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We do not hesitate to express a belief that we have advanced much curious matter on many curious subjects, worthy the reader's attention, which are doubtless calculated to induce thought and elicit conversation, and lead men to read the Bible, which, in reality, contains more useful and wonderful information, than all the books of mankind put together.

The nature of the subjects, upon which we have treated in this work, are of necessity, such as are denominted the terrible; but on this account, we hope it will not be rejected, while we remember that it is written by St. Paul: (2d Cor. v. 11,)“ Knowing the TERROR of the Lord, we persuade men.With this view, therefore, namely, to persuade men to read the Bible, and the more earnestly to examine it, to arouse the attention of men to the subjects we have treated upon, and to check-according to our ability, Universalist opinions, in their overflow of the land, -we set it afloat on the sea of public opinion, asking the favor of a wide dispersion of the work, and of its being thoroughly read and compared with the Scriptures—having with respect to these objects, the good wishes, at least, of



Genesis, third chapter, examined in relation to the original

meaning of the word SERPENT; and inquiry as to what kind of animal

it was which Satan made use of to beguile the first woman-was it u

Snake, or was it the Orang outang? with a full account of the latter

kind of animal....

Arguments and traditions, which, in the estimation of many,

go to support the ideathat a Snake was the animal of the text of Mosca,

by which Eve was deceived; with a full account of several specimens

of this kind of animal, a reptile, as known to the ancients......

The manner in which serpents moved over the ground before
the curse, according to a certain ancient author; with a full account of
the serpent-worship of the ancients; and of the capture and size of one
of the largest description, by the Egyptians.

Strictures on Mr. Balfour's opinions against the existence of

any animal whatever, as used by Satan, in the beguiling of the first

woman; with other subjects......

Strictures on Mr. Balfour's opinions, respecting orthodox

Christians having derived many opinions from the ancient Persians, or

the writings of Zoroaster; with other subjects................

Origin of Satan, and cause of sin; with many other curious
matters as of the first creative acts of God; whether matter is eternal
or not; with proofs of the necessary and unbeginning existence of Gud ;
whether mind is produced from organization; whether God was active
previous to his first creative act; and whether mind or matter was first
created; the heaven of the angels ; its location; where, &c.; have any
other worlds of the universe sinned besides this on which we dwell?
a query of the author of the Age of Reason, against Christianity, an..
swered, &c............、

Condition of the first spirits; proofs that they were made in a

great variety of orders; cause of the being of Satan, &c........................

Further examinations of the same subjects; with enquiries

whether the angels of the Scriptures were men or spirits; the latter of

which, by some Universalists, is denied,



Proofs of the fall of the angels; refutation of several propo-
sitions of Balfour, which accuses the orthodox sects of deriving their
peculiar opinions from the writings of Zoroaster, the Persian; of the sin
of Eve; with strictures on the Universalist opinion, that all the devil
there was which misled Eve was her lusts; with other curious matters,
Fall of the angels; and cause of Satan's being, still further
examined; God revealed to the angels; his reasons for creating free
agents, though he foreknew that some would sin,
Mode of the trial or probation of the angels, long before the
world was made; and an account of those who fell in that trial; the
argument which was carried on between Michael and Lucifer, (both
good angels at that time,) constituting what is called in Scripture a war
in heaven; and by what means this war was ended; their first discovery
of creation, &c..................



Respecting Lucifer, son of the morning; who and what he
was, as spoken of by Isaiah the prophet; whether the king of Babylon
or Satan the fallen angel,..

What became of the wicked angels after their fall; is there
a located hell or not in another world; and is there yet to come a day
of particular and general judgment? with further proofs of the existence
of a devil and evil spirits; with strictures on the Universalist opinion,
that the ruining the Jews by the Romans was the day of judgment
spoken of in the New Testament; with other curious matters,........
The famous text, by which Universalists think they prove
that the worst hell there is in existence is in this life, examined; and is
found Psalms, lxxxvi. 13; with other interesting subjects,.......
Respecting whether other worlds may have been destroyed
in ages past, by fire, as this is to be; with proofs of such occurrences,
according to the archives of astronomy,..









Account of the operation of Satan, with the heads of our
race-Adam and Eve; with further evidence of the real existence of
Satan and evil spirits,-with strictures on the Universalist belief, that
the busts of human nature-its diseases-the idols of the heathen, &c.,
are all the devils there are in existence; with other curious matters,
about the fall of our first parents.....

What would have been the condition of Eve, if when she had
broken the law about the forbidden tree, and offered its fruit to Adain,
if he had not received it; and what would have been the condition of
our race, under such a view of the subject.....







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Further proofs of the being of Satan, and of his real identity,

as shown from the book of Job, and other Scriptures; with further
strictures about the lusts of Eve, before she had sinned-according to

Universalists; and other curious matters ....
Further evidence still, of the real existence of Satan, and evil

angels-shown from the text of the New Testament-his operation
against the Saviour, and possession of many people—and of their being
cast out of them, &c.; with strictures on the Universalist belief, that

the carnal mind is one of the devils of human nature, &c .......
Further accounts of the being of Satan; with proofs that the

world is to be destroyed by fire, &c.....
The subject of rewards and punishments—whether awarded

in this life, or in another; a guilty conscience pargatory-as held by
Universalists-examined; the deaths of St. Paul and Voltaire con-
trasted; of a day of judgment to come, &c.; with strictures on Univer.
salist opinions, about the penal fire of the New Testament; with other

subjects, &c. .....
An enquiry, how Satan, and evil spirits were worshiped in

ancient times—with proofs that they were worshiped ,—and even in

modern times....
An enquiry as to the original cause of diseases and death ;

are they of God or of Satan? with other curious matters,
On the subjects of evil spirits--the opinions of the Jews on

this subject-of Simon Magur, and the Gnostics; evil spirits cast out of
many who were possessod; of the wonderful consequences which

Miscellaneous strictures and remarks on the subjects of Uni-

versalist doctrines and opinions......
On the subject of the forms or shapes of good and evil spirits,

and of the human soul when disembodied ;, with conjectures how oril

spirits get the possession of human beings,..
Attributes of Satan, and evil spirits
Evidence of Polycarp, the Martyr, against Universalists, in

relation to a hell after death...
Proofs of the immortality of the human soul, or that it does

not die or sleep, from death till the resurrection-as beld by some Uni.
versalists, .....









F Although the Index does not particularise all we have alla-
ded to in the allusions of the Prospectus, yet we have treated on
all the promised subjects, and many more.



That there exists a supernatural being, designated by the original term, and name, Satan, is believed by all the Christian sects, denominated orthodox; yet we do not find among the great number of this description of Christians any belief extant of the existence of but one such being; while it is held by them that there are many evil spirits or supernatural demons, who are inferior in mental ability, and subordinate to this one Satan; who before he fell, was one of the only two archangels, of all the intellectual powers, which God created in the very out-set and beginning of existences.

The names of those two archangels, when first created, were Michael and Lucifer, as we shall show in the course of the work; Michael signifying, "the might of God:" and Lucifer, Light-bringer. St. Jude, the Prophets Daniel and Isaiah, speak of these beings, under those names; orthodox christians believe that these two highest of all angelic orders, as well as all beneath them, were created by the WORD of God, who, in the course of ages, created not only our earth, but all other worlds, and continues to create as he pleases, and will continue thus to create ad infinitum, peopling them and constituting them as he will; and that this WORD of God-the Second Person of the ever-adorable and mysterious Trinity--in the fullness of periods, became incarnate, or in other words, became flesh and dwelt among men : when he received the name of Jesus Christ.

According to these, the orthodox sects, it is believed that one of these archangels, namely, Lucifer, fell from his first condition, together with many other angels of lower orders, and were therefore, necessarily, bereft of all happiness, which constitutes their departure from, or fall from heaven, their first estate. The first information of this occurrence, they believe is found in Gen esis, the book of the generations of the heavens and the earth, at the beginning of the 3d chapter, as written by Moses; and is believed to be the eldest literary work now in being: the Chinese and Hindoo books not excepted: which by some it it is said, however, claim an astonishing antiquity, amounting even to millions of years, if not of ages; but are known, and ascertained by the enlightened antiquarian societies of the age, and especially

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