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lace, to consult on the matter, and, after a magnificent banquet, the Court returned to Whitehall.

We are told that the more ancient Cross had been overthrown by an Earthquake in 1382,- and that the representations which have been preserved, are of that which was built by Bishop KEMPE, in 1449. It stood until the year 1643, when it was demolished by order of Parliament, executed by the willing hands of Isaac PENNINGTON, the fanatical Lord Mayor of that year, who died in the Tower, a convicted Regicide. 40 Previous to it's demolition it

appears that the Preachers at Paul's Cross had engaged the attention of The House of Commons,-for we find from their Journals that, on the 16th of September 1642, a Committee was appointed to prepare an Order for their appointment. 41—And, on the 24th of the same month, an Order was introduced, which set forth, “ that an an“ cient trust being conferred upon the “ Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, for “ satisfaction and provision of all Minis“ ters that preach at Pawle's Church, Pawle's Cross, the Spittle, and other

40 Pennant's Account of London, pp. 392, et seq. - Journals, vol. č. p. 768.

places, before them, on the Lord's day

Morning, and other days,—as also, that ss of later times, many unsound, unfaith“ful, and unprofitable Ministers have “ been appointed to preach in those

places, whose Sermons have often “tended more to Popery and Sedition,

than edification and wholesome instruc

tion,”—The House, therefore, declared and ordered, that during these times of distraction, the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen should thenceforth nominate and appoint all the Ministers (so that they were not under the Degree of a Master of Arts), who should preach before them on the Lord's day in the Morning, at any of the places before mentioned, or any other place, as to them should seem meet and fit,— And that every such Minister who should preach before them, should

to carry

be paid and allowed the like gifts and allowances as had been given to Preachers who had been appointed by any others, to preach in

any of the places already enumerated.42 Sir Thomas BARRINGTON was appointed

this Puritanical Order to The Lords, who appears to have been wisely dismissed by their Lordships without any answer. 43

This subject was, however, resumed by The Commons, on the 12th of May 1643, when an Ordinance was brought in, to enable The Lord Mayor to appoint Preachers to preach the Sermons, given by the charity of well disposed people, at Paul's Cross, or elsewhere, 4-and, on the 26th of the same month, authority was granted accordingly by The House for that purpose.

45 WILKINSON has preserved two Views of this ancient and curious Cross,- one of them which is very interesting, represent12 Journals, vol. ii. p. - Ibid, vol. iii. p. 82. 13 Ibid. vol. ï. pp. 782, 789. 45 Ibid. vol. iii. p. 165.


ing King James and his Court attending the Sermon which was preached by The Bishop of London in 1620, being engraved from an original Picture, in the possession of THE SOCIETY of ANTIQUARIES of LONDON.

In 1622, ROGER JEston devised sundry messuages and lands, in the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, to The Master and four Wardens of the Fraternity of Haberdashers, chargeable, among other payments, with the annual sum of 51. to the Preachers that come to preach at Paul's Cross," at the discretion of the The Wardens.46 In 1634, this donation was distributed, viz.

“To the Preacher at Paul's Cross, on the 27th of

March, 20s. “ To the Preacher there on Good Friday, 20s. “To the Preacher that made the Rehearsal Sermon

the Sunday after Easter-day, 40s. “ To the Preacher there on the 5th of November, 20s."

In 1645, the Sermons were preached in the same manner as in 1634, at Paul's

46 Rep. x. p. 211.


the sum

Cross, — but, in 1646, one only was preached on the 5th of November at Paul's Church, and in several succeeding years either there or at Christchurch in Newgate Street. 47

The 51. is now paid to poor Clergymen of the Church of England, appointed by The Master and Wardens.

In 1629, Mary PARADYNE gave of 3001. to The Haberdashers' Company, to the intent that they should pay, among other charities, 101. a year to four poor Preachers, to be appointed by them.49 In 1634, this donation was paid to “ GEORGE


The persons receiving this bounty appear, from the Account books of The Company, to have been the Preachers at Paul's Cross, and


poor Preachers.50

47 From the obliging information of Hambly Knapp, Esq., Clerk of The Haberdashers' Company.

48 Rep. x. p. 212: 49 Rep. x. p. 215, 216.

50 From the Letter of Mr. Knapp, dated the 25th of October, 1826.

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