The Wilderness and the War Path

J. Wiley, 1849 - 174 páginas

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Página 76 - I am now an old woman, having had two children, and what Omawhaw will regard me? Is not my right paramount to that of your other wife; she had heard of me before you possessed her. It is true her skin is whiter than mine, but her heart cannot be more pure towards you, nor her fidelity more rigid. Do not take the child from my breast, I cannot...
Página 76 - I cannot bear to hear it cry, and not be present to relieve it: permit me to retain it until the spring, when it will be able to eat, and then, if it must be so, take it from my sight, that I may part with it but once.
Página 37 - A chief arose, drew up his tall person to its full height, and assuming a haughty attitude, threw his eye contemptuously over the commissioners and their small retinue, as if to measure their insignificance in comparison with his own numerous train, and then stalk ing up to the table, threw upon it two belts of wampum, of different colors — the war and the peace belt.
Página 38 - The Americans saw that the crisis had arrived ; they could no longer doubt that the Indians understood the advantage they possessed, and were disposed to use it ; and a common sense of danger caused each eye to be turned on the leading commissioner. He sat undisturbed and apparently careless until the chief who had thrown the belts upon the table had taken his seat ; then with a small cane which he held in his hand, he reached as if playfully...
Página 37 - to offer you two pieces of wampum; they are of different colors; you know what they mean : you can take which you like \" And turning upon his heel, he resumed his seat. The chiefs drew themselves up, in the consciousness of having hurled defiance in the teeth of the white men. They had offered an insult to the renowned leader of the Long Knives...
Página 154 - These, however, were the happy moments, which are few and far between ; they were the brilliant inspirations, playing like the lightning in an overheated atmosphere, — gleaming over the turbid stream of existence, as the meteor flashes through the gloom of the night. When the fit was off, Pete was a quiet, goodnatured, listless soul, as one would see on a summer's day — strolling about with a grave aspect, a drawling, and a deliberate gait, a stoop...
Página 174 - POE'S TALES. TALES. By EDGAR A. POE. 1 Vol. beautifully printed in large clear type, on fine paper, 50 cts. This collection will include the most characteristic of the peculiar series of Tales written by Mr. Poe. Among others will be found " The Murders of the Rue Morgue," " The Purloined Letter," " Marie Roget," " The House of Usher," " The Black Cat," " The Gold Bug," "The Descent into the Maelstrom," " The Premature Burial," " Mesmeric Revelation*,
Página 45 - Wash-ing-guh-sahba, seems to have been actually so, and was retained undiminished until his death, which occurred in the year 1800, of the smallpox, which then almost desolated his nation. Agreeably to his orders, he was interred in a sitting posture, on his favourite horse, upon the summit of a high bluff of the bank of the Missouri, " that he might continue to see the white people ascending the river to trade with his nation.

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