Leaves from the Diary of an Officer of the Guards

Chapman and Hall, 1854 - 296 páginas

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Página 259 - As I am an honest man, I thought you had received some bodily wound; there is more sense in that than in reputation. Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.
Página 111 - how much the resolution " (the cause of his annoyance) " will annoy me, but I never had much value for the public spirit of any man who does not sacrifice his private views and convenience when it is necessary.
Página 243 - I cannot express to you the regret and sorrow with which I look round me, and contemplate the loss which I have sustained, particularly in your brother. The glory resulting from such actions, so dearly bought, is no consolation to me...
Página 54 - Then indeed would commence an expensive contest ; then would his Majesty's subjects discover what are the miseries of war, of which, by the blessing of God, they have hitherto had no knowledge ; and the cultivation, the beauty, and prosperity of the country, and the virtue and happiness of its inhabitants, would be destroyed, whatever might be the result of the military operations. God forbid that I should be a witness, much less an actor, in the scene...
Página 145 - Sheridan always maintained that the Duke of Wellington would succeed in Portugal; General Tarleton the reverse. It was a matter of constant dispute between them. Tarleton, who had been wrong, grew obstinate; so on the news of the retreat of the French, Sheridan, by way of taunt, said, 'Well, Tarleton, are you on your high horse still ?'—
Página 115 - I went yesterday to Albuera, and saw the field of battle. We had a very good position, and I think should have gained a complete victory in it, without any material loss, if the Spaniards could have manoeuvred ; but unfortunately they cannot. The French are retiring ; but I do not think it clear that they are going beyond the Sierra Morena. As I know you have plenty of correspondents, I do not give you any details of the action here, or of our loss.
Página 50 - As for the two years, during which the Brigade of Guards have been under the command of the Commander of the Forces, not only no soldier has been brought to trial before a general courtmartial, but no one has been confined in a public guard, the Commander of the Forces desires that the attendance of this brigade at the execution to-morrow may be dispensed with.
Página 63 - Drouet had had his head-quarters, shared the same fate, and there is not an inhabitant of the country of any class or description, who has had any dealing or communication with the French army, who has not had reason to repent of it, and to complain of them.
Página 105 - I am obliged to be everywhere, and if absent from any operation, something goes wrong. It is to be hoped that the General and other Officers of the army will at last acquire that experience which will teach them that success can be attained only by attention to the most minute details ; and by tracing every part of every operation from its origin to its conclusion, point by point, and ascertaining that the whole...
Página 118 - Soult, economised our troops, and avoided a fearful risk, without the chance even of obtaining any adequate advantage. It is dangerous to trust with discretionary powers men who possess great courage and small perspicacity. Napier says, " Practical study may make a good general as to the handling of troops and the designing a campaign, but the ascendancy of spirit which leads the wise, while it controls the insolence of folly, is a rare gift of nature," and even that, with all its influences, is...

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