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Their Order was not founded upon forter, the true Witness, who now stands Datural descent, but upon virtue and in- at the door knocking, would find entegrity of character. They required trance and sup with them and break the new converts who joined them, to sell bread of life with them? their private possessions and divide with Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. their poorer brethren ; thus mutually share the burdens of life, and serve one

The Government of Christ's Kingdom, another in love. They enjoined upon

a Theocracy. all the necessity of meekness and lowliness of spirit, and purity of heart and mind. They commended celibacy which It should be thoroughly understood enables a man or woman to abstain from that the Government of the Kingdom of connubial intercourse for the kingdom of Heaven is neither a Monarchy nor a Deheaven's sake ; but acknowledged that mocracy; yet, we find in its nature the all could not receive, or enter into that elements of both forms prefigured. It state, only as was given them thus to do. is a Theocracy. In its administration,

Gensburg said; “It can hardly be it partakes so much of a Monarchical doubted that the Savior himself be- form as to establish a central power, a longed to this holy brotherhood, that ex- tbrone or tribunal for final decision on all isted during a period of two hundred questionable matters; and so much of the years before Christ. At the advent of Democratic form as to embody the voice the Messiah, the Jews were divided into of the people to sus'ain it and make its three parties ; Pharisees, Sadducces and acts legitimate. It is not all throne nor Essenes. Jesus often reproved the all the voice of the people; either of former, but not the latter.

which would produce absolutism and May we not reasonably gather the monopoly, and furnish a direct fruitful idea from ancient history, that Jesus support to self, the arch enemy of the brought many doctrines which he taught Kingdom. from the schools of the Essenes, which Monarchy fosters and builds up an was the fruit of preceding generations, Aristocracy: it creates in society castes instead of all those beautiful lessons of high and low, from which condition, which he gave, coming directly to him, neither merit nor demerit removes the as a new revelation? And that the stamp of honor or degradation. In its quickening Spirit that descended upon extreme, it becomes despotic and most and abode with him vivified and inten- unjust. sified those heaven-born principles, and Democracy tends to the leveling of enabled him to carry them forward to humanity to a common plane: and when greater perfection?

carried to an extreme, would ignore the If those in our own time who are respect and dignity justly due to office waiting for what they call the millennial and that legitimate authority necessary day, would prepare themselves for the for the power and strength of society. event as did the ancient Essenes who In a Theocratic Government, the lessons were looking for the Messiah : How long as taught by Jesus for the maintenance would they have to wait before the Com- of order and harmony gave officers and



endowed them with power to bind or


A VISIONARY DREAM loose on Earth, even as bound or loosed in Heaven. The Apostles also commanded sub

Anna Cogswell was born in Pittsfield jection to Principalities and Powers; all

Mass. in 1761. In her written testi. of which, both in Church and State,

mony given March 1827, she relates as should be received as admonitions and

follows; Sometime in Feb. 1780, belessons of instruction, sufficient to fit

ing in great trouble of misd, I dreamed man for the duties of life in all' things I was with a large company of people pertawing to human interest and the de- and a man came and told us that Christ velopment and progress of the human had come to judgment, which greatly mind.

shocked my feelings, as I feared I was No institution or body formed for re

a false professor and should have no ligious, social or political purposes, neith

part in his kingdom. He told us er for any other relation or economy of

must all walk in procession to a certain life can possibly exist without order, the

place, where we would find a tree in full first law of Heaven. For the protection bloom. of any organization, the body must be Each one must pick a flower from the properly officered, having a tribunal tree, and those who gathered a flower conwhose decision must be final ; otherwise, taining seed, it would be a sign to them institutions and societies breed contempt, that they had the grace of God in their become confused, divided, disorganized, souls. We were placed to walk in orwrecked, lose their power and fall 10 der, the men two by two on the right, pieces, not unfrequently bringing in their and the women in the same order on the destruction mutiny and rebellion, which left. While on the way I trembled with conclude their history.

fear, and the woman at my side asked Because of system for business, for ex- what made me feel such trouble. I told istence and growth, it does necessarily her I was afraid I should be found a follow, that in society there must be high false professor. She said she felt no and low, rich and poor, master and ser- concern for herself on that account. I vant. The principle that reduces to turned to look at her and perceived she equality of condition regulates that feat- was an adulteress, though I never ure and gives to the supervisor and me- her before. nial, priest and layman equal honor; We picked each a flower and returned. and each in their turn may be called to The man who sent us, met us at the the same position or vocation in a The-door, and told us to lay our flowers on ocratic as in a Republican form of Gov- | a table, and let them be examined. ernment.

The woman who walked with me laid Enfield, N. II.

down hers, which was fairer than mine,

and I laid mine by its side. Some sced The thing can be said of fresh, cool water, fell from my flower and consumed liers when needed by the system it is most grateful to the sense; when not needed it offers no

in a moment. I was so overjoyed at temptation. So much cannot be said of bev- the result that I awoke, and for a season erages that intoxicate.- Fanny B. Johnson. felt very happy.


Having heard of Mother Ann Lee With deadly panoply of war's dread doom, and the Elders, I went in company with

And fearful passions rife : others to visit them, while they were in

But in the calm retreat,

Secluded from the turmoil and the glare; prison at Albany. After entering, we

They turn the spirit's sword within, to meet stopped in a narrow passage on the low

The foc in ambush there. er floor. Elder James Whittaker came

Bearing a daily cross down stairs, and the moment I saw him against the dearest idols of the soul; I knew he was the man I saw in my Turning from wealth and worldly fame as dross dream. He looked at me and said

They press toward the goal, "Young woman, honor God in Heaven,'

Seeking the aid of heaven and immediately conducted us up stairs,

In earnest fervent prayer, with purpose true; where Mother and the Elders were. He

Beyond the joys of earth, to them is given,

Eternal Life in lieu. soon began to speak of the coming of

Canterbury, N. 11. Christ to judgment, of the manner of his coming, and how we were to be judged.

THANKSGIVING. In conversation with Mother after

MARINDA M. KENISTON. ward, I related my dream to her. Do you call that a dream? said she, How many hearts with joy will greet

This Nation's cherished festal day; it was a vision of God. The woman

How many loving friends will meet you saw walking by your side, repre- In happy homes to praise and pray. sented false professors, who profess to be

May each, may all, that blessing share

Which crowns the day with mem'ries bright; espoused to Christ and yet have other May love outweigh the din of care, lovers, and their confidence is in the

And darkness be dispelled by light. flesh. But this seed of the gospel will

O Earth! what treasure dost thou hold

That vies in worth with Christian love? consume it. She then called Elder

The richest mines of purest gold James and said Anna has been telling

One half the blessing ne'er can prove.

The love that dwells in kindred minds me a pretty vision—tell it to brother

Safe linked in friendship's golden chain, James. Accordingly I related it to him. Through all the lights and shades of time

Unchanged forever will remain. Do you call that a dream? said he.

May all who've gathered here to-day Yea, I said, because I was asleep. He

Within these ancient hallowed walls, answered, it was a vision of God, and Where oft our Fathers met to pray a great gift to you. Azna Cogswell

And pledge themselves to give up all,

Renew again their lives to God, became a Savior, in saving herself.

While angels list to catch the sound,
Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

And in the “ Book of Life” record
That loyal souls still here are found.

O may each soul uplifted be,

To feel a tender Mother's care,
Thanksgiving anthems full and free,
Be wasted on the morning air.

May all who pray, and all who wait
Not as a bannered Host

Upon the Lord, to do his will,
With plume and steel in martial rank arrayed; An inspiration new partake,
With all the pomp and glitter and the boast

And through all changes trust Him still. Of holiday parade :

It is the lot of some to sow,

While others reap the golden grain,
Nor yet as armies come,

And many here may never know
When hastening to the conflict and the strife, The fruits of all their love and pain.


Blest be the hands that toil with care,


progress made by the Jews from The hearts that live, mid hopes and fears; Not all unhecded are their prayers,

heathenism, was due to a measure of However dark the day appears.

obedience to Hygienic and Moral Law. While those upon whose surrowed brow This statement is self-cvident from the Are scen the telling lines of care

fact, that all human manifestations re-
Give thanks, their lives are spared till now
That children may their blessing share; fer themselves to morals and hygicne.
Give thanks, that when life's strise is o'er,

Science and Art, may be greatly uu-
The shoals of time are safely past,
Awaiting them on yonder shore

folded, yet essentially, no real human Are those whose friendship pure will last. elevation

may occur.

Such was the
Thrice blessed souls! whose patient toil case with the Egyptians; they repre-
With trusting hearts and willing hands
Planted with gospel sced this soil,

sented ancient heathen civilizatios ; A goodly beritage to stand.

and such is the case exactly with modE'en now we feel their presence near, These faithful waiting ones to bless,

ern civilization. The Pyramids are eviAnd welcome tidings soon to bear,

dences of human rassalage, and of its Receive thy crown of righteousness."

consequent immoralities. The proverbLet those before whose vision lies

ial diseases of Egypt, attest violations Yet longer service to be given, Rejoice, that they may win the prize,

of the Law of health. Modern civilizaAnd be the perfect flowers of Heaven.

tion swarms with diseases, they attest If loyal they are ever found, And to their Maker freely give

its identity with the heathen civilizations The first ripe fruits that e'er abound of the past, as does also, the degradaWhere virgin principles are lived.

tion of the wealth producers of ChrisSo let all hearts give thanks and praise Who've joined the lovely Virgin throng!

Thanksgiving fill the matin lays,

Hygienic and Moral Law, and their
And be the theme of evening song.
For who like us can truly sing

fulfillment; will ever remain the fundaThe song of freedom ever grand?

mentals of human elevation. Who better offerings can bring

There is a wide difference between the Throughout our Nation's cherished land?

light of ideas, and the light of life. A As days and weeks glide swiftly on, Each bringing duties to be done,

person may see and acknowledge the fitWe'll chant a never-ending song

ness of things, and in his life be practiAnd hold the bond that makes us one. Through all the varying scenes we meet,

cally dark. A scientific fact can be preVicissitudes which mark life's way,

septed, and all is right. A hygienic law Unchanging in our hearts shall beat The love we feel renewed to-day.

applied to heathen habits, and the result Enfield, N. II.

is otherwise. From this cause, there is

much confusion appending to the matter PROGRESS AND ORDER.

of progress.

However, we may assure

ourselves, that if a people in their con0. P.

duct ignore Hygienic Law, there can be LITERATURE and mathematics may be no real human elevation. greatly unfolded, yet A, B, C, will ever With regard to the location of an inremain at the root of one, and One, Two, crease of living testimony. Shall it be Three, at the root of the other. So we at the center, or at the extremities? may be assured, that in all branches of • The wind bloweth where it listeth.” human progress, initial principles will "Limit not the loly one of Israel.” ever be recognized.

" Hurt not the Oil nor the Wine"-the

love of truth, and the inspiration thereof. kinds of fruits, and its Jeaves---divine

An organized body is not obliged to ideas are for the healing of human ills. accept any increase of testimony: but It manifests a greater diversity than I if any member, or a family manifests an do, it being a higher organism. increase of hygienic, or moral conduct, Iluman Society is like me, an assemthey ought not to be crushed down, nor blage of individuals, and is truly an orretarded by the inertia of the body. ganism; and if of the highest type,

The question has been asked, Shall twelve manner of fruits may be forth an increase begin at the center, or at the coming. Low organisms do not admit extremities? Let us look around for of much diversity. emblematic illustrations. The rocks It is the province of my roots and can instruct, the sunbeam enlighten and trunk to support the buds, and it is their the plants of the earth give us knowl-threefold office, to strengthen the trunk, edge. There is that widespreading bloom and bear fruit. Unity of action tree; we inquire of it; how is it that is Order; growth and fruit is Progress. thou hast acquired such dimensions, Order will become stonefied, if not fully and yielded such beneficent results? compatible with Progress. Progress giving us food, fuel, and shelter. The cannot be established, unless compatitree replies, I am an assemblage of ble with Order. Where Order is stoneindividuals ; every bud I bear, is a tree fied, an increase will be out of unity. in embryo. Our united labors during My conditions of growth, are light, past years give the results you have warmth, moisture, air. The conditions stated. But what of progress? Well, of the tree by the river of life, are diI am a fruit bearing tree; I was but one vine light, love, and an atmosphere bud when I was planted; I grew and which invigorates and gladdens all divine produced a number of buds, these again forms. Its every bud, is a divine hudid likewise, and fically, I attained the man spirit, accessible to Progress, and size you see. Strictly speaking, I am a ever tending to Order. community ; composed of many mem- Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. bers working harmoniously together. My progress, growth and strength, have

PIONEERS OF THE WESTERN · RESERVE. been at, and from my extremities. When thou wast a single bud, didst thou

Notes referring to the Shakers of North Union, bloom and bear fruit? I did not; the Ohio, as published by HARVEY Rice in a work en

titled, Pioneers of the Western Reserve. Some exunited labors of a great many buds were planatory remarks are added by J. S. PRESCOTT, a

member of the Society of North Union. necessary before I matured and could do that. How didst thou behave under Shakers was organized in Cuyaloga County,

“In 1822 a religious community known as such an innovation as blooming all over under the supervision of Ralph Russell, a deinto white flowers? I continued to grow, vout man of that faith. He was aided in this supported the increase, and left the work by the Elders of Union Village, Wargrowth and fruit buds to their respective

ren County, Ohio. They purchased a tract

of wild land in the township of Warrensville, duties. I have indeed manifested a de

cleared the central part of it, erected a small gree of diversity in Unity, but there is village of log cabins, and gave it the name a tree by the river, which yields twelve of "North Union.” Here they tilled the soil,

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