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Webster's definition of religion, ANTOINETTE DOOLITTLE.

as far as it goes, is very good. He

says : “Religion is a high sense of moral " THERE be gods many” and religions obligation, and spirit of reverence many; but only one true God and one worship, which effect the heart with retrue religion. Hence we inquire: What spect to Deity.” Add his rendering of is true religion? All peoples, tongues the meaning of "Sanctity, which denotes and nations have had their religion, true purity of heart and life, springing from or false. Pagan religion was one kind; habitual communion with God, and a the ancient Jews had another form; the sense of His continual presence," and Budhists of the Orient, which are very we think we get a good hypothesis, as numerous, have theirs. The Christian far as theory cau extend, of what rereligion (so-called, especially in Amer-ligion is and is designed to effect. ica) is divided into sects and parties,

In accord with a firm belief in any chiefly classed under two great heads or kind of religion, so, to a large extent, ruling powers, Catholic and Protestant, will the life practices of its adherents but, when summed up, called by one be. Hope of reward and fear of punishname.

ment have much to do with the religion Christian religion! What shall we un- of the present age. What in parlance derstand by the phrase? Religion, when is called religion is oftea national, tradidefined, we conclude means the soul's tional and inherited. In Catholic counreliance—something to depend and lean tries, ancestral religion, which comes from parents to children, often goes

with True heart religion energizes the soul them through life. Such persons, as a and is its dearest and most valued friend; rule, do not think deeply nor reason for and, when its mission is fully performed, themselves, but conclude that what their it will permeate the whole being, and sires and grandsires believed must be really make the surrounding atmosphere true. It is a trite saying; “What per- redolent with healthful life and beauty. sons have not reasoned themselves into Genuine religion cannot find full expresthey will pot be likely to reason themselves sion in words, but will manifest itself at out of.” Ancestral religion, we find, is all times and in all places in the minutest not generally effectual unto salvation. deeds of life. It is the soul's panacea,

Human beings, as a whole, are on the the tree of life to the spirit, and bears side of ease and self-indulgence. They fruit meet for all needs. While prayer like what brings to them the largest is the essence of divine love in the human amount of present pleasure and the least heart, its breath of life which cannot restraint. Thus, we see how easy it is be expressed by any form of speech, for people to accept the doctrine of the words detract from and lessen its potency, atonement-cne righteous man living, but, when unalloyed, it is the cementing dying, suffering for all, 10 expiate their link in the golden chain that binds the transgressions of moral and spiritual fivite to the Infinite. True religion and laws. People generally are beginning prayer will form a perfect elysium where to understand, that physically, each in the soul can rest in God. dividual must suffer the consequence of Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. his or her wrong iloings, and that effects follow causes, and that a “ mysterious

CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHO YE WILL SERVE.', Providence " does not inflict punishment upon the bodies of human beings. Diseases are oiten transmitted by parents THESE words Joshua spake unto the from generation to generation, and in children of Israel many centuries ago. that

way the sins of ignorance or of will- Nevertheless they are equally applicable ful delinquencies follow from age to age, to the people of this present age, espe

and torture their progenies. cially those who are naturally endowed Those entailed ills have to be borne as with spirituality in a sufficient degree to best they may, until outgrown by adher- ap:rehend or realize that the kingdom ence to physical law, which require pa- of heaven has been established upon tience and perseverence in well doing. earth. Those whose minds are suffi

Ideal religion, produced by erudite ciently susceptible to truth so that they can scholarship and largely discussed in the comprehend the true significance concernnumerous churches of our time, show ing the life of Christ. cloquence, and as far as theory can go, It certainly would be untenable for could vot well be surpassed, but how any one to maintain that mankind as a much vital energy, effecting the life whole or that even a majority, have practices of ihose who listen to those reached to such a state of spirituality finely-framed speeches, let those who are that they are capable of realizing what able decide.

is required to be a true child of God's


to vex


spiritual kingdom. "The natural man come, and whosoever will let him take receiveth not the things of the spirit of the waters of life freely.” Therefore God, for they are foolishness unto him; choose


this day whom ye will neither can he know them because they serve." are spiritually discerned !”

South Union, Ky. How came man in this tenebrous con

A VISION. dition? Why is it that the insipid gustation of sensuality is the predominating desire of mankind? foi all are more I saw beyond earth's shadows or less tainted with abnormal animal A dawn of golden light; propensities which undoubtedly are the

I saw the hill-tops gleaming, results of violations of natural laws.

Enwrapped in radiance bright.

I saw that from the darkness, Yea, what we are depends largely upon Evolved a glorious morn; the influences and conditions preceding Regnant with life and splendor our birth, qand largely upon our course Of earthly suffering born. since birth.

The mist and gloom of sorrow It is a statistical fact, that the majority

Oft veils the sunbeam bright; who enter this life die in infancy: Why

Hope's many tinted rainbow

Ne'er greets our longing sight; is this? Is it a wonder that the spirit

But when the cloud is lifted ual observation of mankind is so dead

Disclosing, sweet and rare, ened that it is seemingly impossible for The richness and the fullness the greater portion of humanity to even Love bringeth everywhereapprehend spiritual truths? May the 0, then our Father's goodness time soon come when the world will see

Revealeth to our view,

The gradual unfolding the necessity of adhering to the laws of

Of all life's grand tableaux; nature, for as we look upon the world in

We see how Love hath led us its present condition we can readily per- By crystal waters pure, ceive why it is that nearly all anxiously In paths unknown and hidden, choose a religion which gives full license To heavenly treasures sure. to their sensual nature. They appre

Canterbury, N. II. hend not the dazzling light of truth

A story is told by Rabbi G. at a recent which proceeds from a Divine Father and meeting in New York City, of a man in Bag

dad who was attacked by another, who, when Mother.

his assailant ran away, instead of pursuing Undoubtedly there are many who are him turned and ran in the opposite direction susceptible to spiritual truths, and they until he came to the gate of a burial-ground.

“Let him go where he will,” said he, “I long for something higher and more shall finally meet him here, and I will say to elevating ; animal pleasures satisfy not I mightest have struck back.

him,” My brother, thou hast struck me.

I am strong their inward yearnings. What is the enough for that but I will not. I might comsignificance of these desires ? It demon- plain to the Caliph and he would banish thee.

I might call upon Almighty God to send strates that they are prepared to enter a down curses upon thee for the wrong thou higher life and become į heirs of the didst me, but I will tell thee what I will do.

When the time comes, when we both shall kingdom of God. 6. The spirit and the have passed this gate and I shall stand at the bride say, come, and let him that hear- portals of Paradise, thou by my side, I shall

say: "() God, I will not go into Paradise uneth, say come, and let him that is athirst less this brother goes with me.”



knowledge, wisdom and employment of Its Source and Course.

the eternal future.

The germs of man's present and eter

nal unfoldment, physical, intellectual, Ages passed by before we have any ethical, and psychical, were planted in certain evidence that the race had any his constitution by the Creator, at the means of preserving and transmitting in period of his embryotic creation. Howtelligence from generation to generation ever simple and crude, the primitive only by tradition; the same as is done manifestations of these powers were, by the savages of the present.

they gave evidence of their origin, and I think it may safely be stated as an showed the commencement of a glorious indisputable truth, that all facts in sci- future manhood. Although at first they ence and art were first discovered by developed slowly, yet their progress was studying the relations, movements, and in the direction of success and perfecresults of the objective world; and then tion. Whatever ideas have been imby experiment, and repeated trial, tested pressed upon mankind respecting the and confirmed, and finally placed on re- character and constitution of God and cord for the benefit of mankind. of the spirit or subjective world, they

This primitive, natural method of ed- have been but the picturesque imagery ucation, is coming to be more and more, of the object world as an antitype. the accepted system of the advanced and The ideal grace and exaltation of angels, successful teachers of the present day. the Edenic gardens and ambrosial bowThe educational systems of tweuty five, ers, fountains, rivers, and fruits of Parfifty, and a hundred years ago, have adise, with all the perfections of life, sobeen weighed in the Philosopher's Scales ciety, and conditions of the spirit world of practice, and found wanting. Those are but transformations of the natural unacquairted with the mighty changes world, arrayed in their highest lustre, that have taken place in the normal beauty and perfection. methods of teaching during the last The religious conceptions of man have quarter of a century, can have but a but kept pace with his advancement in faint conception of the new phases that art, science, and civilization. These have come over the thoughtful, intelli- have been the noblest exponents of his gent masses.

highest conceptions of God and the subReal education, is the legitimate un-jective world. Sculpture, painting and folding of our faculties in the direction architecture, more than any other art, of ultimate, substantial truth. Whatev- exemplify man's purest ideal of Divinier assistance we can obtain to aid us in ty, and the exalted and sublime characthe prosecution of this laudable pursuit, ter of his own spiritual and religious natwe should avail ourselves of, whether it ure. be books, conversation, lectures, or our What grander monuments of man's own unflinching labor and research into lofty ideal of the infinitude and eternity the mysteries of the world and life that of God can well be conceived than the now is, and which forms the vestibule almost imperishable pyramids of Egypt, leading into the invisible realms of the cities of Thebes, and Baalbec, all


built out of a pure religious devotion and upright and faithful, who obey the most adoration for the Creative Power of the strictly the voice of God speaking in our boundless Universe.

souls, will insure the most present and In ancient times, apparently all man's future happiness. skill was directed in honor of religion. Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. All the poted sacred teachers, prophets, and apostles, have drawn all their illus

GOVERNMENT. trations of conditions and arrangements in the spirit world, as well as of the states of its inhabitants, whether of hap- From the earliest history of mankind, piness or misery, from similar states and in their association as families, tribes, conditions intensified, of the objective clans, or nations, some form of governworld, the only one with which they were ment, or vested authority, has been familiarly acquainted.

found necessary for the protection of the “How can we reason but from what we know, law-abiding, and the punishment of those Of things in heaven above or earth below?'' inclined to evil. The most ancient form

Jesus Christ the acknowledged model was Patriarchal. Every father held condivine Teacher, in the entire course of trol of his own family and servants, his instruction on the subject of religion which, in many cases, amounted to a and spiritual development, drew all his large household; and his word to them illustrations from earth life and the cus- was more than counsel, it was positive toms of the people he was teaching. If law. This custom still exists in the Matthew is to be credited, Jesus did all Orient, and among rude and barbarous his religious teachings to the people in people elsewhere; but, in most cases parables. So similar did he picture the where they have become numerous, they subjective world in likeness of the ob-have blended in tribal relationship, and jective, that we might be led to conclude are governed by chiefs. As these became that the former is only an embellished powerful they overruled weaker tribes, edition of the latter.

often founding nationalities and kingNo one as yet has been able to give doms. any satisfactory description of the world Absolute monarchy, the first phase to which we are all being swiftly borne, of civilized government, is where full that makes it different from this in its power is in the hands of the Emperor; general aspect. None that have passed he rules according to his sovereign will. the bourne dividing the two worlds, have In some countries on the globe, where ever returned with chart or map of the the light of civilization has but dimly celestial sphere, to enable us to study its shone; both courtiers and subjects, of Psycography.

such rulers are but trembling vassals, As to deductions of those treading controlled by the caprice and vindictivethis dusty ball, there is such a diversity ness of unrestrained passion and will, of opinions, we are left to rely on our void of wisdom and reason. own conceptions and conclusions in the As uations progress, socially and insolution of the interesting problem. tellectually government is based on broad,

We do generally agree that the most righteous and philanthropic principles,

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