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the King's Majesties Servants, at the Globe. By William Shakespeare. London, Printed by John Norton, 1634. (Quarto.)

The Historie of Henry the Fourth :. With the Battel at Shrewsbury, betweene the King, and Lord Henry Percy, surnamed Henry Hotspur of the North. With the humorous Conceits of Sir John Falstaffe. Newly corrected, by William Shakespeare. London, Printed by John Norton, and are to be fold by Hugh Perry, at his Shop next to Ivie-bridge in the Strand, 1639. (Quarto.)

The Tragedie of King Richard the Third. Contayning his treacherous Plots against his Brother Clarence: The pitifull Murder of his innocent Nephewes : his tyrannical Usurpation : with the whole Course of his detefted Life, and most deserved Death. As it hath been lately acted by the King's Majesties Servants. Newly augmented. By William Shakespeare. London, Printed by Thomas Purfoot, and are to be sold by Matthew Law, dwelling in Pauls Churchyard at the Signe of the Foxe, neere St. Aufline's Gate, 1624. (Quarto.) The Sumi.

Printed by John Norton, and are to be fold by Matthew Law, &c. 1629. (Quarto.)

The Same. Printed by John Norton, 1634. (Quarto.)

M. William Shakespeare, his true Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear and his three Daughters. With the Unfortunate Life of Edgar, Sonne and Heire to the Earl of Gloceller, and his sullen afsumed humour of Tom of Bedlam. As it was plaid before the King's Majesty at Whit-hall upon St. Stephens night, in Christmas Hollidaies. By his Majesties Servants, playing usually at the Globe on the Bank-side. Londin, Printed by Jane Bell, and are to be sold at the East-end of Cbrif-hurch, 1655. (Quarto.)

The most excellent and Lamentable Tragedie of Roweo and Juliet. As it hath been sundry times publikely acted by the Kings Majesties Servants at the Gl be. Writ4en by W. Shakespeare. Newly corrected, augmented, and amended. Londin, printed by R. Young for John Smethu icke, and are to be sold at his Shop in St. Dunn fians Churchyard in Fleet-ftreet, under the Dyall, 1637. (Quartie)


The 'Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Newly imprinted and inlarged, according to the true and perfect Copy lait printed. By William Shakes; eare,

Londongo printed by R. Young for John Smethwicke, &c. 1637. Quario.)

The Trayædy of Otheilö, the Moore of Venice. As it hath been diverse times acted at the Globe, and at the Block-Friers, by his Majestics Servants.

Written by. William Shakespeure. Londo:, printed by A. M. for Rich rd Haukins, and are to be sold at his Shoppe in Chanc r,-Lane, neere Serjeants-Inne, 163o. (Qua to.)

EDITIONS of no Authority...
HE Works of Mr. William Shakesp art, in Six-

. rected, with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, by N. Rowe Esq;. London, printed for Jacob I onion within Grays-Inn Gate, next Gruys-Inn Lane, 1709. (Oclavo ) The Sare. (in 12mo.) 1714.

The Works of Shakıspeare, in Six Volumes. Collated : and corrected by the former Editions, by Mr. Pope, London, printed for Jacob Torson in the Strand, 17259 (Quarto,

The same. (in 12mo.) 1728..








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ARTHUR, a hopeful young Prince,

unfortunate. K. John. 3 Alcibiades, banished

forinterceding for

his Friend. Timon. 6 -visits Timon with two Miffes.

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ty by him, and the

Women to Luft. ibid. conquers Athens. (ibid. Antony, Mark, his

Conference with
Brutus after Cæfar

was murdered. Jul. Cæfar. 17 his Reflections on

it, when alone.

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