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On motion by Rev.Haverstick, Resolved, that a committee of three be appointed to take in hand, the matter, in relation to Rev. N. B. Little and Haverstick; whereupon, brothers B. Kurtz, J. N. Hoffman and J. Winter were appointed, and reported, That this case has been amicably adjusted to the full satisfaction of the parties con. cerned. Brother Little having proposed to remove from Cumberland, and to take charge of other congregations, so soon as practicable, The committee, therefore, respectfully recommend

1. That brother Little be appointed missionary for three months, and that the President of the Synod have authority to extend the time to six months if expedient, and that his missionary efforts be principally directed to Cincinnatti Ohio. And in this case he obligates himself to discontinue his labors in Alleghany County so soon as his necessary engagements shall be fulfilled, and to enter on his missionary tour about the beginning of January next or sooner.

2. That brother Haverstick continue his ministerial labours in the Cumberland district, and that the several congregations composing said district are hereby requested, to unite in calling and supporting him, as their regular Pastor.

The Synod adopted the report unanimously.

Resolved: That the constitution, for the government of Synods, as prepared and recommended by the General Synod, be now read. Whereupon it was read and after a few amendments adopted.

The Parochial reports, were now called for and transmitted as follows viz.

Bap. .

Deaths Cong.
Rev. Dr. Kurtz 83
13 158 46 1

1 D. F. Schæffer 214 & 3 ad. 47 561 29 2

2 A. Reck

91 390 42

B. Kurtz 70
62 460 30

2 J. Winter 60 17 300 13


1 M Wachter 61 430 23

2 J. N. Hoffman 100

560 24 4

1 J.G. Morris 28

15 76


1 J. Albert 141

672 31 7

1 H. Bager 12



4 H. Haverstick 72 37 150

9 3

2 The monies collected for the treasury of the Synod were now received, viz. By J. McDonald

$10 J. Culler

14 25 Rev. J. Winter

W. Grimes

14 39
A. Lichtenwalder
D. Martin

Rev. J. Albert

19 25 Rev. H. Haverstick

10 Resolved : That the resignation of Rev. B. Kurtz as director of the Seminary be accepted.

An election for Directors of the Seminary was now held. Rev.


S. School.



D. F. Schæffer was elected for four years, Rev. A. Reck for five years, Rev. J. N. Hoffman (in the room of Rev. B. Kurtz) for two years and Lewis Medtart, Esqr. for five years.

The Synod adjourned to attend Divine service, Prayer by Rer. A. Reck.

Monday 2 o'clock P. M. Prayer by Rev. Albert. Messrs. Kausler and McDonald appointed to examine the late treasurer's account, reported that they found correct, and that there remained in the treasury $257 87

On motion three brethern, (viz.) B. Kurtz, Morris and Hoffman, were appointed a committee, to devise a plan on the subject of holding district conferences.

The committee reported, that this Synod should be divided into two districts and the Catoctin Mountain be the dividing line ; that the first meeting of the Western district be held at Middletown, Frederick County, beginning on the second Wednesday of November next; and the first meeting of the Eastern district, be held at Woodsborough, commencing on the second Wednesday of December ensuing, which all was accepted by the Synod. On motion the Synod adjourned until 8 o'clock next morning, prayer by brother Winter.

This evening at candlelight, the Parent missionary and education society of our Synod held its annual meeting, when several addresses were delivered.

Tuesday morning 8 o'clock a. M. Prayer by Rer. B. Kurtz.

The Rev. Professors Schmucker and Dr. Hazelius and the Rev. Mr. Heyer, appeared as delegates from the West Pennsylvania Synod. Rev. J. Ruthrauf and Godwalt were admitted as advisary members.

The proposition concerning Streit's legacy now occupied the attention of the Synod, and after some debating on the subject, it was Resolved, that, the proportion falling to this body, should, after the example of our sister Synod of West Pennsylvania, go into the funds of our Seminary. Rev. B. Kurtz only in the negative, requested that his protest against the above resolution be spread on the minutes.

On motion by Rev. B. Kurtz, Resolved, that whereas the exercise of Scriptural discipline is of the utmost importance to the preservation of the purity of the church and the promotion of its dearest interests”; and whereas we have a printed discipline based upon the di : rections and precepts of the Lord Jesus Christ, which was adopted and recommended some years since by this Synod, but which there is good reason to apprehend, has not been faithfully administered, in consequence of which the cause of vital piety is suffering in our Zion, while at the same time we are justly censurable ; therefore Resolved.

1 That all the Ministers belonging to our Synod be required henceforth, conscientiously, to carry the discipline into effect.

2 That in order to facilitate the more effectual observance of said discipline, each Minister be required to keep a church-book, somewhat in the form as setforth below, with six columns.


Names of When When When When Removals Members Admitted Suspen- Excom- Restored by death ded munica

or otherted

wise Now the following brethren were appointed delegates to our sister Synods, namely, Rev. B. Kurtz to East Pennsylvania Synod, Rev. Haverstick to West Pennsylvania Synod, Rev. N. B. Little to Ohio Synod, the Rev. B. Kurtz and J. Winter to the Synod of Virginia, and the Rev. D. F. Schæffer to the Synod of New York. The Delegates to the general Synod, to meet at Winchester 1831, were now elected, viz. Rev. D. F. Schæffer and A. Reck, John A. Bentz of Boonsborough David Martin of Baltimore, Rev. J. Reck and J. Winter their alternates. On motion resolved that our President write a letter to the president of the Ohio Synod, informing him, concerning the appointment of brother Little, and requesting his co-operation in promoting this plan.

Whereas our two Professors and Rev. Heyer were a committee appointed by the West Pennsylvania Synod to confer with our Synod in relation to the appointment of an agent to missionate through the boundaries of their and our Synods, the President appointed Dr. Kurtz, A. Reck and J. G. Morris, a committee to confer with the above committee on said subject. The committee recommended that the following resolution be adopted, viz. that this Synod unite with the Synod of West Pennsylvania in employing the services of the Rev. B. Kurtz, as general agent to organize new congregations, to visit such as are vacant, to establish education and missionary societies, to collect contributions for the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, and subscribers and subscription dues for the Intelligencer and German Magazine; that both Synods unite in remunerating him for the time employed in the boundaries of each Synod and that he be requested to pay particular attention to our people in the District of Columbia. And, that if the Rev. B. Kurtz find it inconsistent with his duty to engage in this work next spring, he conser with the President, as to the immediate plan of his /operations. The above resolution was unanimously adopted.

Rev. Heyer stated that as agent of the American Sunday School Union, he wished to confer with this body, whereupon, Rev. Bager and Hoffman, were appointed, a committee and reported,

1. Resolved, that we as a Synod approve of the object of the Lutheran Sunday School Union.

2. Resolved, that the members of this Synod co-operate with the agent of this Union, and as far as practicable promote by pecuniary aid and otherwise, the object of his agency. Both resolutions were adopted.

On motion Resolved, that this Synod form itself into a Temperance Society, on the plan of entire abstinence from ardent spirits, (ex= cept in cases of sickness,) as the only safe foundation of the temperance cause, and also warmly recommend the formation of similar associations throughout the bounds of this Synod.

The Synod adjourned to attend Divine service at 11 o'clock.
Tuesday 2 o'clock, P. M. Prayer by Mr. Godwait.

The Rey. John Reck from North Carolina was introduced, and having taken charge of churches in Maryland, was upon exhibiting an honorable dismissal from the Synod of North Carolina, unani. mously admitted a member of this Synod.

The Editor of the Intelligencer read a report of the state and condition of the concerns the vork. It appears that the sup, port is insufficient, though the Editor performs all his services gratuitously.

Resolved : That every member of this Synod exert himself to aid in the support of this useful Periodical.

The Rev. Bager, gave a succinct account of his Missionary labors-that he officiated in the neighborhood of Beaver creek-preached, established a Sunday School, and Temperance society. He stated that the people generally attended his preaching pretty well.

From all accounts given, it appears that the cause of Jesus Christ, is in a prosperous condition within the bounds of this Synod.

All Synodical business being disposed of, the time and place of the next Synodical meeting, was determined viz. Third Sunday in October, Å. D. 1831, at Cumberland, Alleghany county, Maryland.

The Lay.delegates being discharged, the Ministerial session was immediately commenced.

Rev. A. Reck, J. N. Hoffman and J. G. Morris were appointed to examine Mr. F. J. Ruth.

The committee recommend that Mr. Ruth be admitted as a Licentiate.

The Licences of Rev. C. F. Schæffer, H. Bager and H. Haverstick were renewed.

The Rev. J. G. Morris was appointed to deliver an ordination sermon, at the next meeting of the Synod.

This evening after a discourse by the Rev. N. B. Little from Romans i. 16. The president, aided by Dr. Hazelius, solemnly set apart to the work of the Ministry of reconciliation in the capacity of Licentiate Mr. Francis J. Řuth.

After the service, some 'unfinished business was transacted-a friendly conversation was held among the brethren, and after a prayer by Dr. Kurtz, the Ministerium adjourned. Attest,

ABRAHAM RECK, Secretary.

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DR. CHALMERS' "ASTRONOMICAL DISCOURSES. Among the Discourses of Dr. Chalmer, we find a number eminently calculated to defeat Infidelity, and to confirm in their faith the disciples of Jesus. The following extract from one on the -Extent of Divine Condescension” will, we are certain, be acceptable to our readers. It has appeared lately in the Calvinistic Magazine, and is highly spoken of. The Infidel objection is, that

“Such a humble portion of the universe as ours, could never have been the object of such high and distinguished attentions as Christianity has assigned to it. God would not have manifested himself in the flesh for the salvation of so paltry a world. The monarch of a whole continent, would never move from his capital, and lay aside the splendour of royalty, and subject himself for months, or for years, to perils, and poverty, and persecution , and take up his abode in some small islet of his dominions, which, though swallowed by an earthquake, could not be missed amid the glories of so wide an empire; and all this to regain the lost affections of a few families upon its surface. And neither would the eternal Son of God-he who is revealed to us as having made all worlds, and as holding an empire, amid the splendours of which the globe that we inherit, is shaded in insignificance ; neither would he strip himself of the glory he had with the Father before the world was, and light on this lower scene, for the purpose imputed to him in the New Testament. Impossible, that the concerns of this puny ball, which floats its little round among an infinity of larger worlds, should be of such mighty account in the plans of the Eternal, or should have given birth in heaven to so wonderful a movement, as the Son of God putting on the form of our degraded species, and sojourning among us, and sharing in all our infirmities, and crowning the whole scene of humiliation, by the disgrace and the agonies of a cruel martyrdom."

This has been started as a difficulty in the way of the Christian Revelation; and it is the boast of many of our philosophical infide's, that by the light of modern discovery, the light of the New Testament is eclipsed & overborne ; and the mischief is not confined to philosophers, for the argument has got into other hands, & the popular illustrations that are now given to the sublimest truths of science, have wildely disseminated all the deism that has been grafted upon it; and the high tone of a decided contempt for the gospel, is now associated with the flippancy of superficial acquirements : and, while the venerable Newton, whose genius threw open those mighty fields of contemplation, found a fit exercise for his powers in the interpretation of the Bible, there are thousands and tens of thousands, who, though walking in the light which he holds out to them, are seduced by a complacency which he never felt,' and inflated by a pride which never enterred into his pious and philosophical bosom, and whose only notice of the Bible, is to depreciate, and to deride, and to disown it.

Before entering into what we conceive to be the right answer to this objection, let us previously observe, that it goes to strip the Deity of an attribute, which forms a wonderful addition to the glories of his incomprehensible character. It is indeed a mighty evidence of the strength of his arm, that so many millions of worlds are suspended on it; but it would surely make the high attribute of his power more illustrious, if, while it'expatiated at large among the suns and the systems of astronomy, it could, at the very same in

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