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Christmas, and the residue to be spent upon a dinner for them on Christmas-day, at the sign of " The Bell," in Newgate Market. At this Inn died ROBERT LEIGH


TON, the good and charitable Archbishop of Glasgow, in 1684, in the 71st year of his age,―a Prelate, who is celebrated by all who have written his life, or incidentally noticed him, as a striking example of unfeigned piety, extensive learning, and unbounded liberality.

The prices, here specified, cannot fail to attract attention,- and it may be a question, from whence came the great quantity of Wood which must necessarily have been consumed, as well by the rich as the poor?

RICHARD HALE directs the interest of his bequest to be applied in the purchase of Kentish or Essex faggots, about the feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle,but the continued demand for that species of fuel would exhaust the largest forests.

› Rep. IV. p. 82.


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And the difficulty of procuring such fuel might possibly influence The Corporation of London, in 1660, who appear to have then substituted Sea-coal for Charcoal, as being much more suitable to the wants of the poor.10

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An unavoidable expense is incurred, in some instances, in receiving the Dividends. In cases where Churchwardens for the time being are appointed Trustees, there seems no mode of avoiding the expense of a new Power of Attorney as often as the Churchwardens are changed, where the trust money consists of Stock standing in the name of the Accountant General, -as an Affidavit is required at his office, stating that there has been no change in the Trustees since the power was given, before the person claiming to act under it can receive an order for the Dividends. There can, however, be no reason for having a power of Attorney executed half yearly, unless there is a change of Trustees.1

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The peculiar situation of the Trustees of GRIMMETT's Charity at Brighthelmstone, unavoidably occasions considerable trouble and expense in obtaining the Dividends on that Stock. The Minister and Churchwardens for the time being, and twelve principal inhabitants, are Trustees, and in that character give a Power of Attorney for the receipt of the Dividends at the office of the Accountant General. When a Churchwarden goes out of office, or any new Trustee is elected, a fresh Power of Attorney is necessary, as every time an application is made for a Dividend at the office of The Accountant General, an affidavit is required to state that there is no change in the Trustees. The trouble of getting these Powers signed by all the Trustees (which is necessary at least once a year, on the change of Churchwardens) is very considerable. To save expense, the Dividends have generally been received only once a year. The expense each time is 27. 13s. 10d. The

Professional Gentleman who prepares the Power of Attorney, is one of the Trustees, and acts gratuitously, or it would be much greater.2

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