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Mount Lebanon, N. Y. Mar. 1884. DEAR EDITOR;-I enjoy reading the letters in the Letter Box. Last evening we had a short but very good meeting. I am sowing the seed of life, and I hope that the seed will be good. These few verses I like very much : “ I am Jesus' little friend,

On his mercy I depend;
If I try to please him ever,
If I grieve his spirit never,
O how very good to me
Will my Savior always be.
He is with me all the day,
With me in my busy play;
O'er my waking and my sleeping
Jesus still a watch is keeping;
I can lay me d wn to rest
Sweetly pillowed on his breast.
I am Jesus' little friend,
On his mercy I depend :
Jesus will forsake me never,
He will keep me safe forever.
How I wish my heart could be
Loving Savior, more like Thee.'

Yours, Wm. Sherman

THE shaft is broken !-all is o'er; Unbidden tears may flow, But our dear brother is no more, Upon this earth below. He sought, we know, but sought in vain, Life's mission to fulfill, For tragic Fate usurped its reign, And he in death is still! In death we say,—but that sad word Has but one mcaning here, Its certain summons he has heard, And all that earth holds dear, Unto its own is now consigned, While we stand grieving by, That one so noble, true and kind, Were born, so soon to die. Ah! brother, can we justly say That it is well with thee, That thou should'st pass from earth away, While so endearingly Thou art attached to loving hearts That fondly hoped and prayed That Fate, with all its baneful darts, Thy presence might evade? We hoped to claim thee, brother dear, For many years to come; And why should we not sorrow here To find thy labors done Thus early, in thy prime of life, A period of age When strength should be supremely rife, Life's duties to engage? We know thy early years of strise, Thy struggling days of youth; We know full well throughout thy life, Thy deep regard for truth. Whatever thy convictions were, Obedience thereunto, Was thy defense, and naught could stir Thy mind to acts untrue. We say, our brother's life was good; We cannot well say less : 'A brother who has nobly stood, With aim to love and bless.

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Enfield, Conn. 1883. To The Young;-In whatever situation you may be, strive to render yourself useful. Study yourself. Make yourself acquainted with your own imperfections, and your inclinations to stray from the path of rectitude.

Guard closely the avenues of the heart where temptation and sin may enter, and place a double watch at the weakest point of this celestial fortress. Now look about you and make yourself wise by observation, and experience. Where you discover goodness strive to imitate it. Fear God and keep his commandments. Waste not. time in idle, useless pursuits, or conversation. Ever heed the admonitions of your superiors, and well improve the precious moments allotted you to store the mind with useful knowledge, for time once gone can never be recalled. Would you enjoy happiness? Seek it in the fulfillment of your various duties, and in the cultivation of intellect, in cherishing that which is good. Seek and find whatever of real happiness is allotted here below, in the consciousness of having endeavored to live as becomes an intelligent being destined to immortality. From your true friend,

Anna Ervin.

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And as our dearest ones depart
For brighter, angel spheres,
One universal throb of heart
With intermingling tears
Shall manifest our truest love
For such departed worth
Transcending far beyond, above
The brief confines of earth.
Then, dearest brother, peace to thee:
Sweet peace forevermore;
In that bright world where thou shalt be,
Thou bast a blessed store
Of laurels thou hast truly won
And none can take away,
While there thy light renews its dawn
In blaze of endless day.

Enfield, N. H.


which their inspired spirits are yearning APRIL, 1884.

with a fervency unknown, undreamed of

by those whose being is all absorbed Mount Lebanon, N. Y. Mar. 1884. with earthly sciences, and filled to sleepPRECIOUS GOSPEL FRIENDS ;

lessness with philosophies and sophistries We present the following considera- that fulminatingly betray each other. tions for most earnest thought, and vital

These soul-stirred beings are reaching action. We are living in a very event-heavenward, after a pure religion ; harful age, a period of human history ing uusatisfactorily tried those systems wherein the powers of mind and the soul which dwarf, stultify and virtually enof humanity are reaching out, in every slave, instead of liberate the soul, or direction, in both the material and spir- postulate its salvation as a bequest upon itual world, to discover causes of phe- a vagrant vicariously bestowed, they are nomena manifest to the senses; and en- reaching out, inquisitively, seeking a reergetically tracing those discovered ligion that is in harmony with a God causes, to their normal and legitimate character who is a merciful HEAVENLY consequences.

FATHER, anà a charitable, forgiving, and Investigation is peering into science, NURSING MOTHER to the penitent soul. Philosophy is instituting new inventions A religion bearing in its vessels the waand guiding the fingers of art; Literary ters of repentance from the wells of salresearches are inquiring after the past vation, to clean up the sin-sooted soul, history of our race, to find its origin in and a healing balm of righteousness to God's great universal plan, and, if pos- restore the bruised soul to healthy soundsible, to mark out a path for the future. ness and beauty ; a religion whose conGeology is postulating the origin, and verts to its theology may not only sing date of the advent of the creation of of Heaven, and the Heaven of Heavens,

But, with all these things, the but, if obedient to its behests and revehungering and restless soul of humanity lations, bask in the sunshine of the bliss is not satistied.

of God. Lost, in contemplating the infinity of To us, dear Gospel Friends, this Prethe universe, and unable to account for cious Gospel Pearl is given ; yet, not the freedom of the human will, millions alone for us, but for all, who, baptized are wrestling with the question, “If a with the truth-seeking spirit, are peering man die, shall he live again?” Other mill- into the archives of revelation, to find ions chafingly inquiring “Is life worth food for their hungering souls. living?” There are still left a multitude have been given these blessings to disof soul-quickened intelligences, whose seminate! Is not the inquiry momentspirit visions reach beyond the tomb, ous, How, with our limited measure of and whose semi-fledged angel wings are strength we may most efficiently accombeating a more ethereal air than of the plish our work? Considering the limitearthly heavens; and whose spirit eyes, ed able capacity among us to officiate as visioned by beams of radiance from the heralds in the mortal form, to us it feels sun of God's truth, are beholding celes- important that we store our “ MANIFEStial abodes for the soul of man, for to” that every number of it shall be a


To us

living epistle of the gospel of a full and yard dismiss them from His service, free salvation and re-lemption, and every turn them out of the vineyard, and, to number be so dispensed, as to be a mis- occupy their places, call in those who sionary of the same, both at home and will labor for the salvation of souls. abroad.

Let those who would cry, '“ It is yet Truly the harvest of humanity who three months, and then cometh harvest," need to be gathered into the garners of hear the Lord of the Vineyard crying, God is very great, but the laborers are " Lo, the fields are white, ready for the very few, and many of them word with harvest; thrust in thy sickle and reap, toil and very feeble, and their waves of for the harvest of the earth is ripe!” usefuluess fast ebbing from the shore of Let the Covenant-breaker renew bis earth's boundaries, to return no more in pledge, and those whose faith hath wantime! Every condition of Zion is pul- ed, and their lamps of gospel light sating with demands for more laborers, grown dim, arise and trim their lamps, active souls, baptized with power to for the heralds of the Lord of Hosts preach the kingdom of God, both by are crying, "Lo the Bridegroom cometh precept and example; to tell the world with his heavenly Bride, Go ye forth to that the dual Christ, in his glory, has meet them.”— Giles B. AVERY. come, to sit as a refiner's fire, and as fuller's soap ;-a healer who hath a balm

Note. We hereby solicit that those whom for the wounded, and a provider of both Heaven hath blessed with a good degrec mil! for babes in Christ, and meat for of spiritual communication, would lathe hungering, who, when baptized with bor to feel the pulse of the souls of the Christ spirit, are able to become needy humanity, and have something to men and women of God.

contribute for our “ Manifesto ” that Let erery soul in Zion earnestly pray will be food and driok to hungering and to God that He may bear the Heavens, thirsting souls.-G. B. A. and that the Heavens may hear the earth, and the earth may hear the corn and the

CORRECTION. oil and the fruit of the vine.

In the November Manifesto, 1883, The light of this Gospel Day is sufficient to show to every soul, a path of

the hymn entitled “Sweet Praise," is perfect purity; and the baptismal inspi- have been West Gloucester, Me.

credited to Enfield, N. H., but it should ration of its testimony is powerful enough


In the January Manifesto, 1884, the to enable every soul, who receives and keeps it, to live witbout sin. Therefore, hymn, “Trust in God,” has the words

credited to Enfield, Conn., but their let the sioner in Zion be coufounded, and repent, and turn to God. Let those who origin is unknown.—ED. would live in ease, crying the burden

It is profitable to take an active interest of the Lord,” and unwilling to toil for

in all laudable enterprises, and even join in lost souls, and the upbuilding of the innocent amusements.-M. E. II. kingdom of God, arouse from their leth

A HUMBLE, honest confession of error is a argy and slumbers, and work for God, great evidence that the love of God has lightlest the spirit of the Lord of the Vipe-led the soul.-E. A. S.



LAND LIMITATION LAW. from the scenes of their unpatriotic earth

ly labors?

I think there is far more latent good LAND limitation is the one thing need- in the hearts of evil-doers than philan: ful in these United States. The man, thropists give them credit for. Witness woman or paper that will begin an agita- the fact that some of the most efficient tion upon this subject and pursue it to a abolitionists were from the ranks of successful issue will become as immor-slave-holders and that the civil war itself tal as John Brown, whose soul is march-was ļargely sustained by the self-sacrificing on toward the emancipation of wages, ing capitalists to whose misdirected fislɛvery, hirelings, which is much deeper nancial abilities itowed its origin. “The seated and far more universal than chat-foundations of the earth are out of tel slavery ever was on this planet.

The system of government Vested rights may not be touched. may be largely improved. It can come What then can be done? Where there only gradually. is a will there is a way.

Let land lim

The blessings flowing from a land limitation be prospective. From Jan. 1, itation law require an abler

pen and more 1884 no citizen of these United States, vivid imagination than mine to properly male or female, shall buy and become depict. In every town in each county possessed of more than 160 acres of of New York state would begin a new land. So fast as present landlords die life. Young men and women now looktheir estates shall pass to landless heirs, ing westward for a homestead in which 160 acres each, the overplus shall go in. to build up a family would begin to lay to the market and be sold within one by a little capital, to wait and watch the year, cach heir receiving equal share of annual land market to secure the covetthe proceeds. The operation of such a ed prize. Farms would multiply, dwelllaw would be like the dew of Mt. Her-ling houses with their accessories be mon, the people would be continually re-built, schools be better supplied with freshed thereby. Death would be a joy- children and far better supported than at ous messenger in the land. Let the fu- present; and public schools would soon neral of a land monopolist become a fes- become industrial schools, where econotive occasion. But if death claimed a my, industry and health would be among land monopolist who had voluntarily soll the subjects of education. Roads, lecor given away the legal overplus of his ture halls and meeting houses would be estate, let the mourners honor him or within easy reach of the people of a her by erecting some cheap but enduring densely populated town, and the products memorial, such as planting a particular of each district would be largely conkind of tree in a section of the burial sumed by the producers in that neighground set apart by each town as a me

borhood. morial ground wherein none other should

When so much good and no possible have the honor to be interred. How

evil would flow from the land limitation long would land monopolists run the risk law why may we not have it without upof having the bells rung, the cannon neither rich nor poor left in the land?

necessary delay, to the end that there be fired and bonfires lighted at their exit Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.



Bloomington, Ind., Jan. 26, 1884. soul? Joseph Cook lectures in the near vilELDER F. W. Evans;-In the New York lage, on subjects I long to study, but cannot Tribune, of the 23rd, I noticed an article over hear him. I have not the time nor the few your signature entitled “Land Limitation.” cents to spare. There are Libraries within

I would like to reach clear over 600 miles reach of me, but I must not read. Even and shake hands with you, but in so doing cheap books are too dear for me while I am I should reach over and past hundreds of paying for the right to work. And if I sucother thinkers, who like you and me have ceed in heaping up a few dollars at such a caught the gleam of the coming dawn of the cost, and then lifting my son out of the class day of truth.

of the oppressed into the class of the opI suppose the word Elder signifies that you pressors, then the monopolist thinks I ought are a follower and standard-bearer of the to be satisfied. Why, sir, the mortgage-ridNazarene. In my weak way I try to be the den farmers of this country are dead intel

I believe that his word, his truth, will lectually and morally, and do not know yet rule the world. And I am sure that it. They think if they pay for their farms at "Land Limitation” is precisely in the line the expense of half a life-time of toil, and of his doctrine. The Church is not up to the throw their souls in, they are doing well. teachings of its great Head, nor will it be, I

God prosper you, sir. suppose, forever, for our progress towards

With respect, James Marlin. the Infinite must needs be eternal. But I am persuaded the time is not far distant when

(Contributed by Eld. G. B. A.) all monopoly, and especially land monopoly

PRAYER. will be reckoned, by our religious teachers, in the same list with robbery and extortion. This would be “political preaching,” it is THERE are two classes of people, one say. true, but we all remember how the abolition- ing, “ What profit shall we have, if we pray ist preachers were reminded that “Christ's unto Him?” and the other declaring, “The kingdom is not of this world.” And we re- effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man member too how they proached on, being as- availeth much.” At a time when this quessured that although not of the world, that tion is much discussed, let us see what the kingdom must dominate the world. Those rational and Scriptural idea of it is; for who feel the pressure of the tyrant's heel, can manifestly there are wrong impressions in rebest describe his power. I know there are gard to it. thousands, who like myself could tell bitter It is not the doctrine of the Bible nor the stories of seemingly unending strife against dictate of reason that asking, alone and of ithard circumstances. Yet, to the cry of the self, is prayer. It has no real existence sermonopolist, our condition is good cnough. arate from a rightful aiın, aspiration, charac

They tell me I can succeed if I work. Iter. One may seek for spiritual knowledge, admit it. I can. I think I will. I can work. and be none the wiser; for spiritual strength, I am not afraid of self-denial. I can manage and be no stronger; for faith, sure and steadmy farm. I say I will succeed. To the mo- fast, and receive nothing. He may ask and nopolist, this is enough. Having sold his own receive not, because he asks amiss. If he soul, and dwarfed and shrivelled every noble does not group together and observe the conpower of his being to gain wealth, he is not ditions, and all of them announced, as the ashamed to ask me to do the same. So I toil law in the case, failure meets him at every on. I give the years, the best of my life, to step. The Apostle John gives his underget me a home--to gain the right to plow the standing of the question, “And whatsoever land and make bread.

we ask we receive of Him, because we keep Why, God gave me the right to plow. And His commandments, and do those things that while I am thus toiling for a foot-hold on the are pleasing in his sight." earth, and as the monopolist views it, it may Prayer has a place, is a factor, a means, in be succeeding, what am I doing for my own the great spiritual lives that have moved the

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