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Mr. Roger Staples. . . Mrs. Townley.
Mr. Peter Staples.

Miss Townley.
Mr. Spencer.

Captain Tribe. Mrs. Sweeting.

Mark Cephas Tutet, Efq; Mrs. Seaman.

William Tyler, Esq; Mrs. Seton.

Mr. James Trail, Mr. Saunders.

James Townsend, Esq; Mr. Schoen.

Robert Thornton, Esq; Mr. Straker.

Mr. John Thornton. Mr. Seward.

Mr. Thomas Tims. Mr. George Shergold. Mr. Townsend.. Mr. Smith.

Mr. Till. Captain Strachan.

Mrs. Till.
Mr. Strachan.

: Mr. Henry Tamond.
Mr. Thomas Sawtell. Mr. Thomas Townsend.
Mr. Stanhope.
Mr. Henry Stacy.
Ms. William Seed.

William Vanderstegen, Esq; Miss Shelbery.

Mrs. Vanporten.
Mrs. Skinner,

Mrs. Vaughan. "
Mr. Sawbridge.
Ms. Simpson. '

w. Mr. Samuel Smith.. The Right Hon. Lord WilMr. Willian Smith. i

loughby of Parham.

The Right Rev. the Lord BiT.

shop of Winchester. Rev. Dr. Taylor, Residentiary Rev. Dr. Willon, Prebendary of St. Paul's.

of Westminster. Rev. Dr. Thomas, Rector of Rev. Dr. Webster, of Edin. St. Peter's Cornhill.

burgh. Rev. Dr. Trail, Rector of St. Rev. Dr. Wingfield, Rector of

John's, Horsleydown. Henton-Ampner, Hants. Rev. Mr. Townley, Rector e- v. Dr. Weales, Fellow of

of St. Bennet, Gracechurch. St. John's, Oxon. Rev. Mr. E. Thackeray, Fel- Rev. Mr. Willis, Rector of

low of King's College, St. Christopher's. Cambridge.

Rev. Dr. Wickes, Lecturer Rev. Mr. Luke Thompson, of of St. Alban's, Wood-itreet. York. '

Rev. Mr. Wheeler, Fellow Rev. Mr. Taswell, Minor of Magdalen College, Oxon.

Canon of St. Paul's. Rev. Mr. Richard Walker, Richard Tyson, M. D. Fellow of MagdalenCollege, Noah Thomas, M. D.

Oxon. Lady Trelawney.

Rev. Rev. Mr. Warneford, Lectu- Mr. Wrigglesworth,

rer of Allhallows Bread- Mrs. Wrigglesworth. street.

i' Mr. Wilkins. · Rev. Mr; Ward, Vicar of Mr. Samuel Wilson. Yalding, Kent.

Mr. Warren. · Rev. Mr. Wight, of the Cha. Mrs. Wheeler. pel. Royal.

Mr. William Wilson.
Rev. Mr. Wynne, Rector of Mr. John Ward.

St, Alphage. :: Mr. Walter. .
Rev. Mr. Walker, Rector of Mrs. Wise of Londesburgh,
Little Easton, Essex.

Rev. Mr. Webster, Vicar of Mr. Brooke Watson.

St. Stephen, Coleman-ftreet. Mrs. Mary White.
Rev. Mr. Whalley, Grammar

Master of Chrift's-Hofpital.
Rev. Mr. Withers.

His Grace the Lord Archbi-
Charlton Wollaston, M. D. Thop of York.
Richard Warren, M. D, Robert Young, Ergi
William Watson, M, D. Mr. Young..
James West, Esq;:. Mr. Yule.
Mr. Wheeler.

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The Translation of Enoch.

GENESIS V. 24. And Enoch walked with God, and he was

not, for God took him. . p. 57

The Power of God...

God bath spoken önce ; twice have I heard

this, that Power belongeth unto God. p. 75

The Justice of God.

REVELATION xv. 3. Just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

p. 95 SERMON. VII. The Omnipresence of God.

JEREMIAH XXIII. 24. Can any inan hide himself in secret places, that I shall not see him ? faith the Lord:


do not ī fi beaven and earth ? saith the Lord.


On Faith.

ACTS XVI. 31. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou halt be saved, and thy house. p. 135

S. ER MON IX, The Conversation that becometh the


PHILIPPIANS I. 27. Only let your conversation be as becometh the gospel of Christ.

p. 161 SERMON X. Christ a Sign which shall be spoken


LUKE 11. 34. And Simeon blessed them, and said unto

Mary bis mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a hgn wbich shall be spoken agains.

p. 181 s ER

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