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Virgil, with English notes at the ment of Labor_Sinking Fund and end, including many from the Delphin its Application-Pauperism-Protecand other editions; no interpretatio. tion requisite to the Landed and Ag.

A second edition of Valpy's Edi- ricultural Interests, &c. by R. Prestion of Virgil, without notes, is just ton, Esq. M.P. published.

The Pamphleteer; No. XVII. for Theoretie Arithmetic,, in three January, 1817, containing nine pambooks; containing the bstance of phlets. all that has been written on the sub- The ClassicalJournal; No.XXVIII. ject, by Theo of Smyrna, Nicomachus, for December, 1816, containing a va. Iamblichus, and Boëtius; together riety of Clasical, Biblical, and Oriwith some remarkable particulars ental Literature. respecting Perfect, Amicable, and Meditations and Prayers, selected other Numbers, which

are not to be from the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, found in the writings of any Ancient and Pious Tracts, recommended to or Modern Mathematicians. Like the Way-faring Man, the Invalid, the .wise a Specimen of the manner in Soldier, and the Seaman, whensoever which the Pythagoreans philoso. unavoidably precluded from the phized about Numbers; and a deve- House of Prayer; by the Rev. J. lopement of their Mystical and The Watts. Second edition. ological Arithmetic, by Thomas Tay- The Elements of Greek Grammar; lor.

with notes, for the use of those who A Translation of the Six Books of have made some progress in the LanProclus, on the Theology of Plato; guage, fifth edition, by, R. Valpy, to which a Seventh Book is added, D.D. F.A.S. ; in order to supply the deficiency of Elements of Latin Prosody, with another Book on this subject, which Exercises and questions, designed as was written by Proclus, but since an Introduction to the Scanning

and lost; also a translation of Proclus' Making Latin Verses, by the Rev. Elements of Theology, by Thomas C. Bradley, A.M. Second edition. Taylor. In these volumes is also A Key may be had.. included, by the same, a Translation The Works of Gianutio and Gustaof the 'Treatise of Proclus, on Provi- vus Selenus, translated by J. H. Sardence and Fate, a Translation of Ex- ratt, Professor of Chess. These two tracts from his Treatise, entitled Ten tracts on chess are exceedingly scarce Doubts, concerning Providence; and and trnly valuable. The first is in a Translation of Extracts from his Italian, and was published at Turiņ Treatise on the Subsistence of Evil; in 1597; the second is in German, as preserved in the Bibliotheca and was published at Leipsig in 1617. Græca of Fabricius. In 2 vol. royal The name of Gustavus Selemus is, 4to. 250 copies only printed.

however, fictitious ; for it is the proFurther Observations on the State duction of Augustus, Duke of Brunsof the Nation-Means of Employ- | wick Lunenberg.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The notice from Saville Row does not come within the usual distinetion of Literary Intelligence, and therefore could not be inserted.

If the addition required were made to the head of each article reviewed, our Correspondent is informed, that it would incur the charge of the advertising duty. 4. The work mentioned by Mr. E. has probably been overlooked, and will be attended to.

The Index to the volume which is now closed, will appear in the next number.


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