The Romance of Missions

S. Rose, 1879 - 152 páginas

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Missions, Foreign -- History.
Withrow, William Henry, -- 1839-1908.

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Página 1 - I have commanded you, and lo ! I am with you alway, even to the end of the world.
Página 66 - THE world is very evil, The times are waxing late : Be sober and keep vigil, The Judge is at the gate; The Judge that comes in mercy, The Judge that comes with might, To terminate the evil, To diadem the right.
Página 152 - As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one.
Página 79 - To chase these pagans in those holy fields Over whose acres walked those blessed feet Which fourteen hundred years ago were nailed For our advantage on the bitter cross...
Página 117 - SEE how great a flame aspires, Kindled by a spark of grace ! Jesus' love the nations fires, — Sets the kingdoms on a blaze. To bring fire on earth he came ; Kindled in some hearts it is : O that all might catch the flame, All partake the glorious bliss...
Página 51 - Stream through the heavens, In flashes of crimson, Is but my red beard Blown by the night-wind, Affrighting the nations ! Jove is my brother ; Mine eyes are the lightning ; The wheels of my chariot Roll in the thunder, The blows of my hammer Ring in the earthquake ! Force rules the world still, Has ruled it, shall rule it ; Meekness is weakness, Strength is triumphant, Over the whole earth Still is it Thor's-Day...
Página 113 - O the famine and the fever ! O the wasting of the famine! O the blasting of the fever! O the wailing of the children ! O the anguish of the women! All the earth was sick and famished; Hungry was the air around them, Hungry was the sky above them, And the hungry stars in heaven Like the eyes of wolves glared at them!
Página 47 - ... girt with his baldric, the ivory horn slung in his scarf, his good sword ' Joyeuse ' by his side, the Gospel-book open on his lap, musk and amber and sweet spices poured...
Página 85 - naturally turns to the north when it is touched by the magnet, so is it fitting, O Lord, that thy servant should turn to love and praise and serve thee, seeing that out of love to him thou wast willing to endure such grievous pangs and sufferings.
Página 58 - Stronger than steel Is the sword of the Spirit; Swifter than arrows The light of the truth is, Greater than anger Is love, and subdueth!

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