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Al-phe'-us, a thousand, otherwise learned, or chief.
An-phip’-o-lis, a city encompassed by the sea.
Am'-pli-as, large, extensive; a Latin word.
An-a-ni'-as, the cloud of the Lord.
An-drew, a stout and strong man.
An-dro-ni'-cus, a man excelling others, a victorious man.
An'-na, gracious, merciful.
An’-nas, one that answers, that afflicts and humbles, or gra-

cious, merciful. An'-ti-christ, an adversary to Christ. An'-ti-och, for or instead of a chariot, or equal in speed with

a chariot. An'-ti-pas, for all, or against all. An-tip'-a-tris, for or against the father. A-peľ-les, I exclude, I separate. A-pol-loʻ-ni-a, perdition, destruction. A-pol-los, one that destroys and lays waste. A-pol-ly-on, one that exterminates or destroys. Ap-phi-a, Aph-e-a, that produces, or is fruitful. Ap’-pi-foʻ-rum, a town so called from Appius Claudius, whose

statue was erected there. Aq'-ui-la, an eagle. Ar-che-la'-us, Ar-ke-ld'-us, the prince of the people. Ar-chip’-pus, Ar-kip-pus, a governor of horses, or master of

the horse. A-se'-op-a-gite, belonging to the council. A-re-op'-a-gus, the hill of Mars; a place where the magistrates

of Athens held their supreme council. . Ar-e'-tas, one that is agreeable, that pleases, that is virtuous. Ar-i-ma-the-a, a lion dead to the Lord, or the light of the

death of the Lord. A-ris-tar'-chus, Ar-is-tar'-kus, a good prince, the best prince. Ar-is-to-bu'-lus, a good counsellor, good advice. Ar-ma-ged’-don, the mountain of Megiddo, or the mountain of

the Gospel ; otherwise the mountain of fruits, or of apples. Ar-te-mas, whole, sound, or without fault. A'-sia, muddy, boggy. A-syn-cri-tus, incomparable. A-the-ni-ans, inhabitants of Athens. Ath'-ens, so called from Athene, or Athenaia, Minerva. At-ta-li'-a, that increases, or sends. Au-gus'-tus, increased, augmented; or royal, majestic. A-20'-tus, Ashdod.

B. Ba-rab-bas, son of the father, or of the master; or the son of

confusion and shame. Bar-a-chi--as, Bar-a-ky-as, Barachel. Bar-je-sus, son of Jesus, or Joshua.

Bar-jo'-na, the son of Jona, or of a dove.
Bar-na-bas, the son of the prophet, or of consolation.
Bar'-sa-bas, son of return, or of conversion; or son of rest, or .

son of swearing Bar-thol-o-mew, a son that suspends the waters. Bar-ti-me-us, the son of Timeus, or of the perfect and honour.

able. Be-el-ze-bub, Baalzebub. Be-re'-a, heavy, weighty. Ber-ni'-ce, one that brings victory. Beth'-a-ny, the house of song, or of affliction ; otherwise the

house of obedience, or the house of the grace of the

Lord. Beth-es'-da, the house of effusion; or the house of pity, or

mercy. Beth'-pha-ge, the house of the mouth, or the drain of the

valleys, or the house of early figs. Beth-sa'-i-da, the house of fruits, or of food, or of hunters, or

of snares.
Bi-thyn'-i-a, violent precipitation.
Blas'-tus, one that sprouts and brings forth.
Bo-a-ner'-ges, the sons of thunder.

C. Cai'-a-phas, a searcher, or he that seeks with diligence. Ca-i'-nan, possessor, or purchaser, or one that laments, or the

builder of a nest. Cal-va-ry, the place of a scull. Ca'-na, zeal, or emulation ; otherwise possession, lamentation,

the nest, cane, or staff. Can-da'-ce, who possesses contrition, or pure possession. Ca-per'-na-um, the field of repentance, or city of comfort ;

otherwise the propitiation of the penitent, or the town of

pleasure, the handsome city. Cap-pa-do--ci-a, Cap-pa-do--she-a, Caphtor, Car-pus, fruit, or fruitful. Ce-dron, black, or sad. Cen-chre-a, millet, small pulse. Ce'-phas, a rock of stone. Ce-sar, a Latin name, from the word Cædo, I cut ; because he

was cut out of his mother's womb; or from the word Cæsa

ries, a head of hair, which he is said to have been born with. Ces a re-a, a bush of hair. Char'-ran, Kar'-ran, a singing, or calling out, or the heat of

Chi'-os, Ky' os, open, or opening.
Chlo'-e, green herb.
Cho-ra'-zin, Ko-rd'-zin, the secret, or here is a mystery.

Chu'-sa, Ku'-sa, the seer, or prophet; or Ethiopian, the hus

band of Joanna.
Ci-li-ci'-a, Sil-ish-e-a, which rolls, or overturns.
Clau'-da, a broken voice, a lamentable voice.
Clau’-di-a, lame.
Cle'-ment, mild, good, modest, merciful.
Cle'-o-phas, the whole glory, or glory altogether.
Co-los'-se, punishment, correction.
Co-los'-si-ans, Co-losh-e-ans.
Cor-inth, which is satisfied, or ornament, or beauty.
Cor-ne'-li-us, of an horn.
Crete, carnal, fleshy.
Cre'-ti-ans, Kree-she-ans.
Cris'-pus, curled.
Cy'-prus, fair, or fairness.
Cy-re'-ne, a wall, or coldness, or meeting, or a floor.
Cy-re'-ni-ans, people of Cyrene.
Cy-re'-ni-us, who governs.

Dal-ma-nu'-tha, a bucket, or exhaustion, leanness, branch.
Dal-ma'-tia, deceitful lamps, or vain brightness.
Dam'-a-ris, a little woman.
De-cap'-o-lis, the ten cities.
De'-mas, popular.
De-me-tri-us, belonging to Ceres, or to corn.
Der'-be, a sting.
Di-a'-na. The Latin word may signify luminous. The Greek

word signifies perfect. Did'-y-mus, a twin. Di-o-nys'-i-us, divinely touched. Di-ot--re-phes, nourished by Jupiter, or Jupiter's foster-child. Dor-cas, the female of a roebuck. Dru-sil'-la, watered by the dew.

E. East-er, the Passover, a feast of the Jews. E-li'-as, Elijah. E-lis'-a-beth, God hath sworn, the oath of God, or the fulness

of God. E-li-ud, God is my praise, or the praise of my God. El-mo-dam, the god of measure, or the god of the garment. El-y-mus;

this name in Arabic signifies a magician. Em-ma-us, people despised, or obscure. Em'-mor, an ass. E-ne'-as, laudable. E'-non, cloud, or mass of darkness, or his fountain, or his eye.

EI E-DIS. ci fa fans.
E-pant-T3-01. IS Brennten END.SE QE when hann

i IR ?.
E-Del GIIS, LDCEDE. VEIT r naam.
E-TITEL 12. Tufr II DE AC Sabin
E-23-25, 1: Pet, I ELEDE
Ei-EDEE: De ouderus SINE
Es-TOL. DE DET IT, or ärgat in sans.
Eu-bu-205. a aber a poê CONR.
E-:-ce, os cort.
E2-0-0-as, sweet sceni u tha: sme is wie
Eb-pira-tes, that makes trous
En-IF-EDS, bar, fo:tdeatz.

Fe-lis, bappt, or prosperous
Fes-tus, festival, or jorfal.
For-to-Da'-tes, happs, or prosperous.

Gad'-a-renes, surrounded, walled.
Ga-i-us, Lord, or an earthy man.
Ga-la-ti-a, white, of the colour of milk.
Gal-li-o, he that sucks, or lives upon milk.
Ge-nes-a-reth, the garden of the prince, otherwise protection

of the prince, or of him that governs. Ger-ge-senes', those who come from pilgrimage, or from fight;

a people beyond Galilee. Geth-sem-a-ne, a very fat valley, or the valley of oil. Gol'-go-tha, an heap of sculls.

H. He'-brews, descended from Heber. He'-li, ascending, or climbing up. Her-mas. Her-mes. Mercury, or gain, or refuge. Her-mog'-e-nes, begotten of Mercury, or generation of lucro. Her'-od, the glory of the skin, or son of the hero. He-ro'-di-ans. He-ro-di-as, the wife of Herod. He-ro'-di-on, song of Juno, or the conqueror of heroen. Hi-er-ap-o-lis, holy city. Hy-men-e-us, nuptial, or marriage.

J. Ja'-i-rus, Jd-e-rus, my light, or who diffuses "light, or is en

lightened. Jam'-bres, the sea with poverty. James, the same as Jacob. Jan'-na, who speaks, or who answers; otherwise affliction,

misery, or impoverished. Jan'-nes, the same as Janna. Ja'-son, he that cures, or that gives medicines. I-co-ni-um, a city. Je-ru'-sa-lem, the vision, or possession of peace. Je-sus, Saviour. Il-lyr-i-cum, joy, rejoicing. Im-man'-u-el, a name given to our Lord Jesus Christ; it sig

nifies God with us. John, the grace, gift, or mercy of the Lord. Joʻ-rim, he that exalts the Lord, or the exaltation of the Lord. Jo'-se, raised, or who exists, or who pardons, or saviour. Jo-ses. See Jose. Is-car-i-ot, a man of murder; others maintain that the sur

name given to Judas signifies that he was of the tribe of Issachar, a word signifying recompense, restitution. This traitor verified his nativity, by receiving the price of the

blood of his Master, Jesus Christ. It-al-ian, belonging to Italy. It-a-ly, a Latin word that has its original from vitulus, or

vitula, because this country abounded in calves and heifers.

According to others, it is taken from a king called Italus.
It-u-re'-a, which is guarded, or a country of mountains.
Ju'-das, the praise of the Lord.
Ju'-li-a, downy, soft, and tender hair.
Ju-li-us. See Julia.
Ju'-ni-a, from Juno, or from juventus, youth.
Ju'-pit-er, as if it were Juvans pater, the father that helpeth.
Jus'-tus, just, upright.

La-o-di-ce-a, just people.
La-o-di-ce-ans, inhabitants of Laodicea.
Laz'-a-rus, the help of God.
Leb-be'-us, a man of heart.
Li'-nus, nets.
Lo'-is, better.
Lu'-cas, luminous. See Lucas.
Luke. See Lucas.
Lyc-a-oʻ-ni-a, she-wolf.

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