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prospectus which will give you every in- and, in iinitation of the early church, formation you desire regarding our pub- they hold all things in common. This lications.

Shaker Church was established more I have great pleasure in subscribing than one hundred years ago, and the bamyself a brother worker for promoting sis of their system is "separation from the cause of brotherhood of man. the world, confession of sin, purity of Protap Chandra Roy. spirit, and a united inheritance. The

name “ Shakers” was given them by

their persecutors as a term of opprobri(The following communication was taken from but was afterwards adopted by theme the Woman's Journal and we are pleased to present it to our readers as a carefully and kindly written


They are, it is seen, a strictly article. ED.)

religious organization, and they believe SHAKERISM AND WOMAN. that the Spirit of Christ is the same,

whether revealed through a man, a wom. SINCE the appearance of “ The Un-an, or a child. The gospel taught by discovered Country” by Howells, there Ann Lee is, to their minds, the manifeshas been an unusual interest manifested tation of the Spirit of Christ revealed by the “world's people ” in the Shakers through one of the daughters of man, and their peculiarly spiritual life. In "A deeper work of the Christ Spirit, speaking of this novel to an Elder, he which was to come without sin unto salremarked that Mr. Howells had doubt- vation.” less written as intelligently about his

On hearing, a few weeks ago, a serpeople as a person could who had drawn

“Chri t dual” by an able and simply from outside observation. It is interesting Elder, * I was immediately evident that the Shakers think they struck by the progressive tendency of might be more thoroughly understood ;

his remarks. As shown by him, we and certainly any system can be better saw contained, in the position woman appreciated when studied sympathetical-holds in the Shaker religion, an evlarged

idea of faith and justice. From the ly, and its purposes can be best known from its friends.

worship they accord to Ann Lee, and In whatever light Shakerism is viewed, their faith in her “ renewed revelation,” it should be interesting to all intelligent springs a decided tendency to respect the

This extends people as a phase in the spiritual devel- higher claims of woman. opment of mankind.

And if we look

itself into practical life, and makes them beyand the surface, we perceive that believers in the highest development of these people did not leave the world's the intellect and soul of woman, and perselfish joys for a mere whim, but from ceivers of the need of the woman eleconvictions which sprang from the depths ment in politics as in religion, in public of the soul and raised them above the as in private life. Being a comparativeordinary prejudices of life.

ly new organization, they have neither Shakerism is believed by its advocates the prejudices nor the infirmities of age, to be the ultimate or second Christian and their eyes are not lazzled by the church, its founder beiny Ann Lee, call-new light of philosophy. ed by the Shakers, Mother Ann Lee, * Elder John B. Vance, of Alfred, Me.

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Tha; which is most interesting is the sistible something—a powe: ful charm, fact that back of their belief in the re- emanating no doubt from their life of generation of mankind by Mother Ann high resolve, a life where individuality Lee rises the great shadow of progress. is forgotten in the pursuit of truth. For There may be little in the quiet life of this reason it is true, that although the the Shakers to furnish material for his. Shakers may be seemingly limited in tory, but to the contemplative mind their scope, local in their influence, and small life must certainly afford food for as regards numbers, yet the ideas they thought. In their devotion to charities, have evoked will be inextinguishable. in their renunciation of all personal The secds they have planted, the truths claim on the world's riches, and in their they have felt, must pursue and agitate life of celibacy will be seen strong aspi- mankind. They have declared in the rations towards a spiritual existence. loftiest way for the higher claims of These people endeavor to live according woman, and this spirit will assert itself to the strict teachings of Christ and Ann in spite of all reactions. Lee, and their life of devotion and sac- No man, or school of men, can grasp rifice would seem to indicate that they all truth, but every intermediate modifi

“practic- cation supplies some link in the vast ing what they preach" than humanity chain. The impulse the Shakers have has generally succeeded in doing. given to the world is a spiritual impulse,

Visiting their Sunday services, one is and in it is contained the prophecy of immediately impressed by their earnest- better things."-ZULEIKA. ness and fervor, so much so that their peculiar mode of worship, their dance

ASPIRATION. and song, does not intrude upon your notice as you supposed so unusual à service would. On the contrary, you find “How lovely are thy dwellings fair yourself wondering why all worship is

O Lord of host , how dear

The pleasant tabernacles are not conducted in this manner-such is :he harmony of song, movement, and dress.

Ye messengers celestial A picture of a band of Shakers

Dwelling in omniscient light chanting their precious tunes wliile

„Of God's effulgent glory, marching to the slow, devotional music, Peerless, incandescent, bright; and moving their upturned hands in gen- While on your heavenly mission, tle measure, is one not soon to be forgot

Of a pure, unfathomed love, ten. Notwithstanding their reputation

To point the denizens of earth

To noonday spheres above;as ascetics, these people are decidedly

0, shed upon our vision, social and genial, especially when among Beauties of the world unseen, friends or people interested in their work. Where living powers, real, They are unusually intelligent as regards

Beautiful, august, serene, the questions of the day, and exceeding

Pervade the amplitude

Of the etherean, boundless space, ly interesting in conversation. But

With glorious, riclı profusion, above all, there is in the society of the of true happiness and grace. more intelligent of these people an irre- For these my soul lured upward,


When thou dost dwell so near!"

- Milton.

Welling, gushing with desire, Would revel in the grand,

Substantial fullness, of these higher, Pure, sublimated, hallowed,

Love directed spheres of bliss, Eliminated from the

Errors and weaknesses of this; Its crudeness, darkness, dangers,

Misconceptions of the truth, And cumulative foibles

Of the era of our youth; With every machination

Which would twine around the soul, To dim its keen perceptions

And its higher powers control; And turn its aspirations

From heavenly truths sublime, To seek its inspirations

In venal sense and time. Ye gracious powers eternal,

Of the glorious life divine, That with such God-like spirit,

Heav'nward ye so nobly bear Each honest, anxious, toiling

Pilgrim, toward your realm so fair, Dip your elysian pen in

Your imperial, cloudless light, And on the tablets of our

Deathless understandings write,Or photograph, with brilliant tints

Of your empyrean sky, And all the blended glories

Of your matchless home on high, Upon the spotless canvass

The pure, eternal, sacred roll, The clear unblemished picture

Of the bright perfected soul, Just heir of fadeless glory

Within God's central zone, Where nought but white robed angels

Can circle round His throne. I long to feel the pulsing

Of this ceaseless flow of love, Course onward in my veinlets

Perpetually to move; Uniting me more surely

With the life that's good and pure, And the rich celestial graces

Which true happiness ensure. I seek a pure relation

With the noble and the true, Freed from the wild commotion

That so often meets the view Disturbing and corroding

The peace and sweet communion Which should be so abiding

A nucleus of our union. I seek elimination

From opinionated clamor, And all the vileful frenzy

Of wild theologic glamour. I seek a pure religion

Worthy of the realms above, Where brethren dwell together

In pure harmony and love. Where each with each is striving

For the truth, eternal, pure; In kindliness of feeling,

And the love that will endure. I long to see the era,

Which the prophet's wise foretold, When man shall work by Reason,

Not by tyrant fear controlled. When swords and spears are beaten

Into implements of peace; And war and tumult banished

By the perfect reign of Peace.
When man hails not his brother,

Saying, come and learn of me!
For then shall the Instructor,
Be the God of Liberty.

Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

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The above question is often asked by those not of us: they profess to be alarmed, lest the human race will become extinct, because a few individuals are called of God to the gospel of Jesus Christ; and realizing as did Paul, that they are numbered with those upon whom the ends of the world have come. What these ends are, James iuforms us, in the fourth chapter, and first verse.

These are making an end of sin by the sacrifice of themselves, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable

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service. Jesus said, “ Behold I make gate and broad is the road that leadeth all things new.” any man be in to destruction and many there be which Christ, he is a new creature, old things go in thereat." So many, even,

that have passed away. The old generative we do not apprehend any immediate danorder of the first Adam has passed away ger that the world will be depopulated, with a great noise, and the elements in excepting by causes to which we shall which the natural man delights will melt refer. with fervent heat. The earth and the We now ask. What will become of works therein shall be burned, and a new the world if it continues to pursue its heaven aud a new earth is created where present licentious course for a few more in dwelleth righteousness.

generations? According to the reports Our God is a consuming fire, a tire of the press and of eminent physicians that shall try every man's work of what there are many of the earth's inhabitants sort it is. Other foundation can no man at the present time so degenerated by lilay, than that is laid, which is Jesus centiousness that it would be impossible Christ. If

any man build upon this for them to replenish the earth, their foundation of any other material than professed belief in the command given after the example of Jesus Christ, it to Adam, to the contrary, notwithstandwill be a waste of time and labor, and ing. according to the text, must be burned.

Again, we ask. What is to become One of the prophets speaks of a time of t!'e world if the inhabitants continue when the inhabitants of the world will to go to war? The last war of this rebe burned, and but few men left. That public which some call civil, but which does not seem very flattering to those who call

very uncivil, sacrificed million are so anxious that the earth should be of lives, and now we have word from peopled.

Egypt of


thousands of her subIt

may be the time of which the Lord jects having been slain in the war with says, - A fire is kindled in mine anger the false prophet.

Is all this no cause and it shall burn unto the lowest hell and for alarm lest the world should run out? shall consume the earth, with her in- - From whence comes wars and fightcrease and set on fire the foundations of ings?” Read what the apostle says on the mountains.*

this subject in the fourth chapter of Possibly the querists might mitigate James. their fears by giving attention to what Canterbury, N. H. Jesus said : Strive to enter in at the strait gate, for strait is the gate and

REFLECTION. narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it ; wide is the

SHALL earthly wants prevail

Above the spirits need, * Hell, the lowest, unhappy state of man- Or shall we trust our God kind. Earth with her increase, is the natural The earthly last, to feed? generative order of man. Foundations of the Seek first my kingdom pure, mountains, are characters which the world All things thereto I'll add, look up to as great and mighty men; lofty in We quote a premise sure their imaginations, self exalted.

As given of our God.-M. W.


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