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Eighth Thousand, price 3d. Going Home: a Death-bed Sketch. By the Rev. R. BALGARNIE, Minister of the Bar Church, Scarborough.

“Very touching, and highly calculated to be useful to the young."--Evangelical MaLondon : Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Paternoster-row; J. Nisbet & Co., Berners-street.

Scarborough: S. W. Theakston.


Just published, price Sixpence. Happy the Christian when He Dies. Sacred Song (on the Death of the Rev. John Angell James.) Words by L. M. THORNTON. Music by W. T. BELCHER. Published by W. T. Belcher, Birmingham. J. H. Jewell, London.

15 Just published, price Sixpence, Christ Magnified. A Tribute to the Memory of the Rev. John Angell James. A Sermon delivered on Sabbath Evening, October 16th, 1859, in Castle Square Chapel, Wisbech, by Rev. JAMES SMITI.

London : John Snow, 35, Paternoster Row,

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This day, crown 8vo., price 3s. 6d. cloth. The Life of the Rev. John Hunt, Missionary to the Cannibals. By the Rev. GEORGE STRINGER ROWE. London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; and John Mason.


Just Published,
Large Type Daily Texts, on Cards, for a Year. For the use of Families. In
Japanned Tin Case, for Hanging on the Wall, price 3s.
The Series consists of Twelve Cards, each containing Texts for One Month.

Edinburgh : Paton and Ritchie.
London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 33, Paternoster Row.


Now ready, Vol. IV., price 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. gilt. Vols. III. and IV., bound together,

5s. 6d. cloth; 6s. 6d. gilt. The Book and its Missions, for 1859. Edited by L. N. R., Author of “The Book and its Story.”

Contains articles on the progress of the Bible in the lands still, or till lately destitute of the Sacred Book: The lands where the people believe in a false book : The countries where the teachers hide the Bible: Remnants of the ancient churches which first possessed the Book : The field of Protestant effort to disseminate the Scriptures.

A very considerable portion of the volume is devoted to the details of the London Bible Missions now being carried on in this Metropolis.

Future numbers will contain fresh details of the progress of the Home Mission Work, which will interest the readers of “ The Missing Link.” All the numbers of this interesting magazine are in print. Cases for binding, 1s. each. London: W. Kent and Co., Paternoster Row,


Sixty-sixth thousand. Eleventh and revised edition, on fine paper, 4s. The Book and its Story. By L. N. R. A new Steel Frontispiece—“ The First Reading of the Bible in the Crypt of old St. Paul's,” copied by permission from the original beautiful picture, painted by George Harvey, R.S.A., has been engraved expressly for this edition.

This volume needs no explanatory introduction, its object is fully expressed in its title ; and the reader will find in the perusal that it is what it professes to be. The testimonies to its usefulness in directing attention to the Bible itself, and in awakening an interest in behalf of the Bible Society, are both numerous and striking. The twelfth and cheaper edition, published at 2s. limp; and 2s.6d, cloth boards.

London: W. Kent and Co., Paternoster Row.


Just published, cloth, price 7s. 6d. The Book of Ecclesiastes : Its Meaning and its Lessons. By the Rev. ROBERT BUCHANAN, D.D.

“For learned as well as unlearned readers, the most serviceable contribution yet made in our language, for enabling them intelligently to read the meaning, and rightly to profit by the lessons of Ecclesiastes.”—Scottish Guardian.

Blackie & Son, Warwick-square, City, London; and all Booksellers.

Published every Wednesday, Price One Penny,



Thirty-two Columns. EDITED BY JOHN CAMPBELL, D.D.

*** Order of all Booksellers and Newevendors.

WAR WITH ROME! The following Editorial Address has appeared in the “BRITISH ENSIGN:"

BELOVED AND HONOURED FRIENDS! --- Every man, how feeble soever his powers, or humble his position, has on earth a measure of duty to perform, which he ought to view as his special mission. This duty--this mission-depends in a great degree on his light combined with his power. Action, to be steady and vigorous, must proceed from conviction--deep, devout convic


testantism. All the high places of the land are still wrapped in darkness. True Popery is therefore less an object of aversion than true piety. Pride may rebel against the former, but the heart recoils from the latter! The fact that the money of the State is given with so lavish a hand to sustain Popish schools is a very speaking circumstance. The additional fact that £30,000 per annum is set apart for the support of the Popish College of Maynooth, in which there are constantly undergoing preparation for the servioe of the Popish Church in England and her colonies a regiment of from five to six hundred students, more than double the number in all the ten Independent Colleges of Great Britain, ought to wake the dead!

Under these circumstances, we are about to redouble our efforts. As a primary step in a fresh move. ment, we propose to issue a total of 100,000 copies of the BRITISH ENSIGN gratuitously, in batches of three each, which one stamp will carry, to select persons, at proper centres, all over the country, who would properly use them, and endeavour to procure subscribers. This we propose to do fortnightly, in portions of 3,000that is, 1,000 batches of each number, containing a specially-prepared article on Popery. This would not require a very large sum ; and if a hundred substantial friends would set about it none can tell the advantage which might accrue.

Of the many notable things which of late have attracted us, all indicating the onward movement of the Vatican, and the rooted strength of its determination to make a conquest of England, the most significant is the following from the redoubtable pen of Cardinal Wiseman, on the Subjugation of the English:

"If ever there was a land in which work is to “ be done, and perhaps much to suffer, it is "here. I shall not say too much if I say that we "have to subjugate and subdue, to conquer and "rule an imperial race; we have to do with a “will which reigns throughout the world as the " will of old Rome reigned once; we have to “ bend or break that will which nations and " kingdoms have found invincible and inflexible. " We bave to gather for this work the rough " stones of this great people, and to perfect them “as gems for the sanctuary of God. It is good "for us to be here, because a nobler field could not be chosen than England on which to fight " the battle of the Church. What Constantinople, "and Ephesus, and Africa were to the heresies " of old, England is to the last, complex, and "manifold heresy of modern times. Were it “conquered in England, it would be conquered " throughout the world. All its lines meet here, " and therefore in England the Church of God must be gathered in its strength.”

The project is simple and definite. It is just to “conquer and rule" England! That is allnothing less, nothing more. But that done, all is done! Rome is triumphant in every clime. The world is once more at the feet of Antichrist! The Cardinal has thoroughly mastered the idea in all its parts, attributes, and relations. He is wise in counsel and potent in fight.

Cardinal Wiseman deals not in idle words. He means all that he says, and he will labour for its accomplishment. All the Papists of Europe, for many years past, have been praying for the conversion of England; and with both hands they are toiling to fulfil their own petitions. They are everywhere collecting money for that purpose. The whole system of British society is being vigorously worked for its furtherance. No means are left unemployed to get Popish tutors into families, schools, and colleges. The Press is largely in their hands, in the character of well-disguised Reporters, Contributors, and Editors. The system is also powerfully represented in the Senate House.

The Government of the country is but slightly tinged with the true spirit of Evangelical Pro.


The following is a List of Subscriptions already received. Donations for this object may be sent to Dr. Campbell, or to Mr. Daniel Pratt, 10, Bolt-court, London,

Copies. T. M. ...............

2,400 T. T.

1,000 R. T. H.

E. R.

E. P. S.
A London Merchant

A London Minister ....

252 J. R. B.

250 C. S......

240 A. G. D.

240 M. A. J.

240 P. D.

240 A Friend

240 W. P.

240 W.T.

240 R. E..

120 M. M.

120 B. W.

100 D. M.

R. E.

B. C.
J. N. B. ..........
R. L. N. ...............
J. E. ....**.**


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Illustrated with Maps, cloth, 7s. 6d. Notes of a Clerical Furlough, spent Chiefly in the Holy Land. By the Rev. ROBERT BUCHANAN, D.D.

« Every reader of the Bible, and especially every expounder of it, will find here a most interesting commentary, and an invaluable help.”—Patriot. Blackie & Son, Warwick-square, City, London ; and all Booksellers.

39 Just published, in Crown 8vo., Price One Shilling. Christianizing India : What-How-and By Whom. By A CHRISTIAN MINISTER, Author of “ Forty Moral Lectures for the Young." London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Stationers' Hall Court.


The Publisher respectfully calls the attention of all classes to the “ Practical and Devo

tional Family Bible, as beyond all comparison the Cheapest and Best Family Bible ever issued in one Volume, which assertion is not only fully borne out by the Testimonials received in its favour from upwards of One Hundred Clergymen, but by the fact that Fifteen Thousand Copies have been sold in little more than Eighteen

months. In imperial 4to., French morocco, gilt edges, price 21s; real morocco, gilt edges, 259. ; or

Turkey morocco, flexible, gilt edges, 28s., The Practical and Devotional Family Bible ; being the Authorised Version, with the marginal readings and parallel passages printed in full, and the Commentaries of Henry and Scott, condensed by the Rev. John MʻFARLANE, LL.D.; and a compact Bible Dictionary, by the Rev. JOHN EADIE, D.D., LL.D.

“ Among the various publications of its class, a foremost place is unquestionably due to the ‘PRACTICAL AND DEVOTIONAL FAMILY BIBLE. It is dificult to conceive of any substantial improvement of which it admits. The Marginal Readings and the Parallel Passages printed in full are a superlative advantage. We cheerfully accord to the book our most unqualified and emphatic recommendation." - British Standard.

“ The Commentary abounds in the richest matter, and the price—a Guinea-for a beanti. ful quarto of upwards of 1,300 pages, is indeed a marvel.” - Christian Treasury.

"The best and cheapest Bible of the kind that has ever been published. It contains the cream of the Commentaries of Henry and Scott.”—British Messenger.

“It requires only to be thoroughly known, in order to become the Family Bible of the thousands who may possess themselves of such a treasure at so low a price." —Rev. John Cumming, D.D., London.

CHEAP ILLUSTRATED EDITION. The above Family Bible may also be had with Thirty Landscape Illustrations of the Lands of the Bible, real morocco, gilt edges, 32s.; or real morocco, extra, gilt edges, 36s. William Collins, Glasgow and London, Publisher of Family, Pew, Reference, and Pocket Bibles in a great variety of sizes and bindings.

Just published, price Is. 6d., The Funeral Services for the late Rev. John Angell James, including the Funeral Sermon delivered in Carr’s-lane Chapel; and the Oration at the Interment, by the Rev. R. W. DALE, M.A., his colleague and successor.

London : Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; Birmingham: Hudson and Son. 17

This day. Price One Penny. "Worse than an Infidel." A Lecture. By Hugu STOWELL BROWN.

Liverpool: Gabriel Thomson, 108, London Road. London : Partridge and Co.


Just published, in crown 8vo., 4s.; gilt edges, 4s. 6d.; with Portrait and Vignette,

handsomely bound in cloth, a second edition of True Womanhood. Memorials of Eliza Hessel. By Joshua PRIESTLEY. “A very beautiful narrative.-Christian Witness. “ It is, indeed, a pleasing picture of true womanhood.'”-Scottish Press. A rare and raising life. It should circulate by thousands." --Homilist.

London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; John Mason.

On December 1. New Volume for 1859–60. Price 2s. 6d., complete in itself. Illustra

ted with numerous engravings, cloth, gilt, crown 8vo. The Family Economist. The charm of this book is that it treats of everything connected with Home in a lively and interesting style, interspersed with Original Poetry, Anecdotes, and instructive Tales, by well-known and popular Authors.

London: Houlston & Wright, 65, Paternoster-row.


Illustrated with 100 Engravings, price 5s. The Boy's Birthday Book: an entirely Original Collection of Tales, Essays, and Narratives of Adventures. By Mrs. S. C. Hall, William Howitt, Augustus Mayhew, Thomas Miller, George Augustus Sala, William Brough, and Sutherland Edwards.

London: Houlston & Wright, 65, Paternoster-row.

Dedicated to Dr. LETHEBY, M.B., Medical Officer for the City of London. This Day, complete in Two Volumes, price 3s. 6d. each, or bound up as 1 Volume, 78.,

cloth gilt, crown 8vo., 800 Engravings, The Family Doctor: a complete Dictionary of Domestic Medicine and Household Surgery.

Never has a more thoroughly useful book been offered to the public, nor one more profusely illustrated. In every house it will relieve anxiety and save money.

London : Houlston & Wright, 65, Paternoster-row.

On December 1, crown 8vo., price 3s. 6d., cloth gilt, lettered, The Master-Key to Public Offices, and Candidate's Complete Instructor. Fully showing :1. What Places to Seek.-2. What Steps to Take.—3. Who are the Patrons.-4. What are the Examinations.-5. The Ages, and Qualifications.-6. The Salaries, Rules of Promotion, Classification, Hours of Attendance, Prospects, and Prizes in each Office.—7. Retiring Pensions, &c.

The whole forming a Comprehensive Hand-book for all Persons desirous to enter any Department of Her Majesty's Civil Service. By JOHN BOULGER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law; Editor of the “ Civil Service Gazette," &c.

London: Houlston & Wright, 65, Paternoster-row.

On December 1. Entirely New Volume. Second Series, price 3s. 6d. Illustrated with

350 Original Engravings. Also, First and Second Series, bound together as One Volume, price 7s. Illustrated with 670 Original Engravings. Crown 8vo., pp. 756.

Title and Frontispiece by Harvey. Ten Thousand Wonderful Things. Comprising everything Marvellous and Rare, Odd, Curious and Quaint, Eccentric and Extraordinary, in all Ages and Nations. Edited by E. F. KING, M.A.

London : Ward & Lock, 158, Fleet-street.

On December 1, with charming Steel Engraving, and above 200 Wood-cut Illustrations,

price 2s. 6d., cloth gilt. The Christmas Volume of The Family Friend. This New Volume will be found a delightful Christmas Companion, unusually full of charming illustrated Tales and Pastime, which cannot fail to enhance the comforts of the fireside, and please every Christmas party.

London : Ward & Lock, 158, Fleet-street. And all Booksellers.

Fifth Thousand, with 400 Original Illustrations, price 3s. 60. The Family Cyclopædia: a complete Treasury of Useful Information, comprising,


By the Editors of the “Family Friend.”

London: Ward & Lock, 158, Fleet-street.

Fifth Edition, with 250 Descriptive Engravings, price 3s. 6d. The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, containing 15,000 Original Recipes, adapted to all incomes.

“ This volume furnishes every lady in the land with every sort of information she can require for purchasing, cooking, serving, and carving any meal for any amount of guests, from three to thirty."--Lady's Newspaper.


Just published, to be continued Monthly, price Threepence, post free, Fourpence,


Containing Verbatim Reports of Sermons by the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the LORD


London: Thickbroom Brothers, 31, Paternoster.row.

Just published, price 6d., post free for Seven Stamps, NOTES AND RECOLLECTIONS OF A FORTNIGHT'S


By the Rev. R. WALLACE, Tottenham. “A most interesting account of the Revivals, worthy the perusal of all Christians.”

London : Thickbroom Brothers, 31, Paternoster-row.

Just published, a much Improved and Enlarged Edition of THE CHRISTIAN'S PENNY ALMANACK FOR 1860 :

Containing a Course of Daily Meditations, Metropolitan Chapel Directory, and the usual

Almanack Information.
London: Thickbroom Brothers, 31, Paternoster-row.


Christmas Presents for Workmen. Lectures to Men. BY HUGH STOWELL BROWN. Single Vols., paper cover, ls; cloth, 1s. 6d. each. Two vols. in one, cloth, 2s. 6d ;

cloth, gilt, 3s. Liverpool: Gabriel Thomson, 108, London Road. London : Partridge and Co., Paternoster Row; and all Booksellers.


Fifth Thousand, price 2s, The Backwoods Preacher. An autobiography of Peter Cartwright. Edited by W. P. STRICKLAND. Reprinted from the last American Edition.

" For the rugged earnestness of the man it is impossible not to have a high admiration. His life is full of strange incident, and, setting aside its oddities, must command, and more than command interest."-Athenaeum.

“ Full of the richest Americanisms and quaintest anecdotes; it gives the details of a religious phase of society almost unknown in England.”—Dickens's Household Words. Arthur Hall, Virtue, and Co., 25, Paternoster Row.

27 Just published, 8vo., 436 pp., price 3s. 6d., cloth lettered, Vol. II. of the Third and

Enlarged Series of The British Controversialist for 1859; containing full and able Debates on the following questions :- Are the Tenets of George and Andrew Combe Philosophically Correct? Is Unrestricted Competition Injurious to the Community ? Ought the Game Laws to be Repealed ? Leading Articles on Epoch Men-Ignatius Loyola--Jesuitism; Lord Clive—the British Empire in India. Essays, Reviews, Poetry, Educational Information, &c. ; including a paper by the late Sir James Stephen, on the Best Method of Studying History, &c., &c.

“ This admirable serial is always seen to best advantage when gathered up into a volume. We greatly prize it; and deem it specially calculated to promote intellectual culture among young men, thus preparing them for public usefulness.”- British Standard.

London : Houlston and Wright, 65, Paternoster Row.

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