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hearth where the Bible has seldom been. One of the latest and most pleasing opened, and into the factory and work- results of the revival is the opening of shop where Gospel truths had too often a prayer meeting by converted females, been habitually neglected or lightly es in order that their neighbours of the teemed. In at least one-half of the same sex, who have not yet been brought streets and lanes in the town and its to a knowledge of the truth, may have suburbs, there are well-authenticated opportunities of communing with God, cases of sudden conviction followed in and seeking for salvation through many by what, it is hoped, will prove Christ. lasting conversion. Hundreds of per This movement continues to gain sons, who at first denounced and ridi strength every day. It is proceeding culed the whole matter as an ebullition | outward in Belfast, and producing the of transient and unaccountable spiritual best results. Many young men, who frenzy, are now willing to look upon it ranked amongst the scamps of the town, in a more serious light, and to await, have been brought under its influence, patiently the issue of cases of impres. and have professed conversion; and, as sion which they have witnessed with a proof of their sincerity, they have their own eyes. Indeed, some indivi- | since endeavoured to draw others to duals of this very class have become seek the same blessing which they prothe subjects of merciful visitation, and fess to experience. There is scarcely a are now deeply anxious not only for the young man in Belfast who is not aware salvation of their own souls, but that of companions who have been thus the blessing which has descended upon changed, and the work is still going on, them should be shared by others. “The young and old of both sexes are being Revivals,” to whatever side we turn, are awakened and converted. Sectarianism the standing and universal topic of dis has also been considerably broken cussion. In some places, of course, they down, and it would be well if it had reare disparaged, and the reality of the ceived its death-blow. Not only has the manifestations is denied; but this is spirit of sectarianism amongst Proteschiefly among the very ignorant of a tant denominations been weakened, but particular creed. In most cases, how many who, partly through ignorance, ever, they are mentioned either with entertained unkindly feelings towards a hope that they may turn out to be the Roman Catholics, from their abhorrence work of God, and a hesitancy to pro of the Papal system, have been brought nounce unfavourably of symptoms which to be more charitable to the blind who the unenlightened speaker cannot com are led by the blind; and it is gratifyprehend. In general, a deep sympathy ing to find that, although crowded is felt, even among the most unmoved, meetings are held in all parts of the for those who are termed “the suf town-in churches, private houses, and ferers ;” and any good offices that may the open air-daily, yet, with few exbe performed for their relief are wil ceptions, no insult has been offered by lingly rendered. It is making head in Roman Catholics to those attending country districts, in a way which it these meetings. On the contrary, could never have done through mere several members of the Church of Rome humai agency.

have attended as anxious hearers, and Six cases of conversion have occurred have been themselves made partakers in Ewart's-row since our last-all of the of the blessings which their Protestant most hopeful character. The persons brethren have sought, and many of them who had been affected are progressing found. favourably; most of the young women have returned to work. A deep, solemn,

A GENERAL SUMMARY. and abiding impression rests on the Such is a slight view of the manner minds of the majority of the inhabitants in which the revival movement is proof this locality. The voice of praise ceeding in Belfast. To give an account and prayer is heard every evening as of the many incidents connected with it cending from many a dwelling, and would be beyond the limits of a newsthere is an absence of all levity. In the paper. Each street, almost each house, neighbourhood of the Falls-road, Dur furnishes details of an extensive and ham-street, Sandy-row, Peter's-hill, interesting character. In one family Shankhill-road, M‘Tier-street, &c., daily, the daughters have been brought to manifestations of the awakening and know their sins forgiven ; they speak of renewing influence are reported. | the joy they feel to their parents and

brothers, entreating of them to be also the world cannot give, and cannot take “ reconciled to God.” Conviction seizes | away. He has since been in a state of these, and soon the whole family find great physical weakness, but strong in peace, and are made members of the the Lord, and rejoicing in the great family in heaven-members by adoption work wrought in his soul. This is one and grace. A minister cannot pass of many similar cases occurring in our through a street but he is asked to visit town almost every hour, and shows the some penitent, and many of the cases reality of the revival work. which come thus under their notice are Several Roman Catholics have also most remarkable and touching. Last been convinced, and subsequently evening, a minister, in passing the vi brought to a saving knowledge of Christ cinity of Market-street, was requested crucified, instead of a knowledge of a to visit a female then under conviction. crucifix. In some instances the priests He at once yielded to the request, and have been called in to visit them, but was taken through narrow lanes, until no sooner did their “reverences" hear at length he reached a miserable resi. the expressions of the penitent, and the dence, in which there was neither fur prayers of other converts, than they at niture nor scarcely bedding. The peni once fled, without offering any consolatent lay on a bed of straw, in great tion to the individual under conviction. agony of mind. The rev. gentleman In connection with this important having inquired of her what her real subject, we have received a copy of an state was, spoke words of consolation to address to his flock, from the Rev. T. her, and prayed with her. She soon Campbell, Incumbent of Trinity Church, found peace through faith in the atone issued, it appears from the date, before ment of the world's Saviour, and al the extraordinary movement now on foot though her earthly home afforded little in our town. In this address, Mr. Campcomfort, she was enabled to rejoice that bell states his intention of taking for she could lay claim to an inheritance subjects, on successive Sunday morn"incorruptible and undefiled "-to a ings, “ The Person, Work, and Offices of “mansion" in her Father's house above. the Holy Spirit,” and in the evenings,

Another interesting case of conversion of catechising the congregation. On has come to our knowledge. A whole the latter point he says:-"My anxiety family, consisting of five persons, have for you is, that you learn the Holy been brought under the influence of the Scriptures, which can make you wise Spirit's working. The mother—the head unto salvation, through faith which is of the household-had long since been in Christ Jesus. I have hitherto reconciled to God, but her children had laboured for this end, and will still do not given themselves up to Christ. In so, God being my helper. At the recent the family was a young man of great meetings of the clergy in Dublin, it was promise as regards worldly concerns, recommended by the Rev. Hugh Stowell but careless and indifferent about his to adopt the practice of catechising the soul's eternal welfare. He saw his congregation at evening service. He sisters one after another brought to a had found it most profitable; as the sense of guilt, and to conversion through people thus to a certain extent taught Christ, the change being accompanied themselves, their attention was more with the usual extraordinary mental and excited, and they were instructed more physical sufferings; but he remained thoroughly in, and by the very words of unchanged, and still expressed his Scripture itself. In God's name, I hope doubts as to the reality of the work. At to follow the advice, for at least a few length he began to think. He saw his Sunday evenings at a time, commencing whole family professing peace and joy June 5th, and taking for our subject the in their Saviour, and manifesting great Epistle to the Hebrews. In carrying solicitude for his conversion. The ques out the plan, I will propose various tion suggested itself with terrible force questions, which I trust some one preto his mind—“Are they all to be saved, sent will reply to. I feel confident, if and shall I be lost for ever?" He be you take an interest in learning the took himself at once to a private apart Scriptures, and will earnestly implore ment, there to pray. He soon felt the the blessing of the Holy Spirit on our enormity of his guilt. He cried out in efforts for your good, you will find it agony for mercy and pardon, through profitable to your own, and perhaps to the righteousness of the Redeemer, and the souls of others also.” We underwas blessed in finding peace such as i stand that the rev. gentleman is carry

ing his announced intention into execu- , times impossible to break up these outtion, directing the thoughts of his door ineetings till a late anxious congregation at morning service to the are the people to hear the word of G work and offices of the Holy Spirit; and and to join in religious exercises. Notin the evening, in place of a sermon, withstanding the meetings of Tuesday catechising them on the Epistle to the night, thousands remained opposite Hebrews, as revealing the Lord Jesus Great George's-street Church till very Christ in his Godhead and manhood. late, and never was a more orderly or The deepest interest seems to be excited attentive audience addressed by a living among the people.

man. In Berry-street, Townsend-street, and York-street, the audiences were, if

possible, larger than on previous ocPROGRESS OF THE REVIVAL IN

casions. There is scarcely a single IRELAND.

lane or street in Belfast, inhabited by The state of the movement throughout the industrious classes, that cannot prothe land may be gathered from the duce trophies of Divine grace. A reBanner of Ulster of July 9,—a journal markable instance of the spread of the which has done admirable service in good work was seen on the Queen's this great enterprise,—which says: Island on Tuesday, when the ship

“The reports which we have received builders assembled during dinner-hour from different districts in the north, of to hear an excellent address from one the spread and continuance of the work of themselves,-a convert, who has been of the Lord, are of the most cheering instrumental in doing good work for character. In the various towns and his Master elsewhere. Meetings are districts where the Spirit has been being held in almost every district of carrying on His work for weeks, there is the town, and we doubt not the effect no diminution in the attendance of the will be the conversion of many from people upon public ordinances-no darkness to light, and from the power of falling off in the numbers of those under Satan unto God. The meeting in impressions of sin, and no relaxation on Berry-street Church yesterday evening the part of converts and Christian

was crowded. Several laymen and confriends to disseminate the glad tidings verts joined in the services, which were of salvation to all around. On the con of an interesting and solemn character.” trary, it would seem as if but an instal On the 12th, three days later, the ment of the Divine influence had been same journal remarks :felt, and that a greater and more general “ The progress of the glorious work outpouring of the Spirit was generally continues unabated-wide, and rapid, anticipated. In Ballymena, Ballymoney, and astonishing as it has been, for the Coleraine, Newtownlimavady, Cooks past fortnight especially. Wherever we town, Magherafelt, Antrim, and Ran turn, whether to the churches, the dalstown, the operations of the Spirit school rooms, the dwellings, the streets are seen chiefly in the solemnising and and fields of our busy and populous serious aspect and bearing of the people, city, or to congregations, hamlets, and and in the numerous conversions solitary homesteads in far remote parts which are quietly going on in families of Ulster—the evidences of a great and hitherto unvisited by the Spirit. In active awakening multiply in number Belfast, Derry, Dungannon, Killyleagh, and become clearer as the movement Comber, Raffery, Killinchy, Newtown makes irresistible way. The leavening ards, Portaferry, and other places in is indeed become general and thorough. County Down, the outward manifesta In all the churches where special meettions are more numerous; at the same ings for prayer were opened when the time, the silent work of conversion is work first appeared among us, they are going on to an extent hardly known to kept up with increased spirit, and no the ministers and office-bearers of the obstacles of time, weather, distance, dischurch.

couragement of friends or employers, “It is impossible to convey to the are allowed to damp the ardour which public anything like an adequate idea they excite. We are cognizant of not of the magnitude of the work in Belfast. a few instances in which converts, or Every church open for prayer is filled. those seeking conversion, have willingly Opposite several of them thousands as sacrificed recreation, sleep, food, comsemble to hear addresses from converts panionship, and even situations, rather and Christian friends, and it is often- | than give up the opportunities now

presented, on every hand, of hearing those blessed truths which make wise unto salvation.

“The number of convictions and conversions, not only in quarters where the visitations' had already been experienced, but in entirely new fields, are so many that it would be almost impossible for us to obtain, much less to publish, continuous accounts of them. So many are they that a large proportion of the ministers and lay visitors engaged in attending to them are greatly overworked, being often engaged in prayer, and in going about from house to house for a considerable portion of each night. The physical manifestations are neither so frequent nor so violent in their effects as they were formerly, and this we regard as indicating a more hopeful and permanent phase of the movement."


LAND. At the meeting of the Synod, which was held some few days back, the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick read the following Report on the state of religion, 1859 : * We are enabled, on this occasion, for the first time since this Committee was formed, to report, to the praise of God's sovereign and infinite grace, an awakening of many hearts to the claims of vital religion. This great blessing has been long the subject of earnest desires and prayers, yet it has taken us by surprise on its actual arrival. We had been so long accustomed to the previous state of things, that we were filled with wonder when it pleased God to hearken to the voice of our supplication, and to pour out His Spirit from on high. Yet it is true—it is assuredly true —the Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad; and it becomes us, with thankfulness and joy, to acknowledge His mighty hand, and humbly and faithfully to hear the lessons which He condescends to teach.

“In all our Presbyterial and Synodical reports, the state of religion occupies a greater prominence than ever before. There is, as in former years, abundant indications of the close attention which has been given by our ministers to the spiritual condition of their congregations. The statements which are furnished of the number of families, of communicants, and of Sabbath-school

children is, in general, highly encouraging. It is stated, that attendance on public worship is increasing, that prayer meetings are becoming more numerous, that the influence of temperance societies is more deeply and widely felt, that the taste for religious literature and for general mental improvement is growing, and that there are fewer examples than formerly of open and reckless abandonment to evil courses.

"It is stated that ministers all over the church are longing to see more abundant fruit of their labours, and many of them are expecting to see it; that they are aiming to be more practical and pointed in their appeals to the conscience; and that they are attending more than ever, not only to the matter of their discourses on the Sabbath, but also to the manner and spirit in which the truth is presented to the people. It may, indeed, be confidently affirmed, that there is a growing number of earnest, self-denying, indefatigable labourers in the ministry of the Irish Presbyterian Church.

“During the last year, the practice of open-air preaching has been followed up with very considerable vigour. It is stated by the hon. convener, that fifty-si ministers have been employed in this important work; that 35 iservices have been held; and that upwards of 50,000 persons have thus heard the message of the Gospel. This mode of instruction has not only brought the Word of Life before the attention of multitudes who would not otherwise have heard it, but it has proved highly beneficial to the ministers engaged in it, by leading them to use greater plainness of speech, more direct and urgent appeals to the conscience, and more fervent pleading with God for success in winning souls to Christ. It is surely incumbent on this church more earnestly to consider whether any, or what, means are to be employed, in order to bring the Gospel to bear on the tens of thousands of our countrymen who have never heard it, and to elevate the condition of the dense masses around us, especially in our cities and towns, that are now sunk in the lowest depths of moral and spiritual degradation.

“The grand distinguishing feature of our spiritual history during the past year, has been the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over an extensive district of our church. This remarkable movement, commencing in Connor, Ahoghill,

and Ballymena, bas spread over a large, the converts prominently, and almost portion of the county of Antrim, and exclusively, dwell, are the sinfulness and of the counties adjacent. Those who utter spiritual helplessness of men, and are the most intimately acquainted with the all-sufficiency of Christ as a living its origin and progress, shrink from personal Redeemer. assigning any human effort as even in “4. No heresy has been started in strumentally operative in bringing about this new and unusual state of religious this blessed result. There can be no excitement. The whole movement, in doubt, however, that under the guidance its various aspects, tends to give striking of the God of all grace, some previous and vivid illustration of the great docpreparation had been made in addition trines of the Gospel, as they are set to the ordinary faithful preaching of forth in our Catechisms and Confession the Word and prayer. The reports of of Faith. the American revival had tended greatly “5. The effect produced by this to quicken the minds both of ministers awakening on the life and character of and people. Many sermons were those who have experienced it is decipreached on the work of the Spirit, and dedly evangelical-a deep sense of sin, many supplications offered up for the especially of the sin of having neglected special visitation of His grace. Prayer the great salvation, fervent love of meetings were multiplied over the dis Christ, intense brotherly kindness, trict. At length there was a sudden earnest desire for the conversion of and public manifestation of the power sinners, habitual communion with God, that had been long secretly leavening and delight in His Word, worship, and the minds and hearts of the people. service—these attributes of character The work of conviction and conversion are assuredly the fruit of the Spirit, having thus begun, was carried forward and those are the characteristics of mulfrom heart to heart, and from district to titudes who have lately declared themdistrict, with unprecedented rapidity. selves the servants of Christ. The The Committee do not feel it necessary drunkard has been made sober, the to enter into any detailed account of libertine chaste, the blasphemer and the progress of the movement, as the Sabbath-breaker devout, the worldling subject is furnished to the members of constrained to think deeply and peniAssembly, either from personal observa tently of his sins, and to flee from the tion, or from the copious accounts fur wrath to come. These are surely nished in the newspapers of the day; trophies of Divine grace, and many besides, the Synod of Ballymena and such trophies as those have been raised Coleraine have appointed a committee to the honour of God since the comof its members to prepare and to pub mencement of the present revival. lish an authentic narrative of the work “6. The work has been carried forfrom its commencement-a publication | ward in many districts by the agency of which will be gratefully received and the converts themselves. As many as eagerly purchased, not only by the Pres- have been brought to know Christ have byterians of Ireland, but by the universal taken delight in telling to all around Church of Christ. Meanwhile, some of them what a precious Saviour they have the prominent characteristics of this found. The fear of men is completely remarkable awakening may be briefly | taken away; and uneducated persons, noted in the present report:

of humble station, are heard to offer up " 1. Persons of both sexes, of all ages, prayer to God, with fluency, propriety, of different grades of society, of various and fervour, in the presence of multidenominations of professing Christians, tudes, and, without embarrassment or including Unitarians and Roman Catho trepidation, to call on their assembled lics, have been at once convinced of sin, fellow-sinners to repent, and believe and apparently converted to God.

the Gospel. “2. These spiritual emotions have “ These are some of the features of been accompanied, in a very large num the present movement in the north of ber of cases, by physical impressions Ireland. They are such as we cannot producing bodily infirmity, and continu contemplate without wonder, thankfuling, in some cases, for hours, and in ness, and joy. A visitation of Divine otlrers for days, and usually terminating grace, so sudden and so unusual, has in peace of conscience, and sometimes naturally provoked the contemptuous in joy unspeakable and full of glory. ridicule of some, and the fierce hostility

* 3. The two great truths on which of others; but their opposition has been

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