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tition, forming by practice fixed habits formed by creeds and dogmas which have of action, establishing in the understand made aliens and enemies of those who, ing and instating on the throne of reason otherwise would, like kindred drops havo the spirit of that,

mingled into a fraternal communion. “Divine philosophy, by whose pure light Education is ennobling, carrying the We first distinguish, then pursue the right; race God-ward, away from low vulgar,

frees, Whose power the breast from every error

immoral, debasing conditions and pracWeeds out all its vices by degrees.” tices, and elevating it above the animal

Incentive is the motive power of ac- plane of tyranny, usurpation, bigotry, tion.

Until Incentive exerts her mag- superstition, persecution, human butchDetic influence and awakens interest and ery, duelliug codes of honor, and all the arouses desire, action is inert. With degrading impulses of ignorance. out action there is no effect. Effect is Education is a wealth-increasing powthe consequence of adequate cause. The er. It develops and fosters new and lucause of voluntary action, is thought. crative industries ; it patronizes inventThe obtaining of thoughts and the abil. ive skill and practical ability in science ity wisely to use them is education. and art, and brings into use, in the va

The tendency of education is to modi- rious departments of human industry, fy or change existing conditions of hu- the vast resources of material treasure man society. Every new idea that deposited in the earth.

Education is labor-saving enabling its comes to light, claims a place in the domain of thought.

As new ideas are possessors to perform more and superior multiplic, correspondingly new phases labor in a given time than as though take place in the life, character, and in they were ignorant. It brings to our stitutions of mankind.

aid useful labor-saving machinery by the This constant influx of intelligent life, means of which the necessities and lux

uries of life are rendered more abundant produces new growth and expansion of

This readers our homes the mind, impelling it to seek broader and cheaper. fields for the exercise of the unfolding

and our social relations more pleasant.

Education is a better and surer depowers springing from this new life infusion.

fense and protection to a nation than We find, in the rapid transition of armies and pavies. This was evinced

in the late civil war. The North had thought in these days, that no two generations are alike.

the former and the South the latter at

They each have marked peculiarities of ideas and meth- the commencement of the conflict. ods. This undoubtedly has been the or

Education breaks the chains of tyrander of progression from the beginning of ny and oppression, leaving no place for creation but with a less marked change. aught but peerless Freedom, who with The effects of education, is to refine,

exulting triumph shouts :

“Go, tame the wild torrent, elevate, enlighten, and fraternize man- Or stem with a straw, kind; rendering them more liberal, hu

The proud surges that sweep

O'er the sands that confined them ; mane, affectionate, pacific, just, and con

But presume not again sistent. Its tendency is to break down

To give free men a law,

Or think, with the chains and remove the narrow sectal barriers They have broken to bind them.”

These lines apply well to the Freed

Dayton, Ohio. Jan. 1884. men of the South.

They have learned DEAR FRIEND;-It is now quite a long to prize their liberties and are making

tiíne since you have been with us in work

and worship good progress in their intellectual devel

The oversight which is required of us comopment; are becoming better citizens ; pels us to remind you, that if for any reason, and that section of the Union has been you cannot be with us and are not likely to be, increasing in wealth and prosperity since you ought to ask for a letter of dismission, the period of the reconstruction of these that you may be received in an orderly way

into the church where your lot is cast. states. The Freedmen are becoming

We greatly regret to lose our members; year by year more self-supporting, as but when they are absent from our bounds the following statement in the N. Y. and not likely to return soon, it is certainly School Journal shows.

best to observe the direction of our Book of " The Rev. Dr. Orr, State School Discipline, and seek church connection where Commissioner of Georgia, in a recent they reside. speech before the North Georgia Confer

If you hope to return shortly, and desire ence, stated that the colored people of have only to say so, and it will be retained.

to have your name retained on our roll, you Georgia pay into the treasury of the

If you request a letter please name the State all that is appropriated to their ed-church you hope to unite with. ucation except about $20.000.

Please reply as soon as convenient. We “This is really wonderful for a peo

are about to publish a revised roll, and we ple who have had only about fifteen years

aim to have it state only the facts.

In Christian regard, and by order of Sesopportunity to do for themselves. It

sion of M. P. Church. shows in the battle with ignorance and

J. R. H., Pastor. darkness, the colored people only need a chance. They put a value on education that outruns the whites."

Watervliet, Ohio. Feb. 2, 1884. Education is the true magnetie pole of

Rev. J. R. H; Dear Sir ;-I received,

Jan. 29th, a letter, addressed to my nanie at man's redemption ; for only through cult

Shakers. Allow me to thank you for your ure and refinement are we fitted to enter kind remembrance of one who, in turning the the dominion and share in the exalted kaleidoscope of Time back to the days of joys of a pure and holy God. This is childhood and early youth, recalls many an age of progress, and all who would pleasant and grateful memories of you and be numbered in the ranks of the onward yours. I seem to see them pass in review be

fore me as I write, my young companions, my march of advanced and advancing ideas

dear Sabbath School teachers, yet, above all, in the world's Godward progression my beloved Pastor, whosc tender care, and should put shoulder to the wheel and roll loving protection was ever extended to me, forward the car of man's civilization, the youngest of all those, who, one never-tosalvation, and redemption.

be-forgotten Sabbath, were baptized in the “In the world's broad field of battle,

name of Christ, and partook of the symbols In the bivouac of lite,

of his life and sufferings. Be not like dumb driven cattle!

Think not, because I am not with you, nor Be a hero in the strife!

yet likely to be in earth-life, that your wise Trust no fature howe'er pleasant! counsel and interest, your prayers, for

Let the dead Past bury its dead ! Act,-act in the living present!

my prosperity, have fallen unheeded by Heart within, and God o'er head!" the wayside, for, life, as in Nature, so in Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

Grace, being a perpetually recurring scason



of seed-time and harvest, even so, the seeds

PLEASURE. of righteousness sown within my heart in childhood's hour, shall yet bring forth fruit, an hundred fold, unto everlasting Life.

Can pride and sensuality rejoice? Inheriting strong spiritual and religious

From purity of thought all pleasure springer'

And from an humble spirit all our peace.. tendencies, my life, from earliest childhood,

-Young. has been filled with an instinctive longing, a

O, vain and cmpty is the human mind reaching out for the immortal and the true.

That seeks for happiness in sensuous things; A constant prayer for light, that I might re- That drinks of pleasure's buvbling surface springs, ceive salvation from sin in the present tense,

And thinks therein to satisfaction find. and be made a fit temple in which the Christ

True joy is born within the soul's calm deep,

Where lofty aspiration plumes her wings;
Spirit might dwell forever.

Where wise reflection all her treasure brings,
" There is a Divinity that shapes our ends, And sweet contentment ever dwells enshrined.
Rougb-hew them as we will."

Gay throngs and giddy crowds may onward sweep Even so, have I abundant reason to give Along life's path with passion's blinding force; thanks to that God who has, indeed, led me

But they who in love's lowly valley keep,

Shall join with angels in an upward course; by a way I knew not, into the “city of peace,

The rich reward of conscious blessing reap, even the pure, virgin life of Christ, which, And draw their pleasure from a licavenly source. faithfully lived, day by day, in meekness and M. Lebanon, N. Y. simplicity, is daily renewing my soul with immortal life from the fountain of Love divine; with that baptism of the “Holy Spirit and

RELIGION and SOIENOE, No. 2. fire,” which will effectually consume all the dross of the soul, and raise it into the very heavenly nature and life of Christ.

God did not choosc the learned to give You did, indecd, baptize me with water, the gospel to the world, but He “hid and give the symbols of the "blood and body” these things from the wise and prudent of that absent Savior, who said, “do this un

and revealed them unto babes.” These til I come,” tut to the soul who has been harvested from the earthly, generative order, facts should be enough to satisfy every to whom the Savior has already come, in very inquiring, and discerning mind that the truth, whose life is “hid with Christ in God,

“grand departments” introduced to our who has been given to eat of the "hidden notice have nothing at all to do with the manna,” with the promise of Eternal Life,”

" basis of the temple of pure and undethere can be no farther need of the “.

“ types

filed religion." and shadows” of earth and time, save the remembrance of them as stepping-stones to the

But I would not disparage a literary, substance.

philological or other intellectual educaSend, if you please, the letter, if it is in tion, but again deny that they contain accordance with your rules, but, it is, to me,



purc religion. Pope a mere matter of form, as the Shaker church

said, A little learning is a dangerous demands no other recommendation from its members, save the wedding garment of puri- thing,” and so is much learning to the ty and righteousness which is prepared for all self conceited and aspirivg mind, but no souls who are willing to make the sacrifice amount, be it little or much, is dangerwhich the Lord requires.

ous to the mcek, modest and unobtruOnce more, accept my love and thanks for

sive mind. But as nothing merely inall your efforts in my behalf, which have been attended with such blest results.

tellectual can benefit the spirit, the scienLouisa Bates.

tific study of music, poetry, analogy,

psychometry, etc., must be ruled vut. : O UNiox, thou spring of salvation. If they had been absolutely necessary to

even the

spirit culture Christ would not have neg. mind, might and strength,” without relected them, innocent and harmless serve, every moment of our existence. though they be ; but devotion, revela- All such, God will direct, protect and tion, contemplation and prayer were his prosper. Such one or ones can be reconstant companions and the very essence lied on and followed with more safety of his Godl-serving life.

than all the wise-acres of the earth While it is admitted that extreme and blended together. “But to this man constant study in any direction may be will I look, even to him that is poor, of înjurious, I would say the spiritual was a contrite spirit and trembleth at My the least dangerous; and I would by no word.” [Isaiah lxvi., 2.) So God has means discourage spiritual study on ac- always looked and blest, and ever will. count of its dangerous tendency. I Therefore would I say to all who enter doubt much if any person ever became His kingdom on earth cease to look after a maviac by this study who maintained or covet the intellectual and mechanical the Christ-like and child-like spirit. It greatness of the world, which is the is only those who are puffed up with self- Apocalyptic Beast whose tail of pictured conceit and aspire to be something more pleasures have “ drawn down the stars than mortal that are in danger of becom- of heaven," and, alas! is yet but too ing maniacs ; but many have had their successful. The only safe and sure way reason dethroned by undue excitement for all is to look to God in the order of caused by the pictures given of a world His appointing. Any who reject the of hell-fire with devils for firemen, and gift of God, there, because of a lack of such like, by fanatical pulpitcers and scientific knowledge will find some day others. All such things should be the great mistake they liave made, and avoided and discountenanced. It is to learn the fact that “ to be carnally-mindbe hoped that none will be afraid to let ed is death, but to be spiritually-minded the mind run on spiritual things. We is life and peace.” may do the best we can in this direction Finally, let me add a last parting word, and still find it difficult to prevent world- and tell, without the charge of egotism, ly things from entering in at times and vanity or dogmatism, what we, the fol. occupying a seat where they should not. lowers of Christ, kuow, that others may Hence, says Christ, “Watch ye there be benefited by the game. We know fore and pray always. "—[Luke xxi., that God has set up His kingdom on 36.]

earth. We know that we and all who The more we study spiritual things live the Christ-life are in it. We know and put them in practice the more happy, (don't think us vain,) with the Apostle angelic and useful we will be. The John, that we are of God, and the maniac will not touch us while possess- whole world lieth in wickedness. ing the obedient, child-like spirit of (1 Jolin, V., 19.] We know this beChrist, who said : 66 Whosoever shall cause we have consecratel soul and body not receive the Kingdom of God as a lit-to His service and are not moved by any tle child he shall no: enter therein." selfish purpose. The unselfish is of (Mark x., 15.] In order to succeed we God; the selfish is of man. We know are required to give to God the “ whole the world is diseased full of wounds and bruises and putrefyiug sores from its and accumulated a property worth from twelve crown to the soles of its feet. We to fifteen millions of dollars.

In achieving all this they have kept the know there is a place where all can be

faith. Though childless, they have children, healed and purified, and this is within

most of whom are waifs received from the God's kingdom, and we say, “ Ho! ev- outside world into the bosom of their comery one that thirsteth, come, but come munities, where they are kindly treated, and not for a material but a spiritul union brought up in the nurture and admonition of and joining with the body of Christ. Ann Lee, and trained to habits of industry Those who have a material joining only from a career of vice and moral degradation.

and a life of moral purity, and are thus saved are in danger of falliug away every day

It cannot be a bad religion that is devoted that this condition continues. There is to a work so benevolent and humane in its po real safety for any until they become character. But if all mankind were to be. quickened into spiritual life. One more

come Shakers, and should prove true to their word in deep huniility and I am done : faith, it would not require a prophet to pre

dict the speedy and final extinction of the huTo have God's blessing all must respect

man family. and give heed to his Order, for God, It is said there are more than one thousand though of long forbearance, will not be different religions in the world, and a priesttrifled with. No branch, division or hood so numerous that they cannot be count

ed. family can prosper and have God's bless

All claim to be right, yet all condemn each ing whose leaders possess not the child

other as wrong. When docters differ, whethlike spirit of perfect dependence upon it, er medical or divine, who shall decide?-And and keep a close union and connection yet in every age new creeds are gener with it. The taking our own judgment ated, and new revelations follow revelations." independently thereof, or concealing from it in any way, presages decadence

The reason why the doctrines of Ann LEE have

“survived her, and never die,” is because she re. and makes prosperity impossible. “ By vealed the eternal Mother in the Deity. To many, hunnility and the fear of the Lord are

it is still unknown although self-existent. Its power

and influence is beginning to be felt and manifest in riches and honor and life.” [Prov. xxii., the world. 4.] This being true makes the contra- ANN LEE's mission took place about one hundred

years ago. It was the commencement of a new era ry poverty, dishonor and death.

in the world's history...the changes wrought and the South Union, Ky.

revolutions which have taken place since that time, let the world itself bear witness. Two orders of people are now established on the earth, and are re.

quired to be governed by two distinct laws. The PIONEERS OF THE WESTERN RESERVE. NO. 3.

first is the rudimental, the law of propagation, i. e. (Notes referring to the Shakers of North Union, to have no sexual intercourse only for offspring. Ohio, as published by HARVEY Rice in a work en.

The second is to keep the higher law, i. e. the law of titled, Pioneers of the Western Reserve. Some ex. planatory remarks are added by J. S. PRESCOTT, a

Christ. Ann LEE could not have fulfilled her mis. member of the Society of North Union.)

sion without advocating virgin celibacy for the high.

er development of our race. The time had fully come THOUGH sneeringly called Shakers by the for these two orders to be established. And we need outside world, it is evident they have become

not expect that the calamities will cease, until these

two laws are obeyed, if it takes a thousand years. a great moral power, as well as

Earth is not heaven, and heaven is not earth. Heao. From their original number seven they have en is a state, or condition of the mind, the effects of increased in this country to seven thousand, * "righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spir.

it." established eighteen prosperous commanities,

THE END. *This far exceeds the number of Shakers in the United States.

God's promises will never fail


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