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11. Although Switzerland is largely a barren and desolate country, her people still declare that “there is no place like home."

12. As the train came rushing around the bend, the watchman waved the signal of danger.

13. " What are we here for?is a question that everyone should ask and answer for himself.

14. “ Most heavily did the blow fall upon those 18so ill prepared for this dire calamity.

15. When Dr. Johnson asked the widow Porter to be his wife, he told her candidly "that he had no money, and that his uncle had been hanged. The widow replied that she cared nothing for his parentage; that she had no money herself; and that, though she had no relation hanged, she had fifty who deserved hanging. "So they made a match of 22it." 16. "I slept and dreamt that life was Beauty,

I woke and found that life was Duty.” 17. "Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight,

And all the air a solemn stillness holds." 18. “He who has a thousand friends hath not a friend




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And he who has one enemy shall meet him

19. “All night about the forest roved the Count,

And, at the break of daily light, was brought
By his unhappy fortune to the fount,

Where his description young Medoro wrought.” 20. * Dark as the night, which now in dunnest robe,

Ascends her zenith o'er the silent globe,
Sad Melancholy wakes, awhile 26to tread,

With solemn step, the mansions of the dead." 21. “The south wind searches for the flowers

Whose fragrance late he bore;
And sighs to find them in the wood

And by the stream no more.”
22. “Full well they laughed with counterfeited glee,

At all his jokes, for many a joke had he;
Full well the busy whisper, circling round,
Conveyed the dismal tidings when he frowned.”


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SUGGESTIONS. 1. How modifies to read. 2. To read modifies us. 3. Round is a preposition. It is a figure of Apheresis. 4. Are enabled is a passive verb. 5. To take is an adverb, and modifies are enabled 6. To forget is used as a noun in the predicate. 7. Instead is an adverb, and modifies blessing. Some prefer to parse instead of as a preposition. 8. Different is a predicate adjective and belongs to training. 9. This is an anomaly, and difficult of satisfactory explanation. The expression, “ The hermit of the mountain's ” is used as a substantive, and the sign of the possessive is annexed to it. This is a case where the euphony of the language takes precedence over the grammar. Grammatically, hermit is in the possessive case. 10. It is not subject of the verb was. 11. Some one else's ” is another case in which euphony takes precedence. Some advocate the use of the strict grammatical form, Some one's else turn.” The great mass of the people prefer, and will continue to use, the more euphonical form, “Some one else's turn.” Parse the expression as a substantive; or, parse one as the grammatical possessive, and else as a modifier. 12. To carry is subj. of was. 13. That is an expletive. 14. “ There is no place like home” is a substantive, and is the object of declare. It is also a complete sentence, of which there is an expletive. 15. Rushing is used as an adjective. The best authorities do not concede to the adverbial use of the participle. Many, however, contend that in a case like this the participle does have the construction of an adverb. 16. So modifies ill; ill modifies prepared ; and prepared modifies those. 17. Wife is in the objective case after the verb to be. 18. That is an expletive. 19. Herself is in apposition with she. 20. Though is a conjunction, and joins its clause to had. 21. So is an in

. troductory adverb. 22. The antecedent of it is indefinite. 23. To spare is an adjective, and modifies friend. 24. Dark belongs to Melancholy. The natural order, and full form, is, Sad Melancholy wakes dark as the night (is dark]. 25. Night is the subject of is understood. 26. To treaŭ is an adverb, and modifies wakes. 27. Late is an adverb, and modifies bore. It is a figure of Apocope. 28. To find is an adverb.

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