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binding them out apprentices when educated,—but, as the present mode of appropriating their funds, was proposed by themselves and approved of and directed by The Court of Chancery, it is now their wish to declare, that experience of it's bad results has produced in them this change of opinion.1

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ONE of the Puritanical tenets was the illegality of all Games of Chance,—and he that reads GATAKER upon Lots may see how much Learning and Reason one of the first Scholars of his age thought necessary, to prove that it was no crime to throw a die, or play at cards, or to hide a shilling for the reckoning.1

Certain lands in the Parish of Bampton, in the County of Westmorland, were formerly let together, and the rest was divided as directed by the testator, between the Minister of the Parish and the Schoolmaster of the Free School in Grange,but some years ago, the land was measured and divided, and the Minister and Schoolmaster drew Lots for the choice. This was done by the consent of the

' Johnson's Works, vol. ix. p. 197. 8vo. edit., 1801.


Trustees, and each party has since holden his part in severalty.2

Annexed to a Deed for appointing new Trustees of The Countess of BATH'S Charity at Tawstock, dated in 1766, is a Schedule, stating, that to prevent any misapplication of the Charity for the future, which had theretofore happened, by giving it to persons not resident within the Manor of Tawstock,-it was agreed by the then Trustees, that they should draw lots, and as such lot should happen, each Trustee, in turn, should receive and dispose of the Charity for one year.3

In 1674, JOHN How, by his Will, devised the dividends of certain Stock to The Mayor of Guildford, who, with the Magistrates of the Town, are to choose two poor Maid Servants of good report, who have served Masters or Mistresses there two years together, who shall throw two dice, or cast lots, and shall pay one year's clear profit of the stock to such Maid as shall throw the highest number, 2 Rep. vII. p. 562. 3 Rep. ix. p. 80.

or to whom the lot shall fall,-and he directed, that the other Maid shall the next year, if she shall inhabit that Town, and not be married, throw dice or cast lots with another Maid,-but that if any one Maid shall lose by the dice or lots four times, she shall not be afterwards admitted to throw or cast again.*

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In the year 1797, Mr. THOMAS HARRIS, by a Codicil to his Will, gave to the Ministers, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of Nunney, the sum of 10007., and to the Ministers, Churchwardens and Overseers, for the time being, of the Parish of Cloford, the like sum of 10007. respectively, to be placed upon good security, and the interest arising therefrom to be applied in the month of December in each year, among such women, natives of those parishes, as shall have been married during the preceding year in the respective Parishes, to men of any Parish or Place, in such proportions and manner, as the said Ministers, Churchwardens and Overseers shall judge proper.

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The Claimants, of course, vary ber,-where there are more than one, the gift is distributed according to the wants and deserts of the applicants.

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