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grew in numbers, erected mills, established ful, and winning in his manners, and persuafactories, a school-house, and a church, and sive in his logic. He was not only one of the for many years flourished, but of late have first founders of the community in Warrensrapidly declined in numbers and in wealth, ville, but its principal leader until 1826, and in fact have become but a remnant of when, owing to some disturbing elements of what they were in their prosperous days. doctrine and rule he withdrew from the comYet there are other communities of the same munity, and settled on a farm in Solon, where faith that still flourish in different parts of the he died Dec. 23, 1866, at the age of seventy United States.

eight years. He was superseded by the EldIt must be admitted that the Shakers have ers from Union Village. become a power in the land, and are justly The number of Leaders and Elders who regarded as an honest and industrious people. have from time to time succeeded Russell are In their mode of worship they introduce a somewhat numerous. Though subordinate shaking,* shuffling dance, keeping step to the to higher ecclesiastical authorities, this class masic of a monotonous song or chant, and of officials share a degree of independence for this reason are generally called “Shak- and power which renders their position one ers " + by outsiders; yet they prefer to call of great influence as well as honor. Among themselves “ Believers, I because they be the number, there are several individuals who lieve in the divinity of Ann Lee, and in living have an interesting record. a life of pure celibacy.ll In other respects This is true of James S. Prescott, one of their creed is substantially orthodox. the founders of the community at North

Ralph Russell, who led in organizing the Union. Though advanced in age, he is still community at North Unicn, was not only active and faithful in the discharge of his dusincere in his faith, but man of tact and en- ties. He comes from a good family, being terprise. He was born at Windsor, Conn. akin to the late William H. Prescott, the reAug. 3, 1789, and received a good common nowned historian. He was born Jan. 26, school education. He loved books, and soon 1803, at Lancaster, Mass. His mother was acquired a fund of general information. In a pious lady, who instructed him at an early fluenced by a desire to go “West,” he set- age in the lessons of Christianity. He retled in Warrensville in 1812.

ceived a good academical education, and Accidentally, or rather providentially, as commenced his career in life as a teacher in he thought, he soon came in contact with two a missionary school, consisting of some fifty $ eminent Shakers of Union Village, who con- Indian youth, at Oneida, N. Y. vinced him of the truth as it is in Ann Lee. In 1826 he came to Cleveland, where he He then commenced to indoctrinate his neigh found employment as a mason, a trade he had bors in the principles of the new faith, and partially learned while in his boyhood. In soon acquired a goodly number of adher the course of a few months he left Cleveland ents. Thus encouraged, he organized a com- and engaged in a job of mason work for the munity of Shakers at Warrensville.

Shakers at Warrensville, North Union. Here “Ralph,” as the brother-hood called him, he became interested in their religious views, was a man of imposing presence, tall, grace-adopted their creed, f received their faith, and

united with them, and still remains with them. *Shaking was introduced by the first founders, by the operations of the Spirit. Dancing was intro.

He is a man who lives a pure life, and is duced as an act of divine worship. See Jeremiah, highly esteemed by the brother-hood and by xxxi. † The term Shakers was given to the people all who know him. He is an intelligent, in derision.

modest, and truly amiable man. He has They call themselves “Believers in Christ's Sec. ond Appearing," not in the divinity of Ann Lee, but in the divinity of Christ. Christ is a "Spirit,”

$ The average daily attendance was about forty, and can come in a woman, as well as in a man.

including both sexes, taught on the Lancasterian !They believe in living a life of virgin celibacy, be.

plan. cause C'hrist lived that life, and he was our example.

1 The Shakers have no creed, except what is conSec Mattbew, Mark, Luke, and John, on this sub.

tained in the life of Christ, or, in the four Evangel. ject.

ists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joba.


recently written a History of North Union, * We think he referred to those who which is highly interesting in its details, and when trying to be content, still were which should be published in book form.

restless, wishing to be more than God He was never married; yet he worships his

in his wisdom intended or made them to ideal of a woman, and thinks her divinc. †

Ann Lee was born of humble parentage at be. We are too prone to move along Manchester, England, about the year 1736. desiring most, that which affords selfish Her early education had been neglected; yet pleasure, rather than spiritual growth. nature had endowed her with unusual mental

Christian graces are developed by powers and with a spirit of religious enthusi

adherence to christian principles ; conShe married young, was the mother of four children, all of whom died in infancy. tentment is found, by daily bearing the She deplored her bereavement with a grief christian cross against discontent, impawhich was inconsolable.

tience with ourselves, and dissatisfaction This induced reflection as to a remedy for with our lot in life. human ills, and led her to advocate celibacy, Discontent leads the mind " into tempand to become a dreamer in matters of relig- tation and a snare, and into many foolious faith. She commenced preaching strange doctrines in the streets of her native ish and hurtful lusts, which drown men town. The populace gathered in crowds to in destruction and perdition.” hear her, and in such numbers as to impede Let us use every talent we may pospublic travel.

sess as a divine gift and thus return to * The history of North Union was written express

our Master his own with usury. ly, for the “Western Reserve Historical Society," The root of Content is found in the by request, and published in the Cleveland Herald. By the Hon. John Barr, Judge of the Police Court. recognition of God's love, his mercy,

+ The term Divine cannot with propriety be at. his truth, and a trust in his promises tached to any human being, abstractly, Jesus made the discrimination between the human and the di.

which are sure to the upright and faithvine, when he said, “Thou art Peter, i.e. the human, ful. and upon this Rock, i. e. Revelation or divine, will I build my church and the gates of hell shall not pre

“Ile giveth power to the faint, and to vail against it." Matthew xvi; 18. and “ that Rock them that have no might He increaseth is Christ," the divine Revelation compared to a solid substance because it endureth forever. 1 Cor. 10., 4.

strength." It prevailed against the human, but not against the

No child at our table necds his daily Rock, it stands good yet, i. e. Revelation.

bread, more than every child of God Ann Lee, made the same discrimination when she said, “You ought to have your faith grounded in the

needs the Christian grace of true Conpower of God," or power of his Christ, “ for that tentment. abidcth forever. But if your faith is only in persons, and they should fail, you are liable to come under

Canierbury, N. H. loss. " Millennial Church, p. 337. We admit that a woman living a divine life makes her appear beauti.

Shaker Village, N. H. ful, and so it does & man, but neither of them are

DEAR Sister MARCIA ;-In the September objects of worship, because they are human, the creature, and not the Creator.

number of the Manifesto I found an article entitled “The Voice of Age” which agreed so

perfectly with my ideas of faith and gospel CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT.

principle, that I wish to ma’e mention of it to you, with my sincere thanks. Every sentence seems written as with a pen of fire ner

er to be obliterated, and should be so deeply Paul gives us a good lesson on this impressed in the heart of every church memsubject in 1 Tim. vi., 6. “Godliness with ber, that a slothful selfish spirit can find no contentment is great gain."

place in their abode.



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I have thought it unwise to measure health

SOUL OF LIFE. and strength by age, if one should retain their youthful vigor at eighty years of age : why not enjoy the precious blessing of moving in active labor and not fearing any sad results And with Thy mantle of encircling love

With thy abiding presence, Lord, therefrom? Longevity is becoming more Enfold us as the light envelops carih. universal with the people of our country, O Sun of life! O Fount of blessings new! and is it not because the laws of life are more

Shine on us still, and still pour out Thy good. carefully regarded?

As morning misis roll up before the day

That floods the earth with light ineflable; I also endorse your sentiments concerning So in the glory of Thy countenance, a want of energy to work for the things of the May every shadow that bedims our way spirit as we advance in years, for unless we Retreat; may every care be turned to joy, watch and pray we are liable to become dim. And every duty wear fair pleasure's smile;

May the tongue of murmurir.g be dumb, sighted and lose a portio of our well-earned and the full rich spirit of thanksgiving treasure, this would bring discouragement to Pour forth in songs of ecstasy and praise ! others and a burden to the leaders of the As flowers expand, in beauteous robes arrayed, flock, whom we should delight to aid and As blades of grass spring up from earth's dark sod, bless in every act of our lives by our faithtul Bring forth the types of things imperishable.

So may Thy life--inherent in the soulexertions and love in the cause of God.

We yearn for higher thoughts, for holier wings Sally Ceeley. That lift above materiality,

And bring our souls in rapport with the Infinite

Soul of Life that permeates all worlds.

Removed from passion's storm and hate of men,
From envy, jealousy, and bitter words
That pierce like scorpion fangs or poignant spear,

Destroying human happiness and peace-
Religion is not ours, until we live by it, in We would enjoy communion sweet with Thee.
thought, word, and deed, when it goes with one hour, O Lord! is better far than years
us into every place and sits uppermost on Spent in the realm of sensuous delight;

One quaff from the celestial fount of truth, every occasion, also forms and governs our Would satisfy the immortal longing, hopes and fears our cares, and pleasures. More than perpetual draughts from pleasure's spring;

The truly religious person is ever watch Who dips life's cup therein, shall find ful and guarded in spirit; and by a purity of

The bitterness of Marah's waters there. behavior is fearless. Religion is the name Must find the main-spring of their joy in Thee,

Ah! who would taste of sweets clysian, of all that is good, the Angel of Mercy, giv- Relax their hold on sublunary things, en to the dwellers of this transient life. It Nor deem what earth calls honor worth the strife. expands and beautifies the affections of the Her wealth takes wings, her knowledge flies soul. It strengthens the bands of unity. It Her vision to the glories of Thy truth.

Before the soul who opes with glad surprise is the guide of youth in the path of duty, o how my spirit mounts! intensified and should be the chosen companion of the By the upwelling fullness of the love inexperienced youth, that its light may il- I feel expanding in my soul to Thce. lumine their pathway through this life.

Take all, all that this boastsul world can give,

But unto Thee forever I would live; It is my faith in practical religion that Thy love supplants the transient loves of earth, makes my declining years serene with the The banquet of Thy peace all want supplies, light that shines from heaven, and a sure ref- And in the corert of Thy boundless grace, uge is found in Him who watches even the My soul would find indwelling life for aye.

Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. sparrow when it falls. In this faith this consolation is found, that life here is the vesti. bule of another, bright with immortal hope. Those who quit their proper character to Enfield, Conn.

assume what does not belong to them, are,

for the greater part, ignorant both of the THERE is no accuser equal in severity of character they leave and that they assume. self-examination. Exercise it often.-M... 11.1 -- Burke.

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