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THOMAS FARMER, ESQ., Gunnersbury House.
WILLIAM SKINNER, Esq., Stockton-on-Tees.

FREDERICK MILDRED, Esq., Nicholas-lane, London.

GEORGE SMITH, LL.D., F.A.S., Camborne. DURING the year 1858, the NEW business produced an Annual Revenue of £8,582 Os. 10d. The claims paid during the same period amounted to £24,971 14s. 6d.

The total Annual Revenue is upwards of £77,000.
The total claims paid since the establishment of the Society amount to £155,858 11s. 11d.

BONUS.-From the PROFITS of the Society, the Directors have recently divided as a Bonus or Profit the sum of £67,347, carrying on a balance of more than £180,000 for future expenses and bonus.

The thoroughly established character of the STAR, and the profitable nature of its business transactions, make it a most available medium for family provision.

J. HOBSON, F.S.S., Secretary.

48 Hydropathic Establishment, Redcar, Yorkshire. Where the Water Cure is practised with Sea Water and with Fresh Water, under circumstances most favourable for the cure of all curable diseases. By Dr. HORNER, Author of a Pamphlet on the subject, price 6d., and having the Prospectus on its cover. Also of other works, published by Ward and Co., Paternoster Row, London ; and to be got through all Booksellers.


JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEES, celebrated for their great strength and fine aromatic flavour. To ensure a really rich and delicious beverage, use these choice coffees, their excellent qualities have long been known and appreciated throughout the entire kingdom. In order to obtain the right article, be sure to ask for John Cassell's Coffee, and see that his signature is on the canister or packet. Sold in canisters and airtight packages, from 2 oz. to 2 lbs., at Is., Is. 4d., and ls. 8d. per lb. John Cassell and Co. are ready to appoint agents in every town or district that is not fully occupied. Terms sent free by post. Address, John Cassell and Co., 80, Fenchurch-street, London. 11


WIDOWS' FUND. This Society was instituted A.D. 1733, for the relief of the Necessitous Widows and Children of Protestant Dissenting Ministers of the Presbyterian, Independent, and Baptist Denominations in England and Wales. The Managers (who are elected annually by the Subscribers), meet monthly, except during the Autumn, to receive applications for assistance from its Funds; and have, during the past year, relieved 242 Widows with grants of from £8 to £12 each. To meet the continued demands upon the Funds, it is necessary that the number of the Society's supporters should be considerably increased, and the Managers appeal with confidence to the Members of the three Denominations to sustain them in thus contributing to the support of the Widows of those who have, during their lives, laboured to diffuse the knowledge of the truth.

Annual Subscriptions or Donations will be thankfully received by the Treasurer, STEPHEN OLDING, Esq., 29, Clement’s-lane, Lombard-street, E.C.; or by the Secretary, Mr. CHARLES THEODORE JONES, 23, Brunswick-crescent, Cold Harbour-lane, Camberwell, S., who will be happy to afford further information, and to whom all communications should be addressed.

PRICHARD'S AROMATIC STEEL PILLS! An acknowledged specific for Nervous and General Debility. Of all the medicines wherewith the materia medica abounds, none is so extensively useful and possessed of so many valuable properties as Steel. The effects of this metal, when combined with proper auxiliaries, are truly wonderful, diffusing its invigorating powers to the whole habit, communicating a restorative action to every portion of the system, and being absorbed by the blood, and forming one of its constituents by intimate union and circulating through its vessels, no part of the body can escape its beneficial influence.

Prepared by W. PRICHARD, Apothecary, 65, Charing Cross, London. In Boxes, 1s. 1d. ; 2s. 9d. ; 4s. 6d.; and lls.; and may be had through all Medicine Vendors. Sent free by post. PRICHARD'S DANDELION, CAMOMILE, RHUBARB, AND

GINGER PILLS, The unfailing remedy for Indigestion and Bilious disorders ; mild in action, certain in effect. In bottles, ls. 1 d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and ils. Prepared by Mr. PRICHARD, Apothecary, No. 65, Charing Cross; and may be had through all Medicine Vendors. 21


The most appropriate offerings are those which tend to the promotion of Personal Beauty in the fair and youthful, who at this festive season are more than usually desirous to shine to advantage under the gaze of their friends; none can be more acceptable than

ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, A delightfully fragrant and transparent preparation for the Hair ; and as an invigorator and beautifier beyond all precedent.-- Price 3s. 6d. and 78.; Family Bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6d.; and double that size, 21s. per bottle.

ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, Unequalled for its rare and inestimable qualities in imparting a radiant bloom to the Complexion, and a softness and delicacy to the Hands and Arms. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.



OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, Which bestows on the Teeth a Pearl-like Whiteness, Strengthens the Gums, and renders the breath sweet and pure. Price 2s. 9d. per Box.

Sold by A. ROWLAND & SONS, 20, Hatton Garden, London, and by Chemists and




At 20s. and 24s. per doz. bottles included.
The consumption of which has now reached 420,000 doz. per annum.

(“Vide Board of Trade returns.")
A CASE containing four samples, sealed

and labelled, will be
forwarded on receipt of 30 POSTAGE STAMPS. viz,-

Half-pint bottle of best South African Sherry.
Half-pint bottle of best South African Port.
Half-pint bottle of best South African Madeira.
Half-pint bottle of best South African Amontillado.

Bottles and Case included.
COLONIAL BRANDY, very superior, 15s. per gallon.
BEST GIN,_full strength, 11s. 3d. per gallon.

Price lists free on application,
Address-MR. ANTHONY BROUGH, Wine and Spirit Importer,

29, Strand, London, W.C.




CURE OF CONSUMPTIVE COUGH.-From the author of the “Narrative of the Second Sikh War.”—“I had long suffered from a deep-seated cough, when Providence placed in my way a box of your Pulmonic Wafers. I experienced instantaneous relief, and have such a high estimate of their efficacy, that I firmly believe they would effect the cure of the most consumptive person. You may make any use you please of this letter.- EDWARD JOSEPH THACKWELL, Lieut. 3rd Light Dragoons. Union Club, London.”

To singers and public speakers they are invaluable for clearing and strengthening the voice. They have a most pleasant taste. Price 1s. 13d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per box. Sold by all chemists.

25 MRS. TOLLER, (Widow of the late Rev. Henry Toller, of Market Harborough,) is desirons of receiving six or eight young ladies, from ten to fifteen years of age, to be educated with her younger daughters, by their elder sister. The course of instruction will include the usual branches of an English Education, with French, Music, Drawing, and Painting. The house is commodious, and pleasantly situated in its own grounds, just out of the town. References are kindly permitted to Rev. J. P. Mursell, Leicester, Rev. E. Prust, Northampton, Rev. E. Delf, Coventry, Rev. T. Toller, Kettering.


Its salutary effects now brought within the reach of every one, by PULVERMACHER'S IMPROVED SYSTEM OF SELF-APPLICATION FOR THE



Approved by the Académie de Medicine, Paris ; the Royal College of Physicians, London, and the Imperial Faculty of Vienna, &c. Rewarded at the Great Exhibition of all Nations, 1851, and at the Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1855.

Ten years ago Mr. Pulvermacher succeeded in making a popular remedy of that miraculous power, Galvanic Electricity, which, undoubtedly, possesses curative properties of the most invigorating description.

It is notorious that, from its power of regenerating the debilitated nervous system, longstanding chronic diseases, which had baffled

all former treatment, bave been rapidly cured by its aid. This remedy, now universally known as Pulvermacher's Galvanic Chain, is held in such high esteem, that not only the public, but also the medical profession, have continually acknowledged its restorative virtues. (See Extracts in the New Pamphlet.)

Encouraged by such extraordinary success, Mr. Pulvermacher has still further improved his system, by transforming the voltaic pile into the form of a pliable chain-band, so that efficacy is now combined with durability and certainty of action; and the application can be made (locally) to any diseased part of the body with ease and safety, and without inconvenience.

Marvellous and certain as are their effects in all kinds of rheumatic pains, still more remarkable and speedy is the relief they afford in Neuralgia, Tic Doloreux, Head and Toothache, &c. Even the most inveterate cases of Paralysis, Epilepsy, Deafness, Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago, Indigestion, and Nervo-Debility, &c., disappear in a comparatively short time. The invention is distinguished by the support of Professor Oppolzer, physician to the Emperor of Austria ; Sir C. Locock, Bart., physician to her Majesty the Queen; by Dr. Rayer, physician to Napoleon III. ; and other professors of celebrity. The scientific press of Europe, and hundreds of medical and philosophical works of the last period, have also passed upon it the highest encomiums; and these being of a standard character, can be seen at public libraries, and at the British Museum. The extracts collected from these works prove even more, by their authenticity and distinguished source, than the convincing facts expressed in the private records of cures, the whole of which are embodied in the pamphlet—" Pulvermacher's Medico-Galvanic System of Self-Application,” price ls.; and are enumerated in a curtailed form in the New Prospectus (free).

Price of Chain Bands-5s., 10s. 6d., 159. J. L. Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street (adjoining the Princess's Theatre), London ; and all chemists and surgical instrument makers.

44 Just out, 32nd Edition ; Post-free for five stamps.

Addition of recent

highly interesting cases to the New Edition. By GEORGE THOMAS CONGREVE, Coombe Lodge, Peckham.

REMARKABLE CASE AT RAYLEIGH, ESSEX. Miss Hannah Freeman, of Pitsea, near Rayleigh, first consulted me personally in September, 1858, when labouring under chronic pulmonary affection. She had been more or less suffering for two yenrs, and although the advice of eminent physicians had been obtained, the disorder gradually gained ground. There were all the symptoms of phthisis in its mediate stage, the peculiar kind of expectoration, cough, pain in the side, oppressed breathing, loss of flesh, intestinal irritation, &c., &c.; and on examination, dullness of percussion over the right lung, and stethoscopic signs of progressing tubercular disease. I continued to send her medicine, with full instructions from time to time, during which, gradual improvement took place, one formidable symptom which had kept her back, becoming at length finally subdued. In September, 1859, she came to London to see me again. I was truly gratified to find the comparatively healthy condition of the lungs, and the normal sounds of the chest restored. On the 14th November, she writes me as follows :

I may now say I am pretty well; I can do anything with ease and pleasure. I shall never be able to express my feelings of gratitude."

She afterwards relates, that persons have stopped her in the street to inquire what had done her so much good, exclaiming that her case was “truly wonderful.”

OBSERVE : In future, until further notice, Mr. CONGREVE will be at home on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY mornings only, until 12 o'clock; or he may be consulted at any other time by appointment.





Life Association of Scotland,

FOUNDED 1838, Empowered by Royal Charter and Act of Parliament, Was held at the Head Office on the 9th August 1859, when the

Directors reported a highly satisfactory state of the affairs.

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During the last Year, the Applications for

1200, for £614,618 4 8 Of which the Directors accepted

1011, for £ 486,639 4 8 There were only 81 Deaths amongst the Assured, Covered by 100 Policies for

£33,231 19 7 According to the Table of Mortality, there should have fallen 133 Policies, for £ 57,610, 16s. 8d. The Total Sums AssURED Paid to the Representatives of the Deceased Policy-holders amount to

£ 279,620, 1os. 4d. The Gross ANNUAL INCOME from Premiums of Assurance and Interest on Investments, is

£151,078, 155. 2d. The TOTAL ASSURANCE TRANSACTIONS since the commencement of the

Business amount to nearly FIVE AND A Half Millions STERLING; the PROGRESSIVE INCREASE of the Business being as follows :

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The Assets and LIABILITIES of the AssocIATION have been carefully valued. The result is highly favourable, and the Directors are fully warranted in declaring a REDUCTION OF 373 PER CENT. on the Premiums payable in the year ending 5th April 1860, on all Participating Policies opened on or before 5th April 1854. This Reduction is 2 per Cent. greater than in

year. SSVaa

any former

Rendered more valuable than hitherto, and nearly

For Debts, Loans, Provisions under Marriage Settlements, &c.

monsin The Policies now being issued, do not contain several of the usual Restrictions, and confer important facilities and privileges. The Policies are thus unusually valuable, and form nearly absolute lecurities for debts, advances of money, family provisions under marriage settlements, etc. DAYS OF GRACE AND NON - PAYMENT OF PREMIUMS. -- There is No

FORFEITURE, if death occur during the 21 Days of Grace allowed for paying a Premium, and the Premium be unpaid. After payment of Five Years' full Premiums, there is No FORFEITURE by non-payment of any future Premium at the proper time, but the Policy remains in force for a year (even in the event of death), subject to payment of the

Premium, and of a small fine per month; and Evidence of Health is not required. DEATH BY SUICIDE, &c.-After five years, there is No FORFEITURE by such death

under any circumstances. Previous to five years there is No FORFEITURE by such death

as regards a th'rd party holding an onerous assignment intimated for a month. POLICIES INDISPUTABLE, on any ground whatever, after five years, and proof of age. NO LIMITS OF RESIDENCE AND OCCUPATION.-Under Policies of five years'

endurance, the Directors, in the majority of cases, will, on application, and without any extra charge, issue a Certificate removing all restriction on residence and occupation. In all other cases there is No FORFEITURE by the Assured tranfgressing the limits of residence or occupation, if Policy held by a third party ignorant thereof, who shall pay the necessary extra Premium when the circumstance comes to his knowledge.

It is believed that equal advantages cannot be obtained from any other Assurance Office.

Note. --These Conditions are printed on the Policies to which they apply.


To be enjoyed during Life.

An Allocation of Profit is made every year to Participating Policyholders of five years' standing at the date of the preceding balance, and the share of profit is applied in reducing their next Premiums. Each Policy-holder thus enjoys during his own life his share of the profit. The annual return of profit to Policy-holders of the Ist Series, has now (1859) attained to 371 per cent. of the Premiums--that is, a Policy-holder whose Premium is £ 50 obtains this year a return of £ 18, 155., and another whose Premium is £ 20 obtains £7, IOS.


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The 2d Series of Policy-holders was begun in 1855; and there is every prospect that large sums of Profit will be divided also amongst them.

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