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cant, first, showing that we shall not mortal riches. Selfishness should be despisbe idle after our earthly labors have ed, fought and conquered.

Perform the duty of the moment, whatever closed ; secondly, that probation does

it may be; prepare for the future, by improve not cease with our mortal existence.

ing the present; prepare for death, by living The yery titles, King, Priest, or Judge aright now. Truth and purity are sure to implies onerous duties, as the welfare of win. Strive for a life that shall realize these a kingdom ministering at the altar, to virtues. No good effort is lost; what you dediscern between right and wrong; so to sire, you endeavor to obtain. By desiring

what is virtuous, you may become a power decide wisely in all cases of equity. against evil. Abound in goodness, grow in These duties bring care and burden, holiness. not a condition of ease.

Let the daily service of your lives be an Those servants were examined and offering of “ a sweet savor unto the Lord.” having been found faithful in their stew- Let each moment tell for good. Life is none ardship they were rewarded accordingly. of gold is valuable, so is each moment of

too long for repentance. "As every grain seems to be self evident that time.” How much time is lost! Wasted we are to work for souls after entering hours count up fast. spirit life ; for were there no sacrifice Gather the fragments of precious time, and of what use is the office of Priest? So make of them something of moment that will also of the offices of King and Judge.

benefit you. Gather the crumbs of happi

ness, to give brightness to your lives, and Should any say these promises are

make the way more cheerful. Garner the fulfilled in this life, we would ask where fragments of spiritual food into your souls, the twelve Apostles sat on “twelve to nourish, and strengthen, and beautify; let thrones judging the twelve tribes of none be lost.

Your Brother, Israel?”

Daniel Orcutt. This is what Christ declared they should do. They suffered cruel perse- CHILDREN AND HOME CONVERSATION. cution until they yielded their lives in the hands of their enemies. They had CHILDREN hunger perpetually for new no throne but the throne of martyrdom. ideas. They will learn with pleasure from Still we believe the promises will be the lips of parents what they deem drudgery

to learn from books, and even if they have verified, not only to the Apostles, but the misfortune to be deprived of many eduto every faithful soul. God grant we cational advantages, they will grow up intellimay merit the reward.

gent if they enjoy in childhood the privilege Canterbury, N. A.

of listening to the conversation of intelligent people. Let them have many opportunities

of learning in this way. Be kind to them Letter Box. , and do not think it beneath you to answer

their little questions for they proceed from Enfield, Conn., 1883. an implanted faculty which every true man DEAR CHILDREN ;-It is time to turn over a and woman should take a great delight in new leaf in the volume of your lives. Let the cherishing. page be free from blots. You cannot recall your past mistakes, but they may serve as AFFECTATion in any part of our carriage, warnings for the future. Profit by dear is lighting up a candle to our defects, and bought experience. Form good vows and never fails to make us noticed, either as wantkeep them. You must deny self, to gain im- I ing sense, or wanting sincerity.


on our

THE MANIFESTO. the happiness, more particularly, of our JANUARY, 1884.

immediate friends and then in the good HAIL! HAPPY NEW YEAR."

Providence of God gladden the hearts of

all who know us. This simple term has a talismanic Readers of the Manifesto will apprecharm to the many thousands who in ciate this very much and make the intheir pilgrimage through this life accept coming new year one in which the anthe opening of a new year as something them of “Good news and glad tidings' of more than ordinary siguificance. shall awaken a harmony in every heart.

It is the breathing of a " Happy New Our lives should be known by the good Year” to all, to the aged and no less to deeds that are made manifest rather the youth and little children. All alike than by the enumeration of weeks and have the anticipation of happiness in months, and the introduction of a new some of its multiplied forms. It awak- year would then present to us a most ens a thought for brighter days, for pros- fortunate season when we may renew, perous days, for days in which right-effectually, our obligations to God, and eousness shall dwell permanently among to his people, and step forward into newmen, and in which a spirituality from ness of life that shall be an inspiration the abode of the pure in heart shall di- of love and good will to all with whom rect our mini's and guard us

we may meet. heavenward journey.

Increasing wisdom in truth and rightThe worldly-wise man makes it a data eousness must follow the increase of from which to begin anew in the accu-Christ's government. The testimony mulation of perishable treasures, where will then bear a close relationship to the moth and rust must forever dwell. He spirit of Divine Light, which like the looks forward to the time when he can refiner's fire will consume everything exhave dismissed the old year with all cept the pure gold. that it may have lost or gained, and an- The anticipated New Year brings an ticipates in the new, greater fame in his inspiration of love and joy and even of relations toward the world, and a more beautiful visions. We see the heavens abundant increase of gold and silver and opened and the angels of God ascendprecious stones.

ing and descending, we hear the reveThe religious mind also looks forward lations of great and good gifts and they with pleasure to the opening of a new betoken most emphatically the wonderful season, to the beginning of a new year days that are to come. The whole in which will be found renewed demon- world are in marching order and we see strations of God's goodness to man. them moving on toward the beautiful In our preparation let us arrange a new Kingdom of God. In this inimitable order of resolutions which shall govern future when the ransomed of the Lord our conduct, and in this make our sys- shall return to Zion ; in these millennitem of self-denial of greater practical al days when the knowledge of the benefit, so that while it affords a Happy Lord shall cover the land as the waters New Year and a better result to our cover the sea, when the swords shall be selves, it may at the same time enhance beaten into plough-shares and the spears

He says

into pruning hooks, are the days when Those who write for the Manifesto righteousness shall dwell among men. should not forward the Mss. till they

Indeed, and 1884 belongs to this glo- have affixed their full name. If derious future. The days and weeks and sired, the name can be with held when months will move along with unerring the article is published. precision, and as faithful workers for this wouderful day of God's grace, let

Sanitary, us accept the baptism of the Holy Spirit

(From The Herald of Health.] and become the mess essengers of a gospel

HOW TO PRESERVE THE EYESIGHT. truth that shall save the world from sin.

The editor of the Huntsville, Ala., Demo

crat, who has passed his three score years A Hindoo has been preaching in Bor- without the use of eye-glasses, and can still,

with his natural eyes, read fine print, wishes ton Mass. in a Unitarian church, and

to give other people nearing the sere and yelwe trust that the church members have low leaf the benefit of his ocular experience. been made better by his presence. He Therefore, he tells them that in 1865 he found does not profess to be a christian and his eyesight failing, indicated by dark specks may not see the necessity for such a flitting over the page and a hazy appearance

of the letters when he was reading. Rememchange. 66 We believe in the

bering to have heard his mother say that exgrand doctrine that God in his spiritual President John Quincy Adams (who lived to glory has come down to earth, and that about 80 years) had preserved his eyesight now access between him and us is direct. and read without glasses by pressing the outThat glorious doctrine of true Chris- er and inner corners of the eye together, the

editor tried the experiment. After retiring tianity has been obscured and dimmed

to his bed at night, he has, ever since the fall by men who lack the appreciation of the

of 1875, before going to sleep, pressed gently teachings of their own scriptures, but together the outer and inner corner of each the time has come when the claims of eye between the thumb and fore-finger of the the Holy Spirit shall be vindicated. If of the hand corresponding to the right and the spirit of God is a living presence,

left eye, applying equal, simultaneous press

ure to both eyes. Or, using but one band, he if he is a consuming fire, if he is a

has put the middle finger on his fore-head ready counselor, if he is one to whom above his nose and pressed together the corevery appeal may be made in a moment ners of one between the thumb and forefinger, of perplexity and so: row, we are bound and the corners of the other eye between the to tell the world what the responses of third and fourth fingers, striving to give equal that Spirit are.

pressure to both eyes. The philosophy of

the experiment is explained in this way: As This catholic spirit and clear view as

people pass the middle age, there is said to be seen by the distant light of a hindoo (and we believe it) a tendency of the balls of mind, would compare favorably with the eye to lose their convexity-in common the greater light of a Christian dispensa- parlance, to flatten. The habitual pressure tion. St. Paul has said, “ As many

of the outer and inner corners of the eyes to

gether prevents flattening, and thereby preas are led by the spirit of God, they are

serves the original normal convexity of the the sons of God," and no doubt this in

eyes, and thereby the original power of seeAuence

may be felt in India as well as ing. Near-sighted persons are exceptions to in the United States.

the rule. Their near-sightedness (as we un

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derstand) is caused by too great convexity of ens the circulation of the blood, and facilithe eye. Oftentimes, as they advance in tates the proper performance of all the years, their eyes flatten; that is, lose their healthy functions of the body. The food original convexity, and become more nearly eaten with pleasant companions is less likely like the good eyes of young people, and they to disagree with the dyspeptic than that eaten can see better without glasses, and lay them in solitude. Some dyspeptic persons have aside.

often remarked, that when dining with friends Whether our philosophical explanation is and agreeable acquaintances, whose comright or wrong, this one thing we know, that panionship cheered them, they might eat freewhereas we, over seventeen years ago, were

ly, without subsequent harm, of substances losing our original power of seeing, now, by which were sure to occasion distress when the manipulation of our eyes as above ex

eaten at home alone. Not a few have noplained, we can see clearly without the use of ticed that when feeling despondent or feeble glasses, we can read small print almost, if

while alone at home, the arrival of pleasant not quite, as well as in our youth, while men

acquaintances, or a visit to friends, would at and women many years our juniors, some of

once make them cheerful and cause them to them our near blood relatives, who have not feel like new creatures. If short seasons of resorted to our mode of improving the eye- cheerfulness will do so much for improving sight, are compelled to use glasses. Believ- the condition of a person's health, it is easily ing it our duty to mankind to do them all the conceivable that habitual cheerfulness would good we can, we overcome our native modesty be a potent means of maintaining a constant about writing of ourself by the consideration state of healthfulness and physical enjoythat we may benefit others by relating our

ment. own experience.

It may be urged, however, that good health The reason why both eyes should be sub

promotes cheerfulness, and, consequently, injected to the equal simultaneous pressure is, stead of cheerfulness being the cause of good that to see clearly, both eyes should behold


may be the consequence. It is true, objects at the same focal distance, and this that good health is conducive to cheerfulness, cannot be if the two eyes have not the same yet there may be good health without cheerconvexity. If the two eyes should see ob- fulness. The two, however, have been dejects at different distances, the object would signed by nature to be intimately associated. present different images on the two retina of Every healthy child is generally cheerful and the eyes, and produce a confusion of images, happy. So universally is this the rule, that and, of course, impair distinct vision. In many are disposed to regard childhood as the stances occur of persons who have a natural most enjoyable period of human existence, infirmity of the eyes with different foci-one and regret that they are no more to experieye seeing at one focal distarce, the other see

ence the pleasant joys of youth. The child, ing at another focal distance. In such cases however, has its troubles and sorrows, but is oculists provide eye-glasses of different foci, more cheerful than those of a “larger growth” so accommodated as to correct the natural de- simply because it sooner forgets its griefs and fect and make both eyes see alike.

gives itself to the enjoyment of the pleasant

things of its existence. The child is really a (From the Phrenological Journal.]

better philosopher than the man, and, conseTHE INFLUENCE OF CHEERFULNESS ON HEALTH.

quently, tinds more enjoyment in life, thus preserving its cheerfulness.

Some persons are notably more cheerful CHEERFULNESS exerts an important influ- than others. For those who are naturally ence upon the health as well as contributing cheerful, it seems easy for them to maintain much to the happiness of mankind. The their cheerfulness; but, how are the naturalcheerful man, woman, or child is more likely ly gloomy to put on cheerfulness? Will to be healthy than the gloomy one. Cheer- cheerfulness come at the bidding? The defulness promotes digestion of the food, quick-spondent can not become cheerful by willing






it. The proper conditions must be complied Lines written upon the occasion of the demise of our good with, and cheerfulness comes as its result. and worthy Sister Mary Ann Emerson. Nov. 26th., 1883. Well directed efforts promote the attainment of cheerfulness. The mind must resolutely put aside corroding cares, keep aloof from O HAPPY soul! most nobly hast thou done worry, and take a hopeful view of the future. Thy work below. A treasure thou hast gained, The mind may be active and devoted to the

Exceeding far Peruvian gold; and now

Thou goest home to thy eternal rest; business of life, and yet so hold itself that

Unto that mansion now awaiting thee, life shall be full of cheerfulness. The cheer- Which thou thro' faithfulness bast well prepared. ful mind is more likely to succeed in life than O dearest sister, while we truly know the gloomy one. Cheerfulness strengthens

The blessedness of thy immortal lo:,

We can but deeply feel the loss of thee, the power of mind as well as the body, and

That thou shouldst leave us, even at the time the cheerful mind is better able to cope with

We cherished fondly such exulting bope, the difficulties of life than the gloomy mind That thou wouldst tarry with us yet a while, is. The man who is busily engaged in busi

A goodly while. Ah, sister, all in vain. ness does not need to shut out cheerfulness

'Tis past. And we are left to move along

Without thy blest companionship to cheer from his life in order to succeed; on the con

In many toilsome hours and walks of life, trary, by so doing he is less likely to succeed.

But wilt thou not in spirit be with us, By persistent effort every one may attain to To bless and comfort us? O be it so. a fair degree of cheerfulness. Well-directed

And tho' our earnest pleadings failed to hold

Thee longer tangible within our midst, efforts are almost sure to be crowned with

We hope and trust thy blest angelic sway
Every one who will, may be cheer-

Will move to ceaseless energy each soul, ful.

That, struggling oft', seems faltering betimes, Cheerfulness is one of the good things of And growing weary in the gospel strife. life and is well worth possessing. Ralph

We know what power thy spirit can impart, Waldo Emerson well said : "The best part

For many years, within the gospel field,

Hast thou to many given evidence of health is a fine disposition.” It is more

Of stirling qualities thou hast possessed, essential than talent, even in works of talent. The young and tender minds of trusting youth, Nothing will supply the want of sunshine to Have been protected, molded into forms peaches; and to make knowledge valuable,

That beautify the Zion of our God.

And Oh, how very much they owe to thee, you must have the wisdom of cheerfulness.

Dear sister, guardian, parent--all in one, Whenever you are sincerely pleased, you are They rise up now and call thee blessed, Thou nourished. The joy of the spirit indicates Who hast through every scene in life been true its strength. All healthy things are sweet

To gospel principles, since first thou heard

The voice that called thee from a life of sin, tempered. Genius works in sport, and good

Art truly blessed. Thy reward is sure, ness smiles to the last; and, for that reason, And thou hast gone to reap what thou hast sownwhoever sees the law which distributes things, A harvest of abundant golden grains. does not despond, but is animated to great It needs no eulogy to bring to view desires and endeavors. He who desponds,

The merits of our worthy sister dear,

For many here are witnesses most true, betrays that he has not seen it. As we ad

01 her devoted spirit year by year. vance in years and in knowledge from youth These lines are written simply to portray upwards, instead of becoming less cheerful, The deep emotions of affection'd hearts,

And as our sister passes thus away, as is frequently the case, we should become

No wonder that the sadden'd tear-drop starts. more cheerful. Cheerfulness not only best

A constant burden-bearer all along promotes health, but it also facilitates success

From early life to three score years or more,
in all of our undertakings, besides contribut- Tho' frail in body, still in spirit strong,
ing to the enjoyment of life.

Her exit pow most deeply we deplore.
But she is gone, gone from our mortal sight,
Tho' still in spirit near us all the same;

While unto spirit realms she takes her flight,
The desire to be loved is human nature in Her blessed ministrations still we claim,

Thus, like our sister may we toil with care, its purity. It is the first impulse of the open

Thro' life till all its transient scenes are o'er, ing heart, and it lives and breathes in the That we may find our portion ever there,

In that bright world where parting is no more. bosom of all until the hour of death.

Enfield, N. H.

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