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press me.

quenched my love of fame—and as I live in seclusion, with little society beyond that of my own family, I may perhaps say without presumption that I am almost indifferent to criticism : praise cannot elate, or censure de

To the public expression of either, especially the latter, my ear is little used, and I have long been accustomed to be content with the silent approbation of my own mind.

Conscious then of having exerted myself to the utmost of my powers to do justice to my subject, justice is all I ask of any, while to the friendly critic I would say

Approve it only-'tis too late to praise.

T. K.

May 4, 1855.

Page 86, line 14, before should be very soon after.
Page 259, line 5 from bottom, after two add or even three.
Page 292, line 11, omit Dante.

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