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Sewer, the person who placed the Shill, reason. WIN. TALE. dishes in order.

Skills not, is of no importance. Shard borne, borne on shards or Skinker, a tapster, from Skink, wings.

drink. Shark up, to pick up without di- Skirr, to scour. stinction.

Slute, to treat with indignity. Sharen Hercules, Samson.

LEAR. Sheen, shining, bright, gay. Sleave, coarse, unwrought silk. Sheer, pellucid, transparent. Sledded, carried on a sledge. Shent, scolded, roughly treated. Skidcd, untwisted. Sherris sack, sherry sack.

Slights, arts. Mac. Shive, a slice.

Slip, a counterfeit piece of money. Shog, to go off.

Slips, a contrivance in leather, to Shotten, projected.

start two dogs at the same Shore groat, a kind of game.

time. Shovel boards, shillings used at Slivered, sliced. the game

of shovel-board. Slops, loose breeches, or trowsers. MER. WIVES.

Slough, the skin which the serpent Shoughs, a species of dog.

throws off annually. Shoulder clapper, a bailitf.

Slowed, delayed. Shrewd, sometimes for severe, Slubber, to obscure. bitter.

Smirched, soiled, obscured. Shrift, confession.

Sncap, rebuke, check. Shrive, to call to confession. Sneck up, a cant phrase, probably Side, purpose or resolution. Lea. for go hang yourself.. Sicge, a stool, or privy, or seat. Snipe, an insignificant fellow. TEMP.

Snuff, sometimes for anger. Sicte, a common voider. TROIL. Snuffs, dislikes. & CRES.

Soft, i. e. conditions, gentle quaSightless, unsightly. K. JOHN.

lities of mind. Sights, i. e. of steel, the perforat. Soil, sometimes turpitude, reed part of the helmet.

proach. Single, sometimes for weak, little.

Soliılares, some species of coin. Sister, to imitate, or re-echo.

Sooth, truth. WINT. TALE. Sith, and Sit hence, since.

Sorer, a greater or heavier crime. Sizes, allowances. LEAR.

CYMB, Skain's mates, kin's mates. Sorel, a deer during his third year. Sort, to choose out.

Staged, exhibited. Sorts, different degrees or kinds. Staggers, a disorder peculiar to Sort and suit, figure and rank. horses. All's Well. Sot, fool. Fr. Mer. WIVES. Stain, colour or tincture. ALL'S Souced gurnet, a gudgeon, a term WELL. of reproach.

Stale, a decoy to catch birds. Soud, sweet, or an exclamation

TEMP. denoting weariness. TAM. Stannyel, the name of a kind of SHREW.

hawk; a stallion. Twelf. Sowle, to drag down.

NIGHT.. Sowter, the name of a hound. Stark, stiff. Spanieled, dogged.

State, sometimes for a chair of Speak parrot, to act childishly and state. foolishly.

Statists, statesmen. Speak holiday, i.e. words curi- Statua, statue, sometimes pro

ously and affectedly chosen. nounced as three syllables. Speculation, for sight. Mac. Staves, the wood of the lances. Speculative, instruments, the eyes.

Rich. III. Отн.

Stead, to help or befriend. Speed, fate or event. WINT. Sternage, the hinder part, close TALE.

after. HEN. V. Sperr, to stir.

Stickler, one who stood by to part Spill, to destroy. LEAR.

the combatants; an umpire. Spleen, often for hurry, or tumul- TRO. AND CRESS. tuous speed.

Stigmatical, marked or stigmaSpotted, wicked.

tized. Sprag, ready, alert.

Still, sometimes for constant, Sprighted, haunted.

continual. Springhalt, a disease incident to Stilly, gladly, lowly. horses.

Stinted, stopped. Rom. AND Square, sometimes to quarrel. JUL. Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow. Stint, sometimes, to stop. Squash, an immature peascod. Stithied, forged, from stithy, an Squiney, to look asquint.

anvil, Squire, sometimes for a rule or Stoccata, a thrust or stab. ITAL. square.

Stock, sometimes for stocking. Stage, to place conspicuously. Stomach, sometimes for stubborn,



resolution, pride or haughti- WELL. living in abundance. Two. GENT. VER.

LEAR. Stone-low, a crossbow to shoot Surceuse, cessation, stop. with stones.

Surreigned, over-ridden. Storer, hay made of coarse rank Swart, or Swarth, black or dark grass, and used for thatching.

brown. TEMP.

Swashing, imposing, bullying. Strachy, or thrachy, of Thrace. Swath, the quantity of grass cut Strait, narrow,

avaricious. K. down by a single stroke of the John.

scythe. Straited, put to difficulties. Sway, weight or momentum. Strange and strangeness, some

JUL. CÆs. times for shy and shyness.

Sweltered, weltered. Strangle, sometimes for to sup- Swinge-bucklers, rakes or rioters. press.

Swounded, swooned.
Strawy, straying.

Striker, cant word for a borrower.
HEN. IV. 1st Part.

Table, the palm of the hand exStuck, or stock, for stoccata, a tended, a picture. term in fencing.

Tables, books of ivory for memoStuffed sufficiency, abilities more randums. than enough

Tabourines, small drums, Submerged, whelmed under water. Ta'en order, taken measures. Subscribe, sometimes to yield or Tag, the vulgar populace. Cor. surrender.

Taint, corruption or disgrace. Subtleties, disguised dishes. TEM. Take, i. e, a house, to go into a Success, sometimes for succes

house. Com. of Er. sion.

Take, sometimes, to strike with Successive, i. e, title, title to the lameness or disease.

succession. TIT. AND. Take in, to subdue. Suggest, sometimes, to tempt, to Talent, often for talon. excite.

Tarre, to stimulate, to set on. Suited, dressed. LEAR.

Tusked, sometimes for tared. Sumpter, either the horse, or the Tassel-gentle, or tercel gentle, a

package that conveys necessa- species of hawk. ries.

Tauney coat, the dress of a sumSuperfluous, overclothed. All's moner or apparitor.


Taxation, sometimes for censure Three-pile, rich velvet. or satire.

Thrift, a state of prosperity. Teen, sorrow, grief, or trouble. CYMB. TEMP.

Thrumbed, made of thrum, the Temper, to mould like wax. end of the weaver's warp. Temperance, temperature. Tem. T'ib, a nickname for a wanton, Tend, sometimes for attend. Tickle, sometimes for ticklish. Tender, to regard with affection. Tickle-brain, the name of a strong Tent, to take up residence.

liquor. Tercel, the male hawk.

Tilley-talley ! an interjection of Terms, the technical language of contempt.

courts. MEA. FOR MEA. Time, a ripener. TROIL. ASD Tested, attested, genuine. Mea. CRES, FOR MEA.

Timeless, untimely. Testerned, gratified with a tester, Timely-parted, i.e. ghost, depart

or sixpence. Two GENT. ed in the course of time and VER.

nature. Tetchy, touchy, peevish, fretful. Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons. Tether, a string by which any ani- Tire valiant, or volant, a kind of mal is fastened.

headdress, Tharborough, third borough, a Tired, sometimes for adorned.

Tod, to produce a tod, a certain Theurick, theory.

quantity of wool. Thews, muscular strength, or ap- Toged, wearing their habits. pearance of manhood.

Отн. Thick-pleached, thickly inter- Tokened, spotted. ANT. & CLE. woven.

Tolling, taking toll. Hen. IV. Thill, or fill, the shafts of a cart 2d Part. or waggon,

Tomboy, a masculine, forward Thin helm, thin covering of hair. girl. LEAR.

Too much, any sum, everso Thought, sometimes for melan- much. TEMP. choly.

Topless, supreme, sovereign. Thrasonical, insolently boasting; Topple, to tumble.

from Thraso, a braggadocio in Touches, the features, the trait. Terence.

Toward and towards, sometimes, Thread, sometimes for to pass. instead of readiness.

peace officer.



Toys, sometimes for whims, Trol-my-dames, trou-madame, the freaks.

game of nine holes. Toze, to unravel, to close ex- Troll, to sing trippingly. TEMP. amine.

Trossers, probably for trowsers, or Tracé, sometimes to follow or a kind of breeches. succeed in.

Trot, a familiar address to a man. Trail, the scent left by the passage Trow, to imagine, or conceive; of the game.

I trow. Trammel, to catch; tremmel is a True, sometimes for honest. species of net.

Trundle-tail, a species of dog. Tranect, probably some kind of Trusted, for thrusted. Mac.

ferry, dam, or sluice. Mer. Try conclusions, try experiments. of Ven.

Tub-fast, the sweating process in Translate, sometimes

for to the venereal disorder. change or transform.

Tucket, toccata, a flourish on a Trash, to cut away the superflui

trumpet. Ital. ties, or to check; a phrase in Tupped, lien with; from tup, a

gardening and hunting. Traverse, an ancient military word Turlygood, for Turlupin, a naked of command.

beggar. Traversed, i. e. arms, arms across. Turquoise, a species of precious Tray-trip, a kind of game at tables stone, supposed endued with or draughts.

extraordinary virtues. Treachers, traitors.

Twangling Jack, a paltry musician. Trebles, to make thrice. TEMP. Twiggen-bottle, a wickered bottle. Trenched, cut or carved. Fr. Tyed, limited, or circumscribed. Trick, sometimes for a peculiarity HEN. VIII. of feature.

V. Trick, to dress out. Tricksy, clever, adroit. TEMP. V'ail, sometimes to cast down, to Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagit- let fall down. tarius.

Valenced, fringed with a beard. Trip, to defeat, or disappoint. Validity, sometimes for value. Triple, for third, or one of the Vanity, an illusion. Temp.

three. ANT. AND CLEO. Vantage, opportunity. CYMB. Triumphs, sometimes for shows, Vantbruce, armour for the arm. masks, revels.


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