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BROUGHAM,—in as much as it was deemed expedient, that the charge of the intended inquiry should not devolve upon a Parliamentary Commission, but upon one to be appointed by The Crown.

The Act, after various Amendments, received the Royal Assent on the 10th of June, 1818, and is intituled, “ An Act for appointing Commissioners to inquire concerning Charities in ENGLAND for the Education of the Poor,-58° Geo. III. cap. 91.,-And the Preamble recites, that whereas it is highly expedient that an Inquiry should be made by Commissioners to be specially appointed, into the amount, nature, and application of the produce of any estates or funds, which have from time to time been devised or otherwise appropriated by pious and well disposed persons to the purpose of the Education of the Poor,--and whether any breaches of trust, irregularities, or abuses have been practised or happened in the management and employment thereof, and whether, by change of circumstances or other causes, the same cannot be beneficially applied for the purposes originally intended.

It was therefore enacted, that it should be lawful for His Majesty to issue a Commission under the Great Seal to any number of persons not exceeding Fourteen, who should be constituted Commissioners for the purposes intended by this Act,—and that the said Commissioners or any three of them should and they were thereby empowered and required to examine into and investigate the amount, nature, and application of all estates and funds, of what nature or kind soever, and the produce thereof, destined or intended to be applied to the

of educating the Poor in England and Wales, in so far as such produce should appear to be destined or applied for the purpose of educating the Poor, and to examine into and investigate all breaches of trust, irregularities, frauds, abuses, or supposed abuses or misconduct, in relation to and in the management or appropriation or non-appropriation or misappropriation, of such estates and funds, and the said Commissioners or any three of them should, once in each half year during the continuance of the Commission, report and certify, in writing under their hands and seals, to The King's Most Excellent Majesty, and to both Houses of Parliament, their proceedings, touching the amount, nature, management, application, and appropriation of such of the aforesaid estates and funds as they should have inquired and examined into, and also what was the nature of such estates and funds respectively, and the actual annual produce thereof, and what was the actual annual value thereof, and in whose possession as Tenants thereof any part thereof consisting of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, should be,adding, at the same time, such observations as should occur to them respecting such mode as they should deem most effectual for the recovering of such part or parts of such estates or funds as should appear to them to have been applied in breach of the several trusts created in respect of the same, or should appear to have been omitted to be applied in pursuance of such trusts, and subjoining such suggestions as might seem to them expedient respecting the most effectual mode of securing such estates and funds, and their respective produce, against any future misapplication thereof.


It was further enacted, that if, upon such Inquiry, it should appear to The Commissioners that from any cause whatsoever it had become impossible to apply the estates or funds, or any part thereof, to the purposes to which the same were destined or directed to be applied, they should report the special circumstances of each Case.

And The Commissioners, previously to entering upon the execution of the Act, were to take an Oath before The Chancellor of the Exchequer or The Master of the Rolls, that they “ will faithfully, im“ partially, and truly execute the several

powers and trusts vested in them,” according to the best of their skill and knowledge.

In conformity with this Act, a ComMISSION under the Great Seal was issued by His Royal HIGHNESS THE PRINCE REGENT, in the name and on the behalf of His MAJESTY, dated the 20th of August, 1818, by which the following Gentlemen and Prelates were named and

appointed THE COMMISSIONERS to execute the same,-viz.,


Sutton, Speaker of The House of Com

mons. The Right Rev. John Lord Bishop of St.

ASAPH. The Right Rev. John Lord Bishop of

The Right Hon. Sir WILLIAM Scott, Knt.
The Right Hon. Sir William GRANT,

John Willing WARREN, Esq.
William GRANT, Esq.
William ROBERTS, Esq.

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