.
Página 79 - Thomas, quod he, God yelde it you, ful oft Have I upon this benche faren ful wele, 7355 Here have I eten many a mery mele. And fro the benche he drove away the cat, And laied adoun his potent and his hat, And eke his
Página 194 - me not of pees, ne they axen not to be reconciled; wol ye than that I go and meke me and obeye me to hem, and eric hem mercie

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