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LIBRARIES in course of Publication by

Messrs. Colburn and BENTLEY, New
Burlington Street.




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Just published, in small 8vo, with engravings

Shortly will be published, on steel of Lord Byron and the Countess Guiccioli, price 58.,


No. I. Conducted by the Rev. G. R,
GLEDGE Containing the Life of Lord TH


TION will contain Essays on EducaN. B. The title of the National Library tion in general, and on the best mode of has been adopted instead of the Library of teaching particular branches of knowledge. General Knowledge, on account of the simi

It will also contain detailed accounts of larity of the latter title to those of utler

Universities, Colleges, and Schools, with existing works.

remarks on the changes that from time to No. II., containing the HISTORY OF THE time are made in the general plan of inBirle, by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, will be struction, and the discipline in such institupublished on the 1st of October.

tions. Suitable remarks on any striking

merits or defects in establishments for EduII.

cation will accompany. the description of

their origin, constitution, and present state. Neatly bound, price only 4s. 6d.,

Reviews of Books used in practical inTHE FAMILY CLASSICAL struction will form an important part of the LIBRARY, No. IX., containing Dryden's Journal; they will be examined completely, TRANSLATION of the Æneid of VIRGIL. impartially, and with good temper; the only Cicero remarks,“ that not to know what haz object of the Committee being to furnish

teachers and learners with the means of been transacted in former times, is to continue choosing the best books for themselves and always a child;" and the learned Dr. Parr

their pupils. says, “ If yon desire your son, though no great scholar, to read and reflect, it is your duty To make the Journal complete, it will be to place in his hands the best Trunslations of necessary to reserve some portion of it for the best Classical Authors."

a variety of short notices which are not comTo those, therefore, who are desirous of prehended in the part already described. obtaining a knowledge of the most esteemed

It will not be possible to examine all the authors of Greece and Rome, but possess not Institutions for Education, or all the Books the means or leisure for pursuing a regular used in instruction, and yet some short accourse of study, the present undertaking must count of them will be essential for the purprove a valuable acquisition.

pose of collecting and registering many The preceding Numbers comprise DEMOS- useful and interesting facts. THENES, SALLUST, XENOPHON, HERODOTUS,

Under the different heads of England, &c.

Scotland, Ireland, France, &c., there will be ilt.

found short notices—of the publication or

announcement of Works likely to be useful On the 1st of October, neatly bound, with 4 of the foundation of new Schools or Col. beautiful Embellishments, price 48.,

leges, or Societies for the promotion of KnowThe JUVENILE LIBRARY, No.

ledge--and in general such intelligence as

comes under the description of News, and is III. containing AFRICA, its GEOGRA

likely to interest and instruct all classes of PHY and HISTORY, ANCIENT and

readers. It will be necessary to state, at the MODERN.

head of this “ News Department,” that the This work is conducted by WILLIAM

Committee pass no judgments on the books JERDAN, Esq., the Editor of the Literary mentioned, but merely state the fact of pubGazette, with whom a number of Authors of lication, &c., with such other remarks as inay high character are associated, to illustrate, in briefly explain their subjects and contents the course of this publication, those various branches of polite Literature and popular Instruction in which their respective talents

This Work will appear Quarterly, price 58. have already obtained public weight and celebrity

· CHARLES KNIGHT, 13, Pall Mall East.

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