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which may towards the close of life render Cancer universal. By permanently retaining, as scirrhus also may do, only a local character, they show how far from essential to Cancer is any constitutional property. They present just such a form of the disease as inight be looked for, if we do not exalt the multiple attributes of one case into a standard for others which are more simple, but rather trace out severally to their causes the independent processes, both local and remote, which combine with varying constancy in different cases. And they especially encourage us not to encumber our research with the theory that Cancer subsists apart from and prior to its first manifestation as a tumour.

There has been another object in the preparation of the following pages. I was attracted to a special study of the Rodent facial ulcerations by unexpected success in the treatment of some advanced and apparently hopeless cases. Besides setting forth the grounds, therefore, for the conviction that they have a close alliance with Cancer, I am desirous also of furnishing illustrations of their fitness for adequate surgical operations. That in its early stages the disease can be got rid of is a fact already known;

but I have found it also capable of being removed, notwithstanding its long previous duration and its great extent. For the verification of this latter fact I have thought it right to illustrate some of the cases by photographs.

C. H. M.


October 1, 1867.

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