An History of England: In a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to His Son ...


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Página 319 - I am not worth purchasing ; but such as I am, the King of Great Britain is not rich enough to do it.
Página 141 - Irifh houfe of peers paffed a vote againft them , as having attempted to diminifh tha juft privileges of the parliament of Ireland ; and , at the fame time , ordered the barons to be taken under the cuftody of the black rod. On the other...
Página 141 - Annesley in possession of the lands he had lost by the decree in that kingdom. The barons obeyed this order; and the Irish house of peers passed a...
Página 199 - He refolved therefore to come to a battle as foon as poffible ; and marched forward , while the young adventurer retired at his approach. The duke advanced to Aberdeen , •where he was joined by the duke of Gordon , and fome other lords attached to his family and caufe.
Página 125 - ... but the duke of Ormond, the lord chancellor, and lord Trevor were not of the number. Next morning, the earl of Oxford...
Página 133 - Auchterarder, where he reviewed his army, and rested on the eleventh day of November. The duke of Argyle apprised of his intention, and being joined by some regiments of dragoons from Ireland, determined to give him battle in the neighbourhood of Dumblaine.
Página 255 - French forces, who were very advantageously posted ; and made a movement to the right, which obliged them to alter their disposition.. They now advanced, in their turn, within three quarters of a mile of the English line, and the cannonading began with great fury on both sides. About noon their European cavalry coming up with a resolute air to charge the left of the English, colonel Coote brought up some companies of sepoys, and two pieces...
Página 62 - ... figned by thofe he employed in this bufinefs, he refufed to ratify it upon frivolous pretences. The depofed parliament, finding that Monck had difapproved of the proceedings of the officers at London, were refolved to avail themfelves of his friendfhip, in order to be reinftated in their former authority ; and fent him a private commiffion, appointing him commander in chief of all the forces in England, Scotland, and Ireland. He now therefore refolved to march towards London, and upon his approach...
Página 114 - He was prohibited from preaching for the term of three years : his two sermons were ordered to be burnt by the hands of the common hangman, in presence of the lord mayor and the two sheriffs of London and Middlesex.
Página 13 - ... is the fole judge both of the danger, and when and how the fame is to be prevented and avoided, &c.

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