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Monnet's System of Mineralogy, Othman Lillus Anconitanus, his
*. 219.

remarkable epie poem in praise
MONNIER, M. his memoir on the of Mahomet, and his great ex-

variations of the magnet, 489. - ploits, 547 .
1. On horizontal refractions at Tun- OTWAY, his poetry censured, 189.

Setting, 497, On Saturn's Ring, PAros, ille of, described, 481.

498.' On the variations in the tor Antiquities there, ib.
· obliguity of the ecliptic, ib.' PASCAL, Blaise, his great charac-
Moreau's moral political dif- - ter for wit and learning, 505.

courses on the government of Account of a complete editioa
: France, 214.

" - of his writings, 507.
Moser's principles of the law of Perlin, Stephen, his strange
nations, 57,

account of the English, 12.
Mosquito fhore, country and in- PERNETY, Dom. his memoir

habitants of, described, 473.. concerning the influence of na.
MOUNTAINS, new theory of the tural causes in the mind of
· original formacion of, 550. .' man, 5o8.
MUSGRAVE, 'Dr. his argument in PERSECUTION, religious, account
• favour of Mr. Wilson's electrical / of a late instance of, in Ireland,
• experiments, and blunt conduc. 443. i
tors, 402. .

Persians, ancient, remarks on
NAIRNE, Mr,“ his electrical ex. their religion, 529.
perimenis, 401.

PHILIPPA, Queen, her oratorical
NATURE, wonderful changes of, address to King Edward, in fa.
• in the earliest age's of ihe world, "vour of the burghers of Ca.
* 532,

lais, 438.
NATURAL causes, their influence PHILOSOPHERS, of ancient Greece,

on the mind of man, 503. ." their great contempt for poetry,
NAVIGATION, several important 512.

observations relative to, by Meff. PHILOSOPHY, natural, experi
- De Borda, Pingre, and De Ver ments relating to, 162,
dun, 498. :

PAILOSOPHICAL investigations,
NAVIGATIONS, inland. See CA how to be conducted, 559.

Philoxenus, Bishop, bis Syriac
NECKER, M. De, his natural hif version of the gospels, 36.

tory of the Tussilago and PetaPIGEONS, numerous catalogue of
viles, 306.

the foris, 66.
Nerley abbey, defcript, of, 14. PILEUR d' Apligny, M. le, his
NICANDER, the poet characlerised, treatise on colours and colour-

ing, 55.
Nouvelles Obi sur l'Angleterre. Plato's lo, an excellent French
• Sé Cover.

translation of, 528.
recherches sur la science des Plants, experiments on, relative
Medailles, &c. See SIVRY, to the properties of the air, 16;.
Nouveau Systeme de Mineralo. POETRY, facred, why generally
gie. See MONNET.

unsuccessful, 8.
ORGAN's, use of, in churches,

Of the ancient Greeks,
when first introduced in this the repository of their wisdom
· country, 399, 480.

. and philosophy, 509. Their
ORIENTAL legislation less defpo:ic o nly means of recording history,

than is generally fupposed, 553. 523. Its abuse of hiftory, ib.
ORIGINALS, literary, rare pro- Poets, metaphysical, ao account

ductions, 117.. The Seasons of of, 2.
Thomfor, an original, 118.


POLYCARP translates the Greek RUSSIA, revenue, &c. of the em-
· Testament into Syriac, 40. pire of, 59. Wonderful bones
Pope, Mr, his prosecution of Sir o f gigantic animals found in,

Alexander Leith, Bart. and 535, 551, ei
nonsuit, 393.

RUSSIANS, preserved from the
PORTAL, M. his observations on s curvy by their antiseptic diet,

the liver, 491. His new me. . 279, 410.
thod of performing amputations SACHEVEREL, Dr. compared to
in the extremities, 493.

a louse, 359.
Pouilli's differt. on the temporal Sainte Croix, Baron de, his

jurisdition of churches, .529. translation of the Ezour Ve-
POUSSIN, his style of painting dam, 501.

compared with that of Rem- SAMANEANS, a fect of Indian
brandt, 18. ..

philosophers, 591.
PRAYBR, an excellent one, of an Sciences, their influence on
Indian Brahmin, 503.

poetry, 509.
PREACHING, remarks on the Sciros, ise of, some ac, of, 483.
progress of, 105.

SCOTLAND, proposal for an uni-
PREGNANCY, an astonishing cal è fornity of weights and mea-
of, 492.

sures in that kingdom, 21.
PRINCIPES de morale. See SCURVY, observations and reme-

dies re'ative to that disorder,
PRUSSIA, King of, anecdotes re- See GUTHRIE, HAYGARTH,
lative to, 462.

Pulpit, always in the service of . SKIDDY.
the state, 108.

Ser, rapturous address to, 115.
Putter's history of the German Sexes, the different, of mankind,
empire, 59.

creatise on the means of render-
OUInze, membranous. Seeing them nearly equal to each o

ther in point of number, 459.
READERS, the various kinds' SHERLOCK, Martin, his counsel
and characters of, 111.

to a young poet, 463.
RECHERCHES Historiques, &c.

His letters of a travel-

ler, 462
REIMARUS on thunder and light. SIBERIA, curious relics found
ning, 58.

there, of the bones of ele.
REMBRANDT, remarks on his phants, &c. 535, 551.

style of painting, 18. Compared SIVRY, M. De, his inquiries
with Poulin, ib.

concerning medals, inscrip-
REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua, his cria tions, &c. 304. His opinion
· tical observations on the art of relative to the supposed Egyp.
painting, 17.

tian bust ac Turin, 306.
RICHARD, Abbé, his history of SKIDDY, Mr. his account of the
Tonquin, 54.

efficacy of wort, as a remedy
ROCHEFORT, M. de, his critical for the scurvy, 277.

history of the opinions of the Society, remarks on the pro-
Ancients, 55.

gress of, from the settlement of
his memoir concern the modern nations, to the
ing the history of Herodotus, eleventh century, 181.
523. His controversy wich SARE THROAT, putrid, remedy
Abbé Batteaux concerning the for, 30.
ancient Greek Tragedy, 525. Soul, human, treatise in proof of
ROUSSEAU, John James, defended the existence ar.d immateriality
against D'Alembert, 302.


of, in German, 224. Theory Volcanos, evident veftiges of,
of, by a French writer, 486. throughout Greece ftill obferv.
Of the foul" that animates the ; able, 483. A volcano in Len-
brute creation, 487:

nos fupposed to have given
SPAIN, antigaities in that king. rise to the fable of Vulcan's
dom described, 139.

forge there, ib. Whimsical
SPRAT, Dr. remark on his lite. theory of the ancient Grecian
rary character, 189.

volcanos, ib. Farther account
STEPNEY, bis merit as a poet esti of their operation in the origi-
mated, 189.

nal formation of mountains, &c.
STREATLAM CASTLE, ac. of, 283. 551.
SUSANNA and Margaret, their VOLTAIRE, academical discourse
I dialogue on religion, 97.

in honour of, 220. Anecdotes
SWIFT, Dean, his genius and of his life, 514. Of his death,

character, 356. Anecdotes of, 520.
357. His abufive characters of Vom Blitze, &c. 58.

Lord Wharton, and other per. W ALLER, his failure in sacred
• fons of distinction, 361. His " poetry accounted for, 8. Ge.
- "unhappy end, 363,

neral character of his poetry, g.
TAMER LANE, his military infi. Watts, Dr. Isaac, memoirs of,

tutes, 451. His great chao - 426. His pofthumous poetry
racter, 458.

and controversial writings cen-
Teeth, diseased, extraordinary - fured, 429.
case of, 62.

Weguelin, M. his memoirs
TEUTSCHE Reichsgeschichte, &c. concerning the philofophy of

history, 514.
THEOCRITUS, his poetry charac. WEIGHTS and Measures. See
terised, 513.

TIME-KILLING, a serious bu- Wilson, Ben, electrical experi.
finess, 114.

ments by, 407.
Titian, remark on his pi&ture WINKELMAN, Abbé, Heine's

of Bacchus and Ariadne, 20. eulogy on, 223,
TONQUIN, people, resemblance Women, sketches relating to, in
of to the Chinese, 54.

various ages and nations, 415,
TRAILLES, Dr. his treatise on. 421.
the soul, 224.

Wyck, Thomas, his fine picture
Traite des couleurs materielles of old London, 13. ·

et de la maniere de colorer, YEAR, enquiry concerning the
&c. 55.

- diminution of the lengih ol,
VARIATions in the obliquity of . 497.

the eclipic faid to amount to 7 Ends, learned books of an.
not a minute in 100 years, 497. - cient Persians, 529.
VEDAMS, four distinct forts of Zero, his great contempt for

those sacred books of the poetry, siz.
Brahmins, &c. 502. When ZOROASTER, tenets of his reli-
published, ib.

: gion, 529.


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