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Growth consists in action. Where

GOD'S SCHOOL. there is no action, there is no growth. Action invigorates and warms up soul and body. It puts fire into the individ

ONE by one, as the days go by,

To learn our lesson we bravely try; ual, that keeps the blood (which is the

For every hour some task is setlife) in circulation.

Difficult, easy, short or long; On one of the Huguenot churches, whether we come to it weak or strongstands the emblem of a flaming cross, Somehow or other it must be met. with these words,-“ Burning but not Graded well is this school of ours ; consumed,” emblematical of the true Each one's duties within his powers. Christian' character. The Cross is ev

His task the thing that he needs to know ;

Many a time does the page grow dimery where a sign of both w;r and


Before tired eyes the hard words swin, War against sin until the banishment

And the hours go by so slow--so slow! brings perfect rest and peace. The

Various ages the class room sharePrince of Peace brought the sword and Flaxen ringlets, and thin, gray hair the sword shall finally bring peace. Both fall over the lesson books.

A Romish conception of the sacred Often the little ones laugh in glee heart, is a heart of flame. Why should As beautiful words their bright eyes sce,

While the aged sigh with thoughtful looks. not the new heart be the same? The

Skillful teachers assembled here work of God always wss and always

Toil unceasingly year by year; will be, forever onward and upward,

Never mistake in their work was known. from the earthly to the spiritual ; from Only the scholars, weary and vexedthe terrestrial into the angelic.

Idle, impatient, tired, perplexedThe Church of Christ should be the Suffer from errors all their own. lamp, giving forth light to the nations The Spirit teaches the highest class ; around; a city on the hill, all aglow as

Time takes all as they onward pass; it catches the first rays of the rising while Experience, Care and Pain

Joy is claimed by the happy few, · Sun of Righteousness." Should not

Treasures of knowledge help us gain, the church be also a living body, a cen- And Memory hears the grand review. ter of attraction to draw souls into its But patiently learning, day by day, embraces for life and salvation ? Let We are waiting to hear the Master say its members be alive with the spirit of

That our school day's work on carth is done God, and let their singing ring out like And after this last, long term shall pass

To be transferred to this upper class, peans of victory, and prayers throb with

Where advanced work is begun. faith and desire, and testimonies come

- New Eng. Journal of Education. warm from experience ; then will be the evidence of the presence of that life giving Spirit, and souls are born anew into " It is far more blessed to give than to receive." the resurrection order. Harvard, Mass.

As I peruse the neatly printed pages

of our - Manifesto," and take special The proper way to check slander is to des. pise it ; attempt to overtake and refute it and cognizance of the names of its liberal it will outrun you.—George Eliot.

contributors, I am forcibly impressed



that in this regard, as in alms-giving,

THOMAS. “It is far more blessed to give than to receive.” My thoughts linger more especially upon the names and characters Thomas was a faithful follower of Jesus, of our honored veteran writers who in although by some he is called the doubting

disciple, yet among all of the disciples of our view justly belong to the class of the

Jesus there was not one who obeyed his man6 more blessed,” in every sense of the dates more willingly than Thomas. expression.

His doubts were the results that would natTherefore, we the army of happy re- urally follow, a man of deep thought and cipients feeling ourselves under great careful investigation. obligations to you as public teachers ask Comparatively speaking we know but little

of his life, but wherever he is spoken of we you to accept this day a tribute of grat

can not help but admire his spiritual heroism, itude for your constancy in advocating and all Believers can undoubtedly see that the principles of a religious truth which his obedience to Jesus is worthy of emulahas sanctified and blessed

tion. your individu

The first notice we have of Thomas was the al efforts, for so many long years.

speech he made when Jesus had concluded to 6" Venerable worthy friends ! ye come

face the dangers which awaited him, in Judown to us from a former generation, as dea, on his journey to Bethany. Previous to it were," bringing your well-earned this the Jews in Judea were about to stone treasures, greeting us with your practi- him but he escaped the danger by going becal testimonies, and laying your precious yond Jordan.

While teaching in that region the sisters of pearls of thought, at the very feet of in

Lazarus sent word to Jesus that their brothexperience ; thus guiding and blessing er was sick. After remaining two days he those who should be your successors in said to his disciples “Let us go into Judea the life and ministry of a pure, an ex- again.” But his disciples began to oppose alted christianity.

him; they said “Master, the Jews of late Is it possible? we ask ourselves, for sought to stone thee and goest thou thither

again?” Yea, here were chosen disciples of us to forget to love, appreciate and hon- Jesus coming up in opposition against him or the names and characters of such seemingly forgetting that he was the lead that representative writers.

should be obeyed. Thomas joined them not We trust not, and hereby we pledge in their opposition. He had too much faith in ourselves anew to live by the precepts

Jesus as his spiritual guide to oppose him in

any particular. which you have so wisely given. For

"Let us also go that we may die with him," we are witnesses that a life-time of per- were the heroic words expressed by Thomas. sonal practical goodness enables you to What faith he must have had in the Bridepresent us a genuine religion a proof of groom of the regeneration, willing even to self-denial. Yea, Self-denial the only sacrifice his own life if by so doing he was

acting in obedience to the wishes of his Maskey yet fashioned to unlock to souls the

ter and leader. mystic realm of spiritual peace wherein If all who dwell within Zion's walls were you dwell. May God continue to bless obedient to the will of God, and had faith in you as givers ” in His cause is our the Bridegroom and Bride as the foundation prayer.

pillars on which rests the new heavens and Canterbury, N. H.

the new earth, and possessed the courage and

heroism of Thomas, Zion's walls would again Do to-day the nearest duty.

shake with the power of God and we could

feel the presence of the beloved Father and truth demonstrated, He wanted to know for Mother of the new dispensation in our midst, himself. Hence, he said, "except I shall and realize the shower of divine love which see in his hands the print of the nails and would be wafted to us from the throne of the put my finger into the print of the nails Infinite. Yea, Thomas' own brethren op- and thrust my hand into his side, I will not posed him but he could say as did Paul, believe. “ None of these things move me neither

God will manifest his power to any people count I my life dear unto myself, so that I who will show by their life that they have might finish my course with joy and the min. faith and implicit confidence in his promises. istry which I have received of the Lord

“ Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my

“I will come Jesus to testify the gospel of the grace of words shall not pass away.” God.” The next notice we have of Thomas to you.” These words Jesus spoke and was during the last supper, Jesus was en

Thomas realized that they were spoken to deavoring to comfort his disciples for he knew him, therefore, he relied upon them and exthat he would soon be crucified. Therefore pected their fulfillment. he said to his disciples, “Whither I go ye

God wants all of his people to realize for know and the way ye know." Thomas im- themselves the truth of the gospel. The testmediately spoke and said, “Lord we know imony of others will not suffice but he wants not whither thou goest and how can we know us to feel the presence of his Holy spirit the way?”

within our own heart. That only will bring Look at the cautiousness of this disciple. comfort and consolation to a true child of the

kingdom. He was afraid that he might make a misstep

The next time the disciples assembled or go contrary to the will of God, therefore, Thomas was with them. After the doors he wanted Jesus to make known to him what were shut, Jesus came and stood in their he should do and how he should walk.

midst and said, “ Peace be unto you." Then What wisdom and childlike simplicity is saith he to Thomas reach hither thy finger here shown in Thomas. He knew who to ask and behold my hands; and reach hither thy for light. If he had doubts he made them band and thrust it into my side and be not known at the proper place. He did not open faithless but believing.” his mind to his brethren in the gospel and “And Thomas answered and said, My ask them what he should do or burden them Lord and my God.” Jesus saith to him, with his troubles, but they were all carried to

" because thou hast scen thou hast believed, the first anointed in God's order.

blessed are they that have not seen and yet The last, important notice we have of have believed. Thomas transpired a few days after the cru- What satisfaction Thomas must have decifixion of Jesus. His ten brethren were try- rived from this demonstration, so ardently ing to convince him that they had seen their longed for. Yea, this disciple was not easiMaster and conversed with him since his ex- ly deluded. If he saw Jesus he wanted to ecution. Thomas was astounded, he doubt-recognize him. He knew he was going to ed, he thought they might be mistaken; he preach to a world of unbelievers; those who thought strange that this occurrence should would assert that he was laboring under a dehappen while he was absent from them. He lusion, therefore he wanted positive evidence no doubt listened to them attentively, but it concerning the presence of Jesus, then he gave him no comfort. He remembered the would be better prepared to battle the world language of Jesus, viz. “I will not leave and meet the arguments which would emayou comfortless I will come to you. Thom- nate from Satan and his emissaries. as realized that he had been a faithful disci- The print of the nails, the pierced side he ple, therefore, he was entitled to the same clearly recognized, not in the midnight darkprivilege that the other disciples had enjoyed. ness but on a bright spring morning. This Jesus had promised to comfort him as well as was a spiritual demonstration under test conhis brother disciples. Therefore he would ditions therefore Thomas was thoroughly satnot be satisfied until he could see the same l isfied.



God is willing to satisfy the longings of all

UNION. honest seekers after truth. Wherever there is a fundamental want inherent in man there must be a corresponding provision. "My Lord and my God.” How much is

“So we being many are one body in there involved in these words. It clearly Christ, and every one members one or demonstrates that Thomas was a “Believer” another. Rom. xii., 5. for he recognizes God through him who be- All mankind are bound together by a gan the blessed work of “regeneration” | certain bond of fellowship.

The rewhich finally culminated in the second ap. moteness of the situation in which we pearing of Christ being manifested through the female by which a spiritual relation was

are placed does not affect this connection, formed between the two Anointed Ones. but rather tends to strengthen it, as we Thereby they have become the foundation see in the commerce of different nations pillars on which rests the new heavens and and in mutual exchange of commodities. the new earth.

The inhabitants of one country cultiThomas saw and believed but “ blessed are they that have not seen and yet have be- vatc fruits for the consumption of those lieved."

of another; and the inhabitants of othGod saw that Thomas required a powerful er countries in return produce articles of demonstration to prepare him for the work manufacture for their use, thus one gives which was set before him. God deals with that which the other needs, and both are men according to their needs but the same

provided. manifestations have never been repeated in

There are various distinctions the world's history, therefore all cannot be eye-witnesses to the demonstrations of God. grades in life ; the lowest are useful as It was so in the days of the disciples, and it well as the highest ; the rich benefit the is none the less now.

poor, and the poor labor for the rich. Many believed the gospel that were not Governors protect their subjects and evpresent at the Pentecostal Baptism. Many to-day believe in the Second Appearing of ery loyal subject contributes to the supChrist who beheld not the glory of his com- port of its Governor; in this way the ing; many are to-day believers in the Christ interests of leaders and people become life that never were eye-witnesses to powerful one. manifestations of God. “ Blessed are they There is no such thing as indepeudthat have not seen and yet have believed."

ence, and were it no: for iguorance and May we all have faith in the Gospel of Christ and stand firm on the principles which pride, we should never think of it. were manifested in the days of Mother Ann

The laboring class are the basis of soand we will be endowed with heavenly wis- ciety, and why not? The foundation of dom which will free us from all the errors of the wall sustains the superstructure. the world and place our feet upon the solid A larger building requires more support foundation of truth which will stand forever.

than a smaller. The higher we rise, South Union, Ky.

the more we possess, the less claim we

have to independence; now if this be Do not be troubled because you have no true in the natural order of things, it is great virtues. God made a million spires of grass, where he made one tree. The Parth is pre-eminently so in the christian life. fringed and carpeted, not with forests, but And it is in this light that Paul so fregrass

. Only have enough of little virtues and quently speaks of it. "I say through common fidelities, and you need not mourn because you are neither a saint nor a hero. the grace given unto me to every man



that is among you, not to think of him

THE REWARD. self more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God has dealt to every man a

measure of

When Jesus was asked by the rich faith.

man what he must do to inherit eternal To show how important it is to mani- life, his reply was, The first thing to fest a mutual dependence he remarks, be done, is to sell and to give to the “The eye cannot say unto the hand, I needy, all your selfish, private property. have no need of thee; nor again the You cannot receire the blessing you head to the feet, I have no need of thee. seek, or live the life of self-denial Nay much more those members of the which I live, while you are body which seem to be more feeble, are bered with earthly cares and anxieties. necessary. They all have their re

When you have parted with every spective places and uses. Each is nec- thing, that claims your attention alone, essary; essential to the beauty, strength, and beyond the work which I am called happiness, and the perfection of the to perform, then follow me, live as I whole. Why then should we set at live, daily denying yourself for the good naught a bro:her?

of others, being willing to lay down The Christian church would never

your natural life, if need be, rather than have been reduced to its present disjoint-deny the anointing power, which rests ed state if the members had not been be- upon me for the salvation of humanity. guiled from the simplicity found in the It is by following this advice that eterreligion of the meek and lowly Savior; nal life is obtained. and instead of the peace and harmony What is eternal life? Does it consist that should pervade the Christian world in standing around a great white throne we have strife and discord.

bowing and singing psalms through all Indeed how can we call ourselves the eternity? Is there nothing more? The disciples of the Prince of Peace if we throne of God in every man is his condo not abide by the principles so clearly science, and when strictly obedient to its wrought in the life of our patteru? He dictates according to light and truth, he said, " Then are ye my disciples it ye is worshiping at the throne of God, no love one another.

matter what honest labor employs his According to this we must not live for hands. Peter speaks of having left all ourselves. Each is to live for the good to follow Christ, theu asks what shall be of each and for all. “With brotherly the reward? Jesus says : To these who love ; in honor preferring one another."

have followed me in the regeneration Even an indulgence harmless in itself, (not generation) shall be granted to sit is to be avoided if the peace of a weak on thrones judging others and again, conscience will thereby be destroyed.

they are to be kings and priests,” still Such was the example of Jesus Christ farther in the parable, to those who had and such is the duty of those professing wisely improved the Teacher's gift, to be his followers.

after being commended, were given Canterbury, N. H.

more duties, as the care of five or ten IDLENEES is inconsistent with a christian life.-F.

cities. These things are very signifi

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