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great voice to him who sat on the white Private property is inseparably concloud. Send forth thy sickle and reap, nected with the marriage order. for the harvest of the earth is over ripe. nopoly, Wages, Slavery, and War; is And he who sat on the cloud cast his the trinity of that order. The Gentile, sickle upon the earth, and the earth was or Pagan Christian Church (so called) reaped.

married, and held slaves. It was not a From the foregoing, we find, that vir- branch, was not an integral part of the yin purity is the order of Christ's king- Pentecostal Church. They were disdom. The order of marriage is not pu- tinct bodies ; the latter merely allowed rity, therefore, it is not a Christian In- and tolerated the former, as an outer stitution. Even should that onder be- court. The Pagan Church was comcome perfected, it would still be of the posed of foolish Galatians, carnal Corearth, earthy. It will ever remain un- inthians, of heterogeneous materialists. der the Law of carnal or animal com- The Greek, the Roman, and Protestant mandment. “Multiply and replen- churches of today, are made up of just ish etc.” Should the perfected man and such materials. They are the lineal dewoman come up to the standard of pu- scendants of said Pagan Church, and rity manifested by the animal creation, within the folds of their drapery is they will do well; but let them not pre- found " The sum of all villainies,' sume to enter the Holy of Holies. An- monopoly of the elements of human imal life-emotions, have no place there- subsistence, War, l'sury, Wages, Slavin. Angelic purity, communal life, ery and Sexual Abominations. and divine emotions, can alone enter and Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. abide in the Holy of Holies. The law of the order of Christ's king

PURITY. dom is “ The love of others, at the expense of self';" and its temporal procedure corresponds thereto. "Unto this last, PURITY is the divinest thought that even as unto thce, will I give a penny.” can enter the finite mind concerning the All shall fare alike, as in the virgin or- Infinite. It is the fountain head of life's der of the Shaker church. The Law immortal stream, the source of every atof the marriage order, as generally man- tribute and spring of every blessing. ifested, is, “ The love of self, at the ex- In purity are love and goodness perfect. pense of the neighbor.” Therefore it It is the very essence of Divinity that is not a Christian Institution. Its tem permeates and infuses the highest poral procedure, is to monopolize the spheres ; the unclouded light of eterniproductive forces of creation for selfish ty's perpetual day. ends. And thus prevents the possibili- “God is light, in Him is no darkness ty, of all, to fare alike.

at all." The purer we become, the Turn the marriage order round and nearer we approach Deity; for, “ Blessround ; and gather up all the facts; and ed are the pure in heart, they shall see they are found to point but in one di- God.” This is the greatest and most rection. That Marriage is not a Chris- precious of the promises given by the tian Institution.

Christ-inspired Jesus, whose life exam


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ple—as well as precept-was virgin pu- unhappiness, ungoverned households, rity.

family brawls, infanticide, fæticide, Impurity broodeth in secret places, matrimonial dissolution, and an army of under the shadow of darkness ; God is neglected vagrant children? God, and not there ; and the mind that harbors his divine laws in nature, are both ignounchast: thoughts, or the heart that rantly and willfully disobeyed. The cherishes unhallowed desires, shrinks earth reels drunk with crime of every from the light with a just sense of shame name and nature; all springing from the aud disgrace. “Know ye not that ye hydra-headed monster Lust! It is the are the temple of God? If any man ghoul that is gnawing out the vitals of defile this temple him will God destroy,” humanity ! by a withdrawal of His pure spirit. It " Whence come wars and fightings is a law inevitable, “ The soul that sin- among you? come they not hence even neth it shall die.” The written and un- of your lusts that war in your memwritten revelation of God's eternal truth bers?” "A man is tempted when he declares the certainty of this.

is drawn away or enticed by his own What is it that stultifies the sensibili- lusts. The evil lies within each huties, beclouds the intellect, drains the vi- man heart; and there must the battle tal forces, sears the conscience, turns begiu, for the subjugation and crucifixlove to hatred and disgust, and creates ion of the carnal, generative life, which on carth a hell? The carnal mind, un- has brought sorrow and woe to mankind. reached by moral law. Lasciviousness The greatest of all wrongs is the sin is the cancer that is cating out the very of transmission, through which, depravheart of Society; its dens of infamy are ed influences are stamped upon the emthe plague spots of every civilized com- bryotic brain ; the consequence is, thoumunity, the bottomless pit, where virtue sands walk the earth and mingle in sois swallowed up, and demons of vice ciety, in whom the inclination and imare generated.

pulse, is stronger to do evil than good. The slimy serpent crawls over every True love is the offspring of purity; and threshold, victimizing the young, the only under its benign control, cau propbeautiful, and would be lovely, hy the erly "leveloped beings be generated. secret charms of its magnetic power. The praises of virtue were sung by It stealthily holds its sway, in our the bards of olden time. Seers declared schools, colleges and halls of science, the glory of the ransomed! Prophets, robbing our youth of the potency and sages and philosophers, inspired by the vitality of noble mauhood.

Christ-spirit, conquered the impulses ot What hearth-stone boasts of purity's passion, and took upon themselves a perunsullied altar? Whoso still worships petual vow of celibacy. In ancient there, may “sing of Love, of Home, temples, vestal virgins were sheltered and Heaveu," three words holy and sa- and secluded far from the eyes of a carcred in their significance, and all the nal world; kept for holy purposes, they outcome of a truly virtuous life. were vessels of honor, through which

What means the cry we hear all over the word of God could flow to man. the land, the “ social evil,” domestic The baptized Jesus inculcated purity


foremost in his system of ethics. The

SELFISHNESS. teachings of the apostles, whether to Jew or Gentile, held up this heavenly principle, or attribute, as the highest point of Waar keenness of the vision e'er car spy, human attainment; recognizing the fact,

Or what expanse of imagery descry

The myriad varying forms of selfishness, that because of low conditions, few Its giant growth, or pigmy littleness ! would be able in this life, to bear the In one sense, selfishness is ogle eyed, cross and practice the self-denial necessa- but, its foudness is with the hope of ry to reach the perfect state of angelic bringing all the treasures home to self. purity.

Its side glances are to lure for personal, In every heart—no matter what the not social enjoyment; for the sake of education or the ignorance, there lingers personal gratification and advantage, a hope of probation; and though long selfishness disregards all the rights and and dark be the night of error and sin ; feelings of other persons; and the charthere will sometime be kindled a desire acter of selfishness assumes as many for something superior and more soul forms, and different hues, as there are satisfying, than the fruits of a sensual different dispositions in men. So each) life. Then will come an awakening. selfish person has a shrine of his own, God's pure spirit, brooding over the cha- at which he worships in greed !-A selfotic elements of the soul, shall find ac- sanctum, within which no other being cess to its most secret chambers ; in its may intrude. deepest recesses. His searching light

The existence of the monster is only will shine ; the dawning of a new day possible, in the immediate neighborhood will break upon the vision; the first of other beings; it could not exist in a thought that shall fill the mind will be person living alone, on a desolate island ! purity! The first step of spiritual prog- Thus its pigmy littleness and meanness ress will be to “ cleanse the heart from is manifest in an habitual longing for, all filthiness of flesh and spirit;" then and reaching after, that which justly bewill the ascent upward be comparatively longs to, or should be shared by another. easy.

Selfishness aspires to make the UniPurity is light, it gilds the mountain verse its tributary, for it the ocean tops of God's everlasting goodness, and should disgorge its pearls ; the mines in its fullness alone, will the soul ever their glittering gold; the fields their find peace and rest, or realize the bless-gorgeous flowers and sumptuous gustaing—that is vouch-safed to every human tory fruits; the air its feathered songsoul,-immortality and eternal progres- sters; and the earth its teeming millions sion !

of servile life to man. To selfish Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

greed and ambition unnumbered millions

of the humau family have sorely worn It is not the changes of stature, or position, or circumstances, or anything else that can harsh slavery's galling chain ; for sorbe seen outwardly that makes or unmakes

did self's lust of power upnumbered character, but it is the changes that are made silent and unnoticed in the hidden chambers millions have been shorn of life, and of mind, where formless and vague lies the made to bite the dust in pangs of sormaterial out of which motives are shaped and character is builded.-E. A. $.

row too deep for human tongue to utter.


Its narrow walls hide all its treasure rare!

But, whoso lives alone for self, dwells ishment bereft ; no room for expansion in a narrow prison cell, bereft of all the of root, no growth of trunk, nor blissful benedictions and grateful obla- panse of limb; no fragrant foliage or tions of hearts gladdened and blessed by flower, no recompensing fruit !- The liberal, generous souls! Those sweet baby plant shrinks in its tiny field, and, sympathies of loving spirits that steal withering, dies ! softly into the memories and beguile the And, now,

in vision thus we behold otherwise lonely hours of the benevo- the final goal of utter selfishness, lent, like doves bearing in their beaks Enthron'd upon a pillar, pois'd in ambient air, an olive branch of peace, or like the Beneath, above, around no int'rests meet nor blend, flitting humming bird that has sipped No love flows to it, nor afections trend! from flower to flower of their generous and though its art with Phidias may vie,

And, though from hoarded wealth, like Andes high, grace returns with sweet mellifluous con- Its monumental bulk, like Babel's tower, tribution to give gustation pure


Reached upward to the skies, and dazed with power,

'Tis art without a patroji to commend, heavenly to every thoughtful moment, A tower, without a chieftain to defend ! all these blessings which make for liber- 'Tis prowess, ne'er a patron to its throne,

A Shrine! No worshipper, but self alone! al souls consecrating life, time, treasure And, though a hoard of all that earth may boast, to the greatest good of humanity a heav. Exiled from time, 'tis emptiness, at most!

The Selfish Captain, anchor'd at his goal, en, these, the pigmy selfish soul has of sailors 'reft, anchor'd in waters shoal, barred from his home, his closeted mind No more his merchandise can bring him gain,

No more his fragile bark a freight sustain! and imprisoned spirit and interest! To The Selfish mariner, on time's wide sea, him no voice they speak, no soothing Is lost to all the world

, but selfish Me!

Dt. Lebanon, N. Y. tune they sing, no taste to sweets is made a guest !

IMPETUS. The honest agriculturist, or orchardist, who plants the noble tree for fruit in a rich and mellow soil with wide ex

My impetus is love to God, panse for nourishment, in quick return

And love to all his creatures; ing years finds ample growth of trunk For Him I walk the narrow road, and limb, profuse of bloom, and, follow- For him, extend my labors. ing bounteous stores of golden fruits to The flowery mead affords a joy, feed, not only himself, but the hunger- The song of birds a pleasure;

But without heart to do for man ing multitude, and, in its harvest home

I've no abiding treasure. his heart is glad. This is the characteristic of the liberal soul that shall

The eye and ear ne'er satisfied,

The selfish heart still craving, live by liberal things,”-the character

Must for a goodness be denied, of those who are truly consecrated to Which is, the world-wide saving. toil in the viueyard of the Lord.

To follow Christ in very deed, But, the character of the selfish soul We're broad in our endeavor, is like an orchardist who should set an

And feel our own, another's need, infant apple tree in a quart bowl, hewn

As felt the lowly Savior.

Canterbury, N. II. out of a solid rock, and filled with sand, no expanse of earth, rock-bound on er.

Our thoughts are character moulds, they ery hand ; no richness of soil; of nour-1 shape our language and actions.-E. A. S.




** Go not to him that hath no understanding; beware of him, lest you have

trouble." (What I spent I had; chat I left I lost; what I gude I hate.- Old Epitaph.)

“Sand, and salt, and a mass of iron, Every coin of earthly treasure

are easier to bear than a man without We have lavished upon earth,

understanding." For our simple worldly pleasure

" Sloth is the mother of poverty. May be reckoned something worth;

Idleness is the root of all evil.” For the spending was not losing,

“ The way of the slothful, is a hedge Though the purchase were but small, It has perished with the using,

of thorns. Idleness is the sepulchre of We have had it--that is all.

a living man.” All the gold we leave behind us,

" The sluggard is wiser in his own When we turn to dust again

conceit than seven men that can render a Though our avarice may blind us,

reason. We have gathered quite in vain;

6 Idleness is the parent of want and Since we neither can direct it,

shame." By the winds of fortune tossed, Nor in other worlds expect it,

"I went by the field of the slothful, What we hoarded we have lost. and by the vineyard of the man void of But each inerciful oblation

understanding; and lo it was all grown (Seed of pity wisely sown,)

over with thorns, and nettles had corWhat we give in self negation,

ered the face thereof, and the stone-wall We may safely call our own;

thereof was broken down.” For the treasure freely given Is the treasure that we hoard,

“ An idle brain is the devil's workSince the angels keep in Heaven

shop.” “The devil tempts others, but What is lent unto the Lord!

an idle soul tempts the devil.” Selected.

" Though thou shouldst bray a fool EDUCATION, No. 3.

in a mortar, among wheat with a pestle; The Folly of Ignorance.

yet will not his foolishness depart from.

him.” “The truest characters of ignorance

This is the experience and testimony Are vanity, pride, and arrogance; As blind men use to bear their noses higher,

of Solomon, and of the wise and the inThan those who have their eyes and sight entire." telligently good of all times and of all " By ignorance is pride increased;

They most assume who know the least; nations. The entire catalogue of wise
Their own self balance gives them weight,
Bat every other finds them light."

maxims, like the ones quoted, charac“Ignorance is the parent of many in- terize sloth and idleness as the morjuries.”

phia of ignorance; and ignorance as the “ The hopes of a man void of under- vacuity of indolence; and the united standing are vain and false.”

obnoxious trinity, the incubators of all “Wisdom is very unpleasant to the vice and of all crime, as the demon offunlearned: he that is without under spring of Folly, clothed with the tawdry standing will not remain with her.”

garments of shame, dishonor, pride, “He that wanteth understanding, will vanity, arrogance, insipidity, servility, think upon vain things : and the foolish and superstition; the true insignia of man erring. imagineth follies.” the slaves of temptation and of sin.


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