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and the governed are allowed a voice in framed according to his narrow conceplaw-making. This power is exercised tion of Deity; masculine in spirit and somewhat in limited monarchies, such administration, cold, philosophical and as exist in some of the states and king- cheerless, they lack the true love element. doms of Europe, where the supremacy It will only be in the greater enlightenof the king, is prescribed by a constitu- ment, mental and spiritual, of the futtion; yet, in that amended form of ure, when feminine qualities are acgovernment, the machinery of state oft- knowledged and infused into civil and en plays into the hands of the aristoc- religious systems, that the grand ideal racy, and the nobles rule ou a grander of social, civil and religious liberty will scale of monopoly, of human rights and be attained. privileges.

Government may be classified under Another step in advance, is where four heads. First, that of a family, monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy which requires children to be subject to are combined as is the case with Great parental guidance and instruction. Britain, where in the houses, of Com- Second, Civil. That which binds mons, and Parliament the representative the individual to the maintenance of law-makers of the various classes of the laws of his country. society meet. Some persons deem this Third, Ecclesiastical. Personal obthe strongest and best of human govern-ligation to yield to the authority of that ments; but, the love of liberty and in- organization which the people choose. creasing knowledge, leads on in the Fourth, Self-government. The regrand march of the world's progress, striction, voluntarily placed upon the and Republicanism with its broad basis unsubdued passions and propensities of for the universal brotherhood of man, by unregenerate man. Those who have adthe annihilation of caste and class, takes vanced to this, have the law of God hold of the minds of the masses, since written within ; acknowledging a Divine its establishment and successful working Theocracy, which supercedes all human on the free soil of America.

governments. To such, it is easy to be * The voice of the people is the voice law-abiding wherever they are ; and, of God,” has rung through the courts when associated in spiritual communion and countries of Europe ; till, like Sinai's and relation, self-love and interest bethunders it has shaken empires and king- come absorbed in the highest of human doms to their foundations, engendering attainments; an organization, which revolution and anarchy; but, out of brings into harmony, for the well-being these, shall come forth order and a more of all the noblest and purest gifts of unjust form of government. "Forever folded humanity. the right comes uppermost, and even is Mount Lebanon, N. Y. justice done.” Jefferson said ; “ Where there is no government, there is no God.”

I want to feel blest of God and his peoThis is true, the godless elements of un- ple for honest efforts to sustain right and corprogressed human nature alone repel rect principles in all respects.-J. S. K. law, order and discipline.

Habit :-Whose character is reviling, he All man-made governments, are can as easily revile you as your friend.-M.W.



been reading the letters of his mother, and had just found out the secret that made him

what he was, “ The old man eloquent." He The home sphere is one in which a good replied, with the liveliest emotions, that what and Christian influence should abound with ever there had been in his life which was beautiful graces. This is a truth which we good and useful was to be ascribed to his have reason to fear is not fully estimated by mother. Let us take a critical view of his many persons, but we should find here the long life of usefulness such as accompanying best opportunity of doing good. Some seem his father to Europe on a foreign mission, to feel that they have not much influence at while in his boyhood unparalleled activity, of home. Such have yet to learn that home is spotless purity, of highest honor, brilliancy the sphere, not only of duty, but of the best and usefulness; then trace all this back to influences. It is natural to aspire after the honored mother, and consider the imsomething great. Perhaps we need to work portance of her influence. This is only one more in our own vineyard, to know our instance out of many. There are numerous selves, before our influence can be very ele- accounts on record of pious females exerting vating.

a heavenly and benign influence, not only on This knowledge is gained by entering fre their own families, but on all around them. quently into the closet (of our hearts and Who can measure the responsibility resting honestly, humbly pray for the graces of the upon parents and guardians of children. The spirit to abide with us. We can exert an influ- ornaments of society, are in no small degree, ence for good, and become bright and shin- the result of that maternal influence which ing lights, and will be able by divine influ- has been tacitly and without being perceived, ence to eradicate much evil and establish or- exerted in the domestic circle. der, peace, joy and harmony in society. But influence is by no means confined to There are some pleasures and influences the parental sphere. A brother, sister, or which result from storing the mind with useful friend, may sometimes become as influential knowledge, but enjoyments, and benefits as parents.—Upon such, will great blessings greater, by tar, result from the cultivation be pronounced. “Blessed are the Peaceof the mind, and from the exercise and re-makers for they shall be called the children ciprocation of friendly feelings.

of God.” How careful and prayerful we The world is full of the praises of some of should be, that we do not exert a wrong inthe most elevated men and women, but with fluence upon society. Let slander, calumny, out the parental influence, which guided their or anything that would hurt or wound the youth, what would they have been? Their tender feelings of another be banished hencefirst lessons were received at home. There forth and forerer; no matter what grade or they commenced their education of mind and station we may occupy, such traits of charheart which rendered them eminently useful acter are not justifiable. No community can in after life. Are we not indebted to the be prosperous, harmonious, peaceful, and parents of those meritorious people for the happy, where such ruinous vices exist. Let good influence which they exerted over them us carefully, and continually pray that we and through them, over a nation?

may so possess the spirit of Christ, that we John Quincy Adams has been acknowl- can love and bless one another with a pure edged to be one of the brightest ornaments heart fervently. Our influence then will alof Massachusetts. His Father was questioned ways be cast on the right side, and become with regard to the means by which his son what it should be, holy and acceptable to God. was so early brought forward and became so North Union, Ohio. prominent and useful. The Father gave a description of the various means employed in his instruction and adds, he had a Mother. The wise keep memory of themselves, and When Governor Briggs returned to his seat in are never deceived or elevated by the apCongress, he told Mr. Adams that he had plause of others.-M. W.




ONE language Believers in union proclaim,

That Christ in his kingdom, in triumph does reign, What Seers, what Saviors and what Gods And in true Believers his glory displays, 'Tis needful we should be !

As prophets predicted in primitive days. And yet we are but merest worms

The substance, predicted by figures and signs, To act in such degree.

Has drawn the attention of all the divines;

Anil many have labored with eamest desire, God grant humility of heart,

And looked for a kingdom that's revealed by fire. Best armor of defence;

The time has expired, the book is unsealed, That better we may act our part

The kingdom to thousands is truly revealed, Removed from arrogance.

And many, like gold in the surnace, are tried, Our motives must decide our case

And brought into union with Christ and his Bride. In part, but not the whole ;

These two were anointed and suffered on earth, Unless we've studied for our race

And travailed in union, and found the new birth;

They conquered the evil which Satan devised, Creation of each soul

And firmly established the Kingdom of Christ. We'll say no more, but think anew

The language of all in the Kingdom is one, On this consistent plan,

And by it are faithful Believers well known, While least and most that we can do,

Nor can a deceiver, though many have tried, Is, “do the best we can.”

Dissemble the voice of the Bridegroom and Bride.

The true gospel language cannot be expressed, Canterbury, N. H.

But by the Believer, by whom 'tis possessed, 'Tis spirit and life, and can only be known

By such as have gained it, and made it their own. FORGIVENESS.

When infinite Wisdom unfolded her plan, “ And Jesus said unto her, neither do I Then Christ in his glory revealed it to man, condemn thee, go, and sin no more." John, Here man by obedience, salvation obtains ; viii., 11.

And this is the language on Mount Zion's plains. BENIGNANT Savior! 'Twas not thine

Now 'ell me, ye learned, ye noble and wise, To spurn the erring from thy sight,

What Datural wisdom could ever devise

A plan so effective, and bring it to view, Nor did thy smile of love divine

To slay the old man, and give life to the new? Turn from the penitent its light.

The work is effected, the Kingdom's begun, O then, shall we, who own thy name,

And in it the language and spirit are one; A brother's fault too sternly view,

We bless the great work, and we own the first cause

Which gave to Mount Zion her language and laws.
Or think thy holy law can blame
The tear, to human frailty due?

May we, while human guilt awakes
Upon our cheek the generous glow,
Spare the offender's heart, that breaks

The new wine is the resurrecting spirit. Beneath its load of shame and woe.

The new bottles are resurrected truths and Conscious of frailty, may we yield souls. Forgiveness of the wrongs we bear; That a Christianity which opposes a candid And strive the penitent to shield

and free investigation of spiritual truth, progFrom further sin, or dark despair. ress, and the emancipation of the mind from And when our own offences weigh error; which opposes violence with violence Upon our hearts with anguish sore,

and hate with hate; which allows its votaries Lord! let thy pardoning mercy say

to contend for honors and emoluments of the Like Jesus, Go, and sin no more." world, to grind the face of the poor, and to --Selected.

propagate the corrupt and rebellious life of the world, by natural generation ; which fails

to repress sinful desires in the heart, and to Truto reduced to practice-incarnated, is nip evil designs and practices in the bad; a crystalization of divine light.-D. F. which fails to organize its subjects on a social



basis of equity that will protect innocence, and in serious doubt whether its reputed encourage goodness, reward virtue, and se-author was a myth or reality, lo! it appears. cure the perpetual ascendency of justice, a second time upon the stage of human life, unity, purity, holiness, chastity, charity and and this time, contrary to all previous theory righteousness in the conduct and counsels of and mortal expectation, it is made known by its leaders; that if such is Christianity, it is a woman. not the genuine Christianity of the wise and We know it to be the same by its fruits, gentle Nazarene, we think no one who has and that its mediator is no myth, the writer carefully and candidly investigated his life being for years acquainted with those who and doctrine recorded in the New Testament received their faith and testimony direct from can reasonably dispute.

Ann Lee; people who had sought in vain And if there is a people now on earth, elsewhere for that deliverance from the gallliving the life and forming the character as-ing yoke of their passions which they obtained cribed to him and his first witnesses, we by obedience to Ann's testimony. She afreason that Christ must be present with and firmed that she received her doctrine and in them as much as it is possible for him to testimony from the spirit of Jesus, a part of be present with mortals, and it behooves whose earthly record we have in the New those who are honestly and anxiously expect- Testament, and concerning whom she testiing Christ's second advent, to seriously ex-fied, “I have often seen St. Peter and St. amine their credentials and testimony. Paul, and conversed with them, and with all

Jesus foretold a total apostacy, from the the Apostles, and with Christ Jesus, my Lord light and life of his first appearing, and the and head. For no man is my head, but substitution of false Christs and unauthorized Christ Jesus, he is my Lord and head.” At teachers in his name. The Apostle Paul Watervliet, in the last year of her earth life, and the Revelations of John confirm the she testified in presence of a large number same, while the history of the dark ages, the of people; “Christ is ever with me, both in testimony of inspired witnesses, and the pro- sitting down and rising up; in going out and phetic numbers of Daniel and John, prove coming in. If I walk in groves or valleys, that this time has already passed. Conse- there he is with me, and I converse with quently a new revelation is absolutely neces. him as one friend converses with another, sary not only to revivify the truths of the face to face." past so far as they are needed for present She would sometimes say to those who growth, but to set up on earth the kingdom addressed her as Madam or Mrs., “I am of the God of heaven, which is to consume in Ann, the Word.” The relation which she its progress, all other kingdoms (whether of claimed as subsisting between her and Jesus beasts or men,) and to increase in order, was confirmed by other reliable witnesses, growth, and stability without end. Also to and by her own conduct. Ann was a medium fulfill ancient predictions, and vindicate the from childhood. spirit that gave them.

According to the testimony of her friends, Hence our faith is not founded primarily she was industrious, discreet, truthful and upon any record, but upon a new and present upright, and possessed a strong, practical revelation of the same spirit, which illumi. common sense and good judgment in relanates and is illustrated by the record, and by tion to the ordinary affairs of life. She also the character of its subjects. Thus, the possessed a knowledge and wisdom in spiritcharacter of Ann Lee’s revelation may be ual things which enabled her to compass the known by her own subsequent character and spiritual state of all who applied to her for teachings, and by the conduct of her dis- aid or instruction. There is evidence of this ciples. At a period when intellectual skep- in the quality of her disciples, among whom ticism is stoutly laboring to discredit the were Baptist elders, preachers, college gradhistoric evidence of Christ's first appearing, uates, business men and heads of families when rational inquirers are perplexed as to who had secured prosperity and success in what really constitutes genuine Christianity, worldly affairs, and in the high moral character which these people sustained to the end instructions as these, impressed by example, of their days.

Ann's qualifications as a witness, may be in People qualified by their subsequent train-some measure inferred. ing and guidance to make community life a

VISIONS AND REVELATIONS, success, a desideratum s.'ught by many with concerning the spirit of Jesus have been out success, for centuries since the over- common among the disciples of Ann, one of throw of the primitive Christian communal which, the testimony of William Harlow, church. These were Ann's epistles seen given at Mount Lebanon, in 1790, is here and read for sixty years after her decease. presented. Ann's good sense and judgment are amply Feeling my spirit in union with. Father vindicated in the following

Joseph (the presiding Elder] my mind exPRECEPTIVE TEACHING.

ercised toward God, and my sensations in “Put your hands at work and give your the heavens, I saw the kingdom of our Lord heart to God. The devil tempts others, but Jesus Christ, set up on earth in this place, an idle person tempts the devil. Do all and it was the most glorious of anything I your work as you would if you had a thou- ever saw. The glory thereof far exceeded sand years to live, and as you would if you the light of the sun, and shone at noonday knew you must die to-morrow. Be diligent as a great light; and I heard a voice from with your hands, for godliness doth not lead heaven saying “The tabernacle of God is to idleness. Be neat and industrious; keep with men, and the Father and the Son have your family's clothes clean and decent; see come to dwell with them whom God hath that your house is kept clean, and your called and chosen, and who are found faithfood prepared in good order.

Keep your

ful.” And I saw the Lord Jesus sitting updwellings, your shops and your fields, and on a great white throne. And I saw a numeverything you possess in order. In the ber standing before the throne, clothed in Spring of the year, every faithful man will white. And I saw Mother and the Elders go forth and put up his fences, plough his that were with her (out of the body] standground, and plant his crops in season, and ing between him that sat on the throne and then with confidence@he may look for a bless- Elder Joseph [in the body] and he stood ing. But the slothful and indolent will say between them and the people. And they to-morrow will do as well. Such a man bowed down and worshipped God, and sang never finds a blessing. So is he in spiritual unto the Lord, Hosanna to God and the things. He will be slothưul in the work of Lamb; blessed is He who has given us the God, and will reap his reward. He that is victory over the beast and his image, and over unfaithful in the unrighteous mammon, how him that hath the power of death. can he be trusted with the true riches ? Be

And he who sat on the throne spoke say. prudent and saving of every good thing. ing; “This is the first resurrection, and

Beware of covetousness. Remember the blessed are ye that have part in it. Ye are my poor and needy, the widow, and the fatherless. witnesses. Ye shall reign with me on the If you do not hear the cries of those who earth. I have come to set up my kingdom, are in distress, God will not hear your cries. wherein dwelleth righteousness, and I will You can never enter the kingdom of God be a father to you and ye shall be my sons with hardness against any one; for God is and daughters, for ye testify of me in the love, and if you love God, you will love one world.” another. You cannot make a spear of grass

William Harlow deceased at Mount Lebnor a kernel of grain grow. It is by the anon while yet a young man, highly esteemed blessing of God that these things come, there by those who knew him, for his manly Chrisfore you ought not to waste the least thing.

tian virtues. If you improve in one talent, God will give

Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. you more. God is a fountain of light, love The first ingredient in conversation is truth ; and goodness, and no soul can truly know the next, good sense; the third, good humor; God, but that will love Him." From such I and the fourth, wit.—Sir W. Temple.

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