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who enjoyed reasonably good health? All fact that the nose is the only channel through medicines debilitate, and that drawback must which air should pass during ordinary acts of be duly considered before taking them. breathing, the mouth being intended only as Think of the quantities of pills that are used. an accessory breathing agent when, on cerMost of these are taken to relieve constipation. tain occasions—as, for instance, running—the Unfortunately the relief is only temporary, lungs demand a rapid supply. Air, in passand the doses must be repeated often, thus ing through the nostrils, is warmed and sifted weakening the stomach and incapacitating it of its harmful ingredients, and thus prepared

or its natural work. If medicine is used for for its reception into the delicate structures the relief of constipation it is better to employ below. If it passes directly into the mouth it in suppositories, but a better plan than ei- without the above preparation, it will frether is to cure the trouble by means of a quently cause irritation and inflammation of proper diet and regular and active exercise or the mucous membrane, lining the mouth and work in the open air. Thousands of drunk-throat, by being, in the first place, too cold, ards, with their legacies of sorrow and crime and, in the second place, by containing irritatand broken hearts, are made through dram- ing particles of dust and other matter. drinking, commenovil at first for the relief of -Selected. dyspepsia or colic, and continued through excuses and subterfuges that a depraved appetite strives to make plausible.

FORKS. The little household remedies have their uses, and they have also their abuses. There Some of our readers may be surprised to are occasions when such remedies as cam-learn that the use of forks at the table was phor, brandy, paregoric, laudanum, ginger, not introduced into England earlier than the and pills and powders, may be of great serv- reign of James I., and that this piece of reice. The important point is to know when to finement was derived from the Italians. The use them; that would be perhaps once where fact appears from the following curious exthey are ordinarily employed ten times. The tract from a book entitled, “Coryat’s Crudibest of all remedies---and every person should ties, hastily gobbled up in five months-travels have a little constantly on hand—is common in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhætia, Helvetia, sense. If one experiences inconvenience in (Switzerland,) some parts of High Germany, eating, nature will bring relief sooner and and the Netherlands. The book was first more effectively if left to herself, than by ef- published in 1611. * Here I will mention,” forts to aid her with liquors and tinctures says the traveler, "a thing that might have that benumb the stomach and retard healthy been spoken of before in discourse of the first action. Rest, warmth and abstinence are the Italian towne. I observed a custom in all those proper remedies for all ordinary ailments. Italian cities and townes through which I Wholesome and nutritious food, the comforts passed, that is not used in any other country of a good home, vigorous and regular exer- that I saw in my travels; neither do I think cise, seasonable clothing, fresh air constantly, that any other nation of christendom doth and eight hours of sound sleep out of every use but only Italy. The Italian and also twenty four, and you may throw physic to most strangers that are commorant in Italy, the dogs."-Hall's Journal of Health. do alwaies at their meales use a little fork

when they cut their meate. For while with

their knife, which they hold in one hand BREATHE THROUGH THE NOSE. they cut the meat out of the dish, they fasten

their forke, which they hold in their other DR. WARD, physician to the Metropolitan band, upon the same dish. So that whatThroat hospital, in an article on singers' soever he be that sitting in the company of throat troubles, in the Musical Critic, treats any others at meale, should unadvisedly of the causes of catarrhal troubles experienced touch the dish of meate with his fingers frore by public singers, and repeats the well-known which all doe cut, he will give occasion of


offense unto the company, as having trans- Eminent British Scientists, with Portraits : The Ingressed the laws of good manners; insomuch

effaceable Record of our Lives: Rather Strange:

Delia and Blanche : True Love and Blind Passion: that for his error he shall be at least brow

The Function of Taste: Cholera and U'ncleanness : beaten, if not reprehended in words. This Poetry, Editorial, etc. etc. Fowler & Wells Co. forme of feeding, I understand, is generally Pub. 753 Broadway, N. Y. used in all places in Italy, their forkes being JAMES R. OsgooD & Co. of Boston, publish in for the most part made of yron or steele, neat and convenient form, the address of Robert P. and some of silver; but those are used only Porter to the Arkwright Club of New England, on

“ Protection and Free Trade To-day." Mr. Porter by gentlemen. The reason of this iheir cu

graphically presents exactly what voters in both po. riosity is, because the Italian cannot by any litical parties want to know, the facts showing how means endure to have his dish touched with

free trade and protection works at home and abroad. fingers, seeing all men's fingers are not alike in the field and the workshop. iic shows how agricleane. Hereupon I myself thought good to

culture, commerce and manufacturing in the United

States, Great Britain, Germany and Holland have initiate the Italian fashion by this forked cut

been affected by these two economic policies. Mr. ting of meate, not only while I was in Italy, Porter's work will be appreciated by business men, but also in Germany, and oftentimes in Eng-farmers and artisans who have no time to read a volland since I came home; being once quipped

ume on the subject, but who want a clear exposition

of the condition of labor here and in European for that frequent using of my forke by a cer

countries. tain learned gentleman, a familiar friend of

He takes decided Protective ground but makes a mine, one master Laurence Whitaker, who fair use of the official figures, which are, at times, in his merry humor doubted not at table to

handled with dramatic effect. Few are better call me Purcifer,* only for using a fork at feed- equipped, by training, to discuss this question than

Mr. Porter. For several years a student of the in. ing, but for no other cause.

dustrial progress of the West, and author of one of The use of forks was much ridiculed in the most useful works on that section; for three England, as an effeminate piece of finery; years in charge of an important division of the in one of Beaumont and Fletcher's plays,

census, next a member of the Tariff commission;

and then sent abroad for eighteen months, by the " your fork carving traveler ” is spoken of New York Tribune, to investigate the condition of with much contempt; and Ben Jonson has labor in Great Britain and the Continent. The joined in the laugh against them in his “Dev- words of the author of the address on the Tariff' will il's an Ass." Meercraft says to Gilthead and

carry weight with those anxious for a practical view

of the Tariff question. Price 10 cents. Sledge, “Have I deserved this from you two for all

HALL'S JOURNAL OF HEALTH. October, ('ontents; My pains at court to get you such a patent

Bright's Disease; Constipation; Entire wheat flour; Gilthead-For what?

Vermin vastness; Beef tea vs. true food; Mineral Meercraft-Upon my project of the forkes.

Waters; Parasites; Among the Lepers; Poisons : Sledge-Forks? What be they?

Taking Medicine, etc. etc. Meercraft-The laudable use of forks,

E. H. Gibbs, M. D. 21 Clinton Place, 8th St. X. Y. Brought into custom here as they are in Italy.

$1 a year. To the sparing o' napkins.”

When the seed of faith becomes rooted in *Purcifer literally meant a slave, who for punish

an honest understanding heart, the effects will ment of some fault, was made to carry a fork or gal flow from thence into the outward conduct, lows upon his neck through the city, with his hands and produce those conditions which are best tied to it, hence it came to signify generally a rogue; adapted to manifest the Christ life. & villain-Chicago Eye.

Duty to the material part, like the care of a servant, will come in secondary, merely as an aid in the practical work of righteousness.

“For which of you having a servant plow. ing and feeding cattle, will say to him when

he is come from the field, Go and sit down to PIRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL SCIENCE of meat; and will not rather say, Make ready Health. October. Contents : The Candidates of wherewith I may sup; gird thyself and serve reform: B. F. Butler and J. B. St. John, with Por. traits : The Christian Church : The Cranial Affini.

me until I have eaten and drunken, and afterties of Men and Apes: Organic Cerebration : Two ward thou shalt eat and drink.”—A. G. II.

Books and Papers.


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1. O bright-er than the morning star, Is the heart that's pure, and free; 2. The gems with-in the 0-cean deep, And the wealth her cav-erns bear,

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But 0, al - might - y Fa-ther, send Thine an-gels from a-bove,


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The first column is the publisher's price, the second
Includes the Manifesto.
IIarper's Magazine,

4.00 3.75 Harper's Bazar,

4.CO 3.75 ATTENTION! Harper's Weekly,

4.00 3.75 Harper's Young People,



Frank Leslic's Illustrated News Paper, 4.00 3.75
Frank Leslie's Boys & Girls Weekly, 2.50 2.50
Frank Leslic's Sunday Magazine, 3.00 3.00
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly,

3.00 3.00 Frank Leslie's Chatterbox,

1.00 1.25 Frank Leslic's Illustrated Almanac,

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3.00 2.75 Lippincott's Good Word,

2.75 2.50 This excellent, most excellent FERTILIZER

Lippincott's Medical Times,

3.75 is giving thic very best promises of the incrcase

Lippincott's Sunday Magazine,


American Agriculturist,

1.50 1.50 ducts. Tested in various manners and compared with

Phrenological Journal,


2.00 many other fertilizers, it is proving itself the BEST

Atlantic Monthly,

4.00 3.15 Popular Science Monthly,

5.00 4.75 GET THE BEST. London Quarterly Review,

4.00 3.75 THE SHAKER MANIFESTO his testimonials at

Edinburgh Review,


3.75 hand declarative of the best merits of the above fertilizer. The Corn crops have been more than

Boston Medical Journal,

5.00 doubled by its use. The same of Wheat, Oats, Bar- New York Medical Journal,


3.75 ley and Rye. Garden Fruits, Strawberries, Rasp. Country Gentleman,

2.50 2.50 berries and Currants have been monstrous where he Fertilizer has been used. Address

Rural New Yorker,


2.28 M. L. SHOEMAKER. & 00.. Youth's Companion, new name.

1.75 1.75 The IIousehold, PHILADELPHIA, PA. City and Country,



75 1.00 Wide Awake,

2.50 2.50 Our Little Men and Women,

1.00 1.25 McShane Bell Foundry Babyland,

.50 75 Manufacture those celebrated Bells und Chimes

Pansy for Churches,

.75 1.00 Tower Clocks, &c., &c. Prices St. Louis Illustrated Magazine

1.00 1.10 and catalogues sent free. Address Golden Days


2.80 U. McShane & Co., Baltimore, Md. Woman's Journe)

3.00 3.00



Deaths. SIX DAYS. Some weeks since, a lady (Mrs. Rev. J. George Runyon, May 24, at Pleasant Hill. A. Brown, Pittsville, Wis., to whom we refer Ky. Age 88 yrs. 5 mo. and 11 days. those who wish to know how we deal with Thus another bright luminary has disapthose who work for us,) wrote to us that she peared from our hemisphere to shine with

brighter effulgence in the higher spheres. needed a watch and asked if she could not

His noble soul,-a pattern of charity love earn one by introducing our valuable books. and humanity, wholly devoted to the great We replied, making her a special offer, and and important work of Christ's Kingdom; she soon earned a beautiful gold watch, and has reared a lasting monument, more durable

and sublime than the Egyptian's Pyramids. was so pleased with it, and such a sensation He came to the society when fourteen years was made in her neighborhood by her success, of age, and officiated as an Elder in the Junthat we have concluded to extend the offer, ior Order for more than forty years. and have printed a circular, giving full par

N. L. R. ticulars, which we send free to any address Irene Richardson, Sep. 9, at South Union, Any active lady, can earn the watch in six Ky. Age, 71 yrs. days. Other valuable articles sent to those Anna Hurd, Sept. 28, at New Gloucester. who want something else. This offer is made Me. Age 92 yrs. She was so alive in spirit, so to introduce our publications where they are Anna was the last of those that moved from

loving and cheerful that we mourn her loss. not known. Address, BUCKEYE PU'B. CO. Gorham, when that Society was transferred Minneapolis, Minn.

to Poland.-J.B. V.

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AN ANALYSIS OF HUMAN SOCIETY. This order was represented by the No. 2.

Pentecostal Church ; and is now by the people called “Shakers.” With them

there is neither millionaire, pauper nor The second phase, is manifested in penitentiary; slave nor dependent and countries called free; said countries where he who is the greatest is the most bringing forth millionaires, paupers and of a servant. criminals. The land—the prime ele

The mission of Moses was to estabment of existence, being in the hands of lish the just order. And to effect that a few; the masses are compelled to sub- he required that the propensities (which mit to the outrage of having no land, all have in common with the lower aniand of being servants to those who have. mals) should be subject to the following Forced to pay interest on enormous debts laws. The dietetic, the procreative, the which they never contracted, and to sup- agrarian, the agricultural, the moral, port governments instituted to oppress the financial and the Sabbatical-of them, and priesthoods for which they days, rest to the body. Sabbath of have no reverence.

years—rest to the land and a cancelling The organic law of the Divine order of debts; and every fiftieth year, all of human society, is love to God su- who had lost their land took possession premely, and neighbor more than self- of it again. These laws were more "in honor preferring one another.” sweeping in their practical operation “Let the greatest be the servant." than most are aware of.

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