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4 Exciting Events culled from the Historical Chapters of

many Lands. By L. M. Fleury. With 6 coloured illustrations. 5 John Penry the Pilgrim Martyr. By John Waddington, with

frontispiece and title-page." It cannot be that any who value the blessing of Christian civilization, should be contented to remain in ignorance of the trials and sacrifices of this immortal pioneer.”

Each book handsomely bound in cloth. Gilt edges, side, and back, illustrated, Sell 2s. 6d., or if plain edges, 2s. These books are especially adapted for prizes or for reading in families, the stories admitted into each being most carefully and conscientiously examined before publication.

BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS. 'Fun and Frolic, or Parlour Amusements for the Young; consisting of

Games, in-door and out, Charades, Riddles, Forfeits, &c. Full of illustrations.

Cover, printed in colours. Sell ls. This will be a capital shilling's worth for our young friends for the merry season

now approaching. Miss Corner's Little Plays increase in popularity every year, a

new Edition having again been demanded; the covers are in colours. The

sorts are

1 Beauty and the Beast, illustrated 5 Children in the Wood, illustrated by by Crowquill

J. V. Barret 2 Whittington and his Cat, ditto 6 Mother Goose, illustrated by Har3 Cinderella and the Little Glass

rison Weir Slipper, ditto

7 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, 4 Puss in Boots, illustrated by Har

by L. A. D., of Ilfracoombe rison Weir

Each book gilt edged, &c. Sell 1s. The above are also bound in two vols. in blue cloth, with frontispiece, and gilt

edges, sides, &c. Sell 3s. Ed. each. 1 Containing Beauty and the Beast, Whittington and Cinderella, illustrated by

Crowquill 2 Children in the Wood, Mother Goose and Aladdin, illustrated by Harrison

Weir and Barret For reading aloud these books will be found most beneficial to the younger




Random Shots at all kinds of Game. Lithographed on stone, by W. Robotham. Done up as panorama, bound in boards.

Sell, plain ls., Coloured ls. 6d. Things not generally seen, a comic panorama of the same. Lithographed on stone, by W. Robotham.

Sell, plain Is., Coloured Is. 6d. A New Edition, with the New Quadrille and New Dances, for the present Season. The Victoria Danse du Monde and Quadrille Preceptor for

1860. Edited by Professor Layland, frontispiece and title in gold and colours.

Bound in cloth, gilt edges, side, &c. Sell 1s., or

paper covers (old edition.) 6d,

Round Games, Familiar Rhymes and Exercises in Grammar,

for merry Parties. By W. Newman New edition. Sell 18. This is a capital book, for by it not only do children learn grammar imperceptibly,

but the games if only looked at with regard to the amusement they afford, are just the thing for an evening party. Amongst other games, will be found, "I had a little basket,” “I love my love with an a; “The Shepherdess and her

Sheep,” &c., &c. It also abounds in Comic Rhymes, Riddles, &c. COMIC BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS AND ALL SEASONS, by J. V. BARRET.

Price 2s. plain, or 3s. 6d. coloured. The new one for 1860, entitled Echos, will be as comic as SHAKESPEARE CHIZZLED, by J. V. Barret, published last year.

USEFUL BOOKS. ADAPTED FOR ANY YEAR AND FOR ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. The Family Domestic Housekeeper's Account Book, for 52 weeks,

bound in an attractive and effective cover printed in colours. ls. Uniform with The Family Double Cheque Washing Book, for 26 weeks, the

articles alphabetically arranged, cover printed in colours. ls. Also, just ready, a new edition, with attractive cover in colours, by Gunthorpe, The Lady's Double Cheque Washing Books. 6d. The Gentlemen's ditto



JUST READY, Dean's Illustrated Modern Spelling, with meanings, and

Reading Book, combining the information of Carpenter, with the

usefulness of Butter, and the simplicity of Mavor. Sell 1s. 6d. This Spelling Book is really one of, if not the best in the trade. To a great extent it furnishes information that can only be obtained from Dictionaries and extensive Encyclopædias ; in it, also, more than the usual prominence is given to words of one and two syllables, forming as they do the roots of those that are more complicated and difficult. With regard to those words, great attention has been paid to interest the pupil, and imperceptibly draw his attention to those terms and subjects which are likely to be of use to him at a future period. Another novelty in this spelling book is the introduction, on nearly every page of miscellaneous reading, of about a quarter of the page, of useful and entertaining matter. The book is nicely got up, being illustrated with eighty engravings of useful objects. ,

Bound in cloth (very strongly), sprinkled edges, gilt on side and back. The Trade' may with safety recommend this book to schools and families. The Illustrated London and American Webster Spelling and

Reading Book. Sell 1s. Of this, the best illustrated Webster Spelling in the Trade-DEAN and Son have sold over 12,000 in little more than a year. It is illustrated with more than 150 engravings, whilst care has been taken in the arrangement of the book, Dean and Son having had the American Edition revised and re-edited; it is made to advance progressively. The first part is devoted to Spelling and Reading, the Spelling principally in words of one syllable; the second to Spelling and Reading further advanced; whilst the third part is devoted to hard and difficult Spelling and Reading. A novelty in this Spelling Book is the introduction, round every page, of moral maxims, to be committed to memory by youth,

Bound in cloth, very strongly, sprinkled edges, gilt on side.


&c. NOW READY. THE ILLUSTRATED BIBLE, (Authorised Edition.)

Pearl 24mo., Pocket size. This is the only pocket size illustrated edition of the Holy Bible in the Trade, and Dean and Son can therefore with confidence call attention to it. They would call attention to the fact that there are nine varieties of bindings, while each book is illustrated with twelve highly-finished Steel Engravings. The varieties are:1 French Morocco, Lettered on Back and Side

..Price 2 9 3 0 or 3 3 2

with clasp

3 3 3 6 39 3

with rims

3 6 4 0 4 3 4

Gilt extra ..

3 6 40 4 3 5

4 0 4 6 5 0 6

and rims 4 3 4 9 5 3 7 Turkey Morocco ..

5 056 60 8 best gilt clasp

5 6 6 6 6 6 9 best gilt rims ..

6 0 6 6 70

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8. d.

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with clasp »

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8. d. 8. d.

8. d.

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Also ready with the Illustrated Bible,

Royal 32mo. size, and Bourgeois Type.
Large print and small book, a great desideratum. Bound in ten different bindings,

yiz. :1 Turkey Morocco, red or gilt edges

Price 5 6 6 0 or 6 6 2 with best gilt clasp

7 0 7 6 80 3

and rims..

8 0 8 6 90 4 gilt extra, red or gilt edges

70 76 8 0 5 best gilt clasp

8 0 8 6 90 6

and rims

8 6 90 10 0 7 Antique Morocco, best gilt clasp, ivory cross

10 6 12 0 13 0 8

red cross

7 0 11 0 12 0 9

rims and ivory cross

9 0 15 0 16 0 10

rims and red cross ..

8 0 14 0 15 0 7, 8, 9, and 10 are bound in the very best manner for gift, presentation, &c.

Observe that the name of Dean and Son is on all the bindings.

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Size, Diamond 48mo.

B. d. Bound in best Turkey Morocco, blind tooled.

1 6 with oak cross (a great novelty) 2 6 with cross in ivory

2 6 These Prayers have an immense sale in consequence of the smallness of the size

and neatness of the cross.

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As soon as the Romance of “Hyperion” is completed, this edition will be followed by “Kavanagh,” and Dean and Son can confidently state that a cheaper or better serial has never yet been issued from the London Press, as shown by the numerous commendatory reviews the work has received.

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 sell 1s. each. Are now published.

On December 1st will be published Part 6, price 6d., of Notable Women, by Ellen C. Clayton, in a handsome embossed cover,

and beautifully illustrated. The advantage that this series possesses over most monthly publications is, that each part is perfect in itself, and thus it is not imperative on the purchaser of No. 6 to buy any of the preceding numbers, as seven of the books will make a compact, handsome, and agreeable volume. Part 1. The Soldiers' Friend, -Miss Nightingale. Just reprinted.

2. The Earnest Philanthropist,-Mrs. Fry.
3. The Worker in Christ's Vineyard, -Hannah More.
-4. The True Maid of Honour,-Margaret Godolphin.
5. {

The Devoted Daughter,–Margaret Roper.

6. The Servant of God,-Lady Huntingdon. Each illustrated with two or more Engravings, and bound in a Gold Illuminated

and Embossed Portfolio Cover, and sell at 6d.

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On December 1st will be published Part 4 of Adventures and Histories of Remarkable Men, by M. S. Çockayne,

being a Companion Series to Notable Women, for Boys, in handsome Embossed Cover, each Part a complete boek, as with Notable Women, and therefore possessing the same advantage Those already published arePart 1. The Hero of Waterloo. Three full-page illustrations. 60. 2. The Opposer of Tyranny, &c. Four

6d. 3. The Good King.


6d. 4. The Protestant Martyr. Each illustrated with two or more engravings, and bound in a very handsome Gold

Illuminated and Embossed Portfolio Cover. Sell 6d.


GAMES FOR CHRISTMAS, &c. DEAN'S NEW Is. GAMES, IN HANDSOME LINEN ENVELOPE. 7 Twelfth Night, new and amusing Game. Cuts to each Card.

New for 1860, ls. 8 The Friendly Party, au amusing Game. Cuts to each Card. New for 1860, 1s.

Others in the Series are, 1 Mother Goose and her Goslings ; 3 Fortunate Jack, or Sprats alive oh! a merry Picture Game. ls.

4 Love's Chain of Events, or Laugh 2 Birds, Beasts, and Fishes; or Earth,

while you can. ls. Air, Fire, and Water, ls. 5 Victoria Cross,an interesting Game. Is.

6 Freaks of Fortune. A Merry Game for Little Folks . 9 Wishing and Guessing, an interesting. Game. Totally in a new style of cover. New for 1860.

Each sell 1s., all illustrated.
DEAN'S OTHER 1s., 1s. 6d., and 2s. GAMES AND PUZZLES.
The Comic Animated Figures. A mine of amusement.

6 coloured sheets in wrapper, Sell 18. 6d.} 2 Series,

6 plain pictures in wrapper, The Road to Wealth, or the Game of London, an amusing Game,

in Bag with Counters. Plain 1s., Coloured Is. 60. A True History of a Christmas Plum Pudding, from its Chris

tening to its Sad End. A Pictorial Game with Counters. Plain ls., Coloured

18. éd. The Game of the Mill. A Capital New Game for Two, with

Turned Wood Draughtmen. Plain 1s., Coloured 2s. Scenic Pictures, or Pleasant Pastimes for the Young, by which

an infinite Variety of Effects may be produced, affording endless Amusement,

as well as exercising Ingenuity. Plain 1s., Coloured 2s. Seven to Win. A New Game on De La Rue's New Coloured

Cards, printed in Gold, with Turned Wood Draughtmen. ls. The Chinese Double-Picture Puzzles of Animals and their Uses,

in Box. Eight different sorts of Birds and Animals, by Harrison Weir. 1s.

each, The Good Little Child's Puzzle A B C, in Box. 1s. The Fortune Teller, Moveable, will answer Yes or No to any ques

tion, 60, Happy Days for Little Girls, or every little Girl her own Doll Maker. In Showy Wrapper, printed in colours, with Directions. 1s.


Three sorts. 73. 6d. each. 1 Children in the Wood. 2 Beauty and the Beast. 3 Whittington and his Cat. Each in a box. The novelty of these ing shadows consists in the box forming

a stage, and containing all the necessary characters to perform any of the above plays. An illustrated book of the play, with the directions, &c., with each box,

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