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To the REMARKABLE PASSAGES in this Volume. N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, see the

Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume. 'ADULTERY, the den of, dé- BAILLY, M, his memoir concernI fcribed, 109..

ing the diminution of the length ÆSCHYLUS, his dramas charac of the year, 497. terized, 510.

BARK, the best remedy for the pu. AGRICULTURE, as yet but imper. trid and ulcerous fore throat, 30.

feetly known in England, 127. BARTHELEMY, Abbé, his remarks Peculiar difficulties attending the on the number of pieces that : study and improvement of, 128. were customarily represented on

Advantages of experimental the same day, on the Athenian knowledge in, 133. A period theatre, 527. ical publication of improvements BASALTES of the ancients, inquiry in farming recommended, 135. concerning, 499. 1 Benefits probably resulting from Batteux, Abbé, his memoir on a performance of that kind, 136. Aristotle's poetics, 524. On Model for recording experi tragedy, 525. On comedy, ib. ments, 243. Obfervations on His comparison of Epic poetry

fcientific agriculture, 246. . with tragedy and history, 526. Ague, Jumping, curious account BAUER, M. his, memoirs of Wal

lachia, 304.. Air, experiments relative to, 161, BEWLY, Mr. his experiments on 273.

pyrophori, 171. AMPUTATION of the extremities, Bible, Vulgate, account of a va.

new method of performing, 493. luable manuscript of, 545. Anciens Mineralogifles. See Go- Birds, anatomy of, memoir con.

cerning, 494. Surprizing apaAnGyna polyposa. See MICHA: . logy between their forms and ELIS.

:: that of the human species, 494. ANTI-PAROS, famous grotto of, BLOOD, observations and experi482.

ments on, 341, 381. ANTIQUITIES, Moorish, in Spain, BOEHME's acad. dissertations, 60. described, 139.

Books, introduction to the knowARATUS, the poet, characterized, ledge of, by M. Denis, 303. 513.

BRAVERY distinguished from cou. ARNAUD, M. his translation of rage, 201. Plato's 10, 528.

Bridge, remarkable one in Wales, ARISTOPHANES, his comedies cha. 11. . racterized, 511.

Briefe uber Russland, &c. 58., ARISTOTLE, his poetics critically Buffos,. M. his extraordinary investigated, 524-526.

theory of the epochas of nature, ARTILLERY, Engluh, State of, in 531.

the reign of Edward VI. 205. Butler, bis Hudibras, &c. ap. And in the reign of Elizabeth, . preciated, 190. 206.

Canals, navigablę, their great AUCKLAND Castle, account of, importance to a country, 387. . 284.

Defects in the English system of, AUSTRIA, essay on the hist. of, 52. and the remedy, pointed out, BAD company, great danger of, 388. App. Rev. Ixi.







CAROLINA, South, extraordinary D’AZYR, M, Vicq, his memoir

story of certain fanatics. there, relative to the anatomy of birds,
445. Curious account of a 494.
congress held there with the De Malus, M, his description
Creek Indians, 448.,

of the Mines in the Pyrenees
CATALOGUES, descriptive and cri. republished, 221.

tical, of the writings of ancient Denis, M. Aufscbers der Garell.

authors, their great use, 543. Biblioth. &c. See Books.
Catechism of the church of Des Essarts, M. his historical

England, history of, 209. account of the tribuoals of an.
CHARLEMAGNE, observations on cient nations, 222.
his reign, 215–218.

DESMAREST, M. his memoir on
CHRIST, his high character as a the basaltes, Part III. 498.

preacher, 104. Critical account DESPOTISM, less extreme in the
of the duration of his ministry, Oriental parts of the globe than
266. Obs. on his discourse on generally imagined, 553.
the Mount, 270. On the trans. Dialogue between Dame Jenkins
actions of the day of his resur.. and Eugenius, 96.
rection, 272.

between Susanna and
CHURCHES, rise and progress of Margaret, 97.
· their temporal jurisdiction, 529.

between John the Foot-
CONNOISSA NCB de l'astronomie, man and Clement, 99.

between an Eng.ihman
CONSIGLIO ad un giovane poeta, and a Frenchman, concerning

royal prerogative, 174.
CONVERSATION, critically investi-

between a bookseller
gated, 47. :

and a Grubstreet writer, 468.
Coptic language, an interesting DICQUEMAre's astronomy, new

ftudy, 560. Rudiments of, by edition, 223.
whom published, ib.

DISCOURS politiques, historiques,
CORNISH MS. account of, 282. et critiques sur quelques gouverne-
Cotillon, objections to the in- mens de l'Europe, &c. 454.
• troduction of that mode of dan. - prononcé dans l'Acad.
cing, in England, 115

Françoise. See Ducss.
COURAGB diftinguished from bra. Dorm, M. his edition of Kæmp-
· very, 201.

fer's Japan, from the original
COURTSHIP between the sexes MS. 145.
investigated, 421.

Donne, Dr, a metaphyfical poet,
Cowley, remarks on his poetical 4. Specimen, ib.
characier, 2—7.

DRABIA of the most ancient Greeks
Cover, Abbé, his observations on characterized, 510. Their tra-
England, 220. . .

gedy philosophically estimated,
Crown, legislative power of, over ib. Their comedy, 511. Their

conquered countries, discussed, poetry under Alexander and the

Prolemies, 512. Farther ac.
D'ALBON, Count, his discourses counts of, 524. See also ARIS-

concerning the government of TOTLE.
certain countries in Europe, 454. DRESS, of a page in Queen Eli
D'ALEMBERT, his Eulogy of G. zabeth's time, curious descris-

Keith, Lord Marshal, &c. 299. tion of, 15.
Dame Jenkins, her dialogue with DRYDEN, his merit as a profe wri.

Eugenius concerning religion, 96. ter considered, 186. His letter
DANCING, strictures on the diffe: - to his sons in confirmation of his
rent modes of, 115.

being addicted so afrology, 187.

Ducis, M. his oration in honour ish religion, 102. Curious ac.
of Voltaire, 220.

count of his preaching, 103.
Duke, his poetry briefly charac. FARMING. See AGRICULTURE.
terised, 189.

* FAULKNER, George, his ac.
Dumont's inquiry into the admi- count of Sacheverel, 358.

niftration of lands among the FEMALE conduct, rules and obser-
Romans, 219.

vations relative to, 45.
FARTH, new theory of the for. Fenton, Elijah, his fanciful idea
mation of,

550 of the periods of intellectual
EDWARD (William) extraordi- growth and decay, o.

nary bridge built by him, il. FEUTRY, M. his Opuscula, 56.
ELECTRICITY, experiments to FLINT-GLASS, inquiry into the

shew the advantage of pointed composition of, and the means
conductors, 401. The cons of giving it an higher degree of

trary opinion maintained, 402. perfection, 496.
· Decision in favour of the Frank- FOUCHER, Abbé, his Supplement

linian construction, 406. Va- to his treatise on the Religion of
rious experiments on the Ley the ancient Persians, 529.
den phial, &c. 407.

FRIENDSHIP, the temple of, de-
ELECTRICAL Conductors, the fu- scribed, icg.
:periority of those that are ele. GALLOWAY, Mr. account of
- yated and pointed, proved by V him, and his evidence respect-

experim, made in France, ing American affairs, 71. .
490., ie

GARRAULT's account of the silver
ELEPHANTS, bones of, and of mine at Chitty in Nivernois, re-

other huge Southern animals, published, 221.

found in Siberia, 536–551., GENEALOGIES of Matthew and
Eloge de Milord Marechal, See Luke's Gospels harmonized, 263.

GENERAL of an army, qualifica-
Epochas of Nature, Buffon's ac 'tions of a complete one, 202.
Count of, 531.

Geneva, catalogue of the library
Erste Grundlehren des jetzigen there, 543.

Europæischen Voelker rechts, Genius distinguished from brigbę
-. &c. 57.

parts, 202,
Essai sur l'Histoire de la Maison GEORGICAL Society, plan for a
d'Autriche, 52

new one, 137.
fur la Jurisprudence Univer. Gober's ancient mineralogists of
i felle. See Iacob.

France, 221.
sur l'Histoire des tribunaux, Gospels, Harmonies of, their uti-
: Go. See Des ESSĄRTS.

liry, 259.
ESTABLISHMENTs, religious, de GOUT, successfully treated by blif-
fended, 324.

tering, 206.
EVANGELISTA, crilical account of GREEKS, ancient, their poetry

the latitude with which they use philosophically investigared, 510.

certain forms of expression, 264. Farther accounts of, 523,
EVENING, sonnet or, 75: GRIFFITH, John, his ridiculous
EURIPIDES, his drainatic compo fanaticism, 372.

fitions characterized, 511. GUTHRIE, Dr. his account of the
Experimenting in agriculture, means by which the Russians are

recommended, 128. Forms for preserved from the scurvy, 279,
recording the farmer's experi
ments, 246.

HAIR.DRESSERS, their hurtful
Ezour Vedam translated, 500. practices with regard to the
EZBA, his reformation of the Jew Lady's heads, 63.





HALIFAX, ' his poetry depreciated, JEFFERY'S, Judge, anecdote rela-

tive to, 10.
HALLER, Mr, his account of an Iliad and Odysey ftrangely fym.

extraordinary pregnancy, 472. bolized, 483The Heroes and
HAY CARTH, Dr. his judicious - Deities of, said to be allegori-

hint relative to the exhibition of cal beings, ib.
strong wort, as an antiseptic, INDIANS, Creek, noble speech of,

• at a congress held at Charles-
HEALTH, pious ejaculation to, Town, 449.

, Oriental, curious ac-
Heat, (animal) corious experi- count of their sacred books, and

ments and observations on, 378. different seets of Brahmins, &c.
HELL-TORMENTS, doctrine of the goo.
eternity of discussed, 120. Ex- INGENHOUSZ, Dr. his method of
ploded, 122.

· procuring inflammable air from
HENLEY, Mr. his electrical expe. • vitriolic æther, 190. His is.
• riments, 4104

- vention for lighting a candle by
Heretic, St. Paul's meaning - ele&ricity, 407. His experi-
* with respect to, 123.

ments to thew how far the phe-
HERODOTUS, a reformer of an. nomenà of the Ele&tropborus may

cient history, 523. Compared be accounted for by Dr. Frank,
with Homer, 524.

lin's theory of positive and ne-
HERVEY, Mr. unites the flowers · gative electricity, 408.

of poetry with the thiftles of INSURANCE, mercantile, plan re-
* theology, 95.

commended for instituting a
HIGGINS, Bryant, on the use of court of merchants, &c. for de-

an amalgam of zinc, in electric termining difficult cafes in, 423.
• cal excitation, 407.

JOHN, the foot man, his confer-
HIPPONE, city of. See LE ence with Mr. Clement, on re-

ligion, 99.
Histoire naturelle, &c. do Ton. St. his first Epistle ad Spar.
quin, &C. 54.

Titos, meaning of, 546.
- critique des opinions des KÆMPfer's history of Japan,
anciens, 5;

A new edition of, from the Au.
om naturelle du Tulilage, i thor's original MS. 145.
Soc. 106. .

Krate, Mr. account of his va.
History of the German empire, rious writings, 117..

Keith, George, Lord Mashal of
Ilollar, his view of St. James's, , Scotland, his eulogy, 360.
&c. from the village of Charing, LABYRINTH, the famous one at

* Lemnos, no traces of now re.
Ilomer, whimsical hypothesis re- . maining, 484

lative to, 483. A fabulous La Serre, his hiltorv of the en-
being, ib. His writings fymbo. try of Mary de Medicis into
lized, ib.

• England, 12.
HUME, David; his literary fame LASSONE, M. De, his new obser-

ungenerously attacked by Lord - vacions on the analysis of avfa
Monboddo, 19;. Extracts from tals of verdegris and salt of lead,

his Dialogues on natcral Rolie · &c. 495. On some new phe
'gion, 343. Censure of that : nomena produced by different
. work, 354.

faline mixtures, 496.
Ticon on universal ju ispru- Leak, King, and his three Daugh.
J cence, 222,

ters, an old play, on which




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Shakespeare founded his tragedy MACQUER, M. his inquiries con.
on the same subject, extract cerning the composition of fint-
from, 296. .

glass, 496. ..
Le Beau, M. his memoirs rela- MAGNET. See Monnier,
.ting to the Roman legion, 528. MAHomer, curious Latin poem in
LE BLOND, Abbé, his account of honour of, 547.

two Imperial medals of the city Mansfield, Lord, his opinions
. of Hippone, 528. . i with respect to the power of the
LE BRUN, remarks on his man- crown over conquered countries
• ner of painting, with respect to discussed, 177-179. ...

the disposition of light and MANUSCRIPTS, general account
: fhade, 19.

of those in the library of Genc
LEIPsic, academical dissertation va, 543.
.. concerning the literature of, 60. MARTANO, Dr. his observations
Leith, Sir Alexander, his crial on the scurvy, 412.
i for felony, 393. . ;

MASERES, Baron, his arguments
Lemnos, itle of. See VOLCANO. in opposition to Lord Mansfield's
... See LABYRINTH. . .

opinion relative to the power of
Leo X. Pope, more worthy of a : the crown in Canada, 172-180.

crown than a mitre, 522. MEASURES and Weights. See
Le Roy, M. his memoir on the SCOTLAND.

form of elect. conductors, 491. MEDALS of Hippone, 528.
Letter, curious one from a Scorch Memoires Historiques .et Geo-
• varrior, 16. in . : graph, sur la Valachia, &c. 304,
LETTRES d'un voyageur Anglois, Memoirs, astronomical, by leve.
- 462.

ral members of the French aca-
LESLIE, Sir John, his extraordi. odemy, -497-498.,. .
i nary epiflle co Sir Thomas Rid- Merian, M. his dissertation on
dle, 16.

• the influence of the sciences on
LIBERTY; religious, spirited re- : poetry, 509.
marks on, 101.

MEYER, M. his letters concern-
Light, its effects on water, evin ing Rullia, 58.

ced by experiments, 168. MICHAELIS, Dr. his account of
LIVER, obl. on the situation of, the angy na polyposa, 222.

in its natural state, 491, The MILTON, particulars of his life,
growth of, not proportionable. 81. His education, 82. Com.

to the other parts of the body, niences teacher of the classics.
• '492. Changes its situation in. &c. 83. His political charac-
different attitudes, ib. .

1er, 86. His poetry, 87. His
Loeschrift auf Winkelman, 223. religion, 89. Critical remparks
Lasdon (Old) views of, in ca. on his poemns, 90.,

rious ancient drawings, 13. Mind, Lord Monboddo's strange
Lowth, Bishop, poetical compli- ; hypothefis relating to, 192...
· ment to, 334

Mines, accounts of those in France,
LULLIN, Amadeus, some account 221.

of that eminent divine, 545. MONBODDO, Lord, his fingular
LYCOPHRON the poét characteri- hypothesis of mind, 192. His
ized, 513.

casenhandsome attack of the lite.
MACBRIDE, Dr. remarks by, on ra'y fame of David Hume, 195.
,!" the efficacy of wort, as a re... His: account of the Jumping

medy for the feurvy, 276. - Ague, 197. His extravaganc
Mags, their'vifit to she: Holy Fa. . admiration of Aristotle and an-
mily, critical account of, 293. cient metaphysics, 198.


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